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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Red Planet submission guidelines

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Rolling deadline

Red Planet is looking for work that is authentic, compelling, and relevant. We are seeking writers and visual artists who are looking for a home. Whether your adventure is just beginning, or you're looking to explore somewhere new, the red planet awaits your arrival.

Submissions are accepted year-round on a rolling basis. A new issue is published each month.

At this time we do NOT accept simultaneous submissions or works that have been previous published.

Feel free to submit monthly, however please only submit 1 piece per month.

While Red Planet places emphasis on speculative fiction, all literary genres are accepted and encouraged.

We are able to accept:
-Flash fiction (500 word limit)
-Short fiction stories (5,000 word limit)
-Series fiction (1,500 word limit per episode)*

*Submissions of series fiction must be sent with a completed synopsis.
Novellas or chapters from longer works are not being accepted at this time.

We accept nonfiction pieces that explore the imaginative and the innovative. (examples: "A Solution for Climate Change"; "My Life as a Scientist"; "Martian Theatre: a cultural comparison")

We are able to accept:
-Flash nonfiction (500 word limit)
-Short nonfiction stories (5,000 word limit)
-Essays (2,500 word limit)


We are able to accept:
-Up to 500 words of poetry in any style (formatting is subject to change during publication)

Each issue of Red Planet will feature 1 selected image for its cover.

We are able to accept:
-Illustrations & paintings
-Photographs of 3D work (such as ceramic art)
-Photography NOT featuring a human subject (still-life, landscape, abstract, etc...)

[While we encourage all genres, we do not accept works considered erotic or pornographic]

Please ensure all submission guidelines are followed. Submissions that do not follow guidelines may not be considered.

All submissions can be emailed to

Subject of email should contain:

Category-fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual
Sub-category (if applicable)- flash, short story, essay, etc...
"Title of work"
Word count
Name of author/artist


SUBJECT: Fiction, Short Story, "Mars", 3,500 words, Jane Smith

Body of email should contain:

-[Optional] Short bio of author/artist (100 word max).
-[Required] Legal name and pen-name (if one is preferred).



I am submitting my short story "Mars" for consideration.

Bio- Jane Smith lives on Earth. Her work has previously been featured in Pluto Quarterly. In her free time she enjoys exploring the cosmos.

Legal Name: Jane Smith
Pen name: Jane Doe

Thank you,​
Jane Smith


Fiction, Nonfiction, & Poetry​
-Please ensure proper spelling & grammar (outside of reasonable artistic liberties)
-Word count limit (above) must be adhered to. Longer works will not be accepted.
-Document must be sent as a Word document attachment with the following extension: ".doc" or ".docx".
-Shorter works can be submitted in body of email (please indicate this at beginning of message).

Visual Arts
-Images must be submitted as a PDF, no larger than 1 page.

*You must be 18 years old to submit to Red Planet Magazine.


At this time Red Planet offers its contributors publishing credits and a print copy of the issue in which their work has been featured. It is our primary goal to establish paid compensation within the first year of operation.


Red Planet Magazine's publishing agreement is for First North American Serial Rights (FNASR).

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