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Friday, September 27, 2019

Angry Old Man submission guidelines

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Please submit to Angry Old Man.  AOM accepts visual and concrete poetry, short stories, art, photography, collage, asemic writing, blackout poetry, conceptual writing, flarf, found poetry, spam lit, flash fiction, mail art, typewriter art, computer/digital art, etc.  Please submit up to five works. Work should be attached separately via email.  AOM accepts jpegs for visual work (no greater than four megs), and .doc/.docx/.rtf for text-based work. AOM also accepts audio/ video/animation submissions. Hypertext/electronic literature/e-poetry are also accepted.

Essays/non-fiction/journalism are (heartily) accepted (especially related to contemporary art/poetry). AOM indulges the non-mainstream. If you have something to say that bucks accepted (and acceptable) dogma (especially within so-called experimental circles), and is (probably) considered unpublishable by both mainstream and “experimental” outlets, please feel free to submit.

Experimental work only. Experimental=complete & absolute flights of fancy. Again, AOM indulges the self-indulgent, so go for it. Mags often say they want “experimental,” but don’t actually mean it. AOM wants your insane stuff, emphatically so!–the stuff that won’t be published in “respectable” academic lit/poetry mags. The goal of AOM is not to promote a house style; this is probably a pipe-dream, but try we must!

Nothing previously published. No simultaneous submissions. Copyright remains with the author/artist.

Angry Old Man publishes online 4x year.

Please note: we will no longer be publishing print copies of every issue.  A “best of” anthology will appear after two (or three) issues.  The next anthology will include the best work from issues #4, #5, and #6.  It will appear in the beginning of 2019.

Please include a short bio with your submission. AOM will try to reply within a month. Submit all work electronically

AOM is open for submissions year-round.  The closing date for issue #9 is September 30, 2019.

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