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Monday, October 14, 2019

Defenestrationism 7th Annual Flash Suite Contest

web site

Winner: 75$
Runner-Up: 60$

Deadline: October 19th, 2019

What is a Flash Suite, you may ask.

Our team defines, albeit loosely, a flash suite as follows,

“A series of at least three flash fiction works that correlate, and build to something greater.  Recurring characters, extended motifs, harmonious subject matters, and/or sustained narrative are such correlations– but we encourage innovation and new ideas.”

Go crazy with it, kids, flash your faces off.

And here are some examples from our site: more FLASH SUITES

How we Judge
Expect harsh words of criticism if guidelines are not followed.
Otherwise, we’re all lovey-dovey.


-Grammar is no list of rules, no series of hoops.  Punctuation is an art form, remember that– punctuate like there’s no tomorrow.
-Defenestration is suggested, but not required.  This need not be literal.
–Edit, comrades, edit till there is no editing left to be done.  We ask you go through at least TEN read-through edits before submitting.
-Incomplete sentences must serve an obvious purpose, toward narrative or character development, dialogue, theme or style.
-Word limit of 1,000 for each individual piece of flash.  The entire suite combines each 1,000-or-less word piece into a longer work– which may be any reasonable length.
-Titles: we find titles frequently distinguish the best Flash Suites, especially with more abstract works.  We highly recommend individual titles for each piece of flash, and a general title for the total work.
-Please, please, no Zombie fiction.  We do not encourage work whose central theme is the braindead.  All other Sci-Fi, Fantasy and stories of Dis-reality– provided it is imaginative and different– will be considered.
-Flash fiction in suites, not a short story.  Our team makes this distinction.  Short stories may be submitted to the Defenestrationism !Short Story Contest! in the summer.
-A single piece of the suite may have been published before, otherwise, no previously published material.
-Seriously, you should edit more. Here are our Editing Tips

MUST– email Subject: FLASH SUITE Contest
— that’s

Include a PHONE NUMBER, in case our emails end up in your spam.
In no way will this number be distributed or published.

PDFs not preferred– difficult to transcribe to our site.

Feel free to complement us on our concrete and exact guidelines.  Most of the worst writing we’ve had the displeasure of reading comes from editors trying to explain and individualize their tastes for a publication.

We adhere closely to the CLMP Contest Code of Ethics.
Do not submit if you have or have had any affiliation with any Judges.

We require only Electronic Rights, including Electronic Archival Rights.  Author maintains all Future Rights.  This works for us, and for you, and for the future of internet publications.

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