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Monday, October 28, 2019

Press 53 Immersion Poetry Series

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Welcome to the second open call for the Press 53 Immersion Poetry Series. We are looking for authors with full-length poetry manuscripts containing immersive content on unique aspects of their lives or specific areas of expertise. Subject matter should be unfamiliar to most readers, informative, and engaging.

Manuscripts should be cohesive without being repetitive, enlightening and educational but not hermetically sealed. Most of all, manuscripts must be relatable. They must encompass the individual circumstance as well as an immensity that readers can connect with regardless of their own conditions. The specificity of the content must also at times be universal, accessible. Think of documentaries that, for better or worse, you can’t help but project yourself into; better yet, ones that reframe your own immediate perspective. 

The Immersion Series is a home for passions, obsessions, exhaustive exploration of the lesser known. Where lives your expertise? What is your lens for the compelling? What can readers glean from a collection based on the construction of a piano, the miles of a marathon, growing heirloom tomatoes, life as a first responder, the workings of the circulatory system, an acute aspect of recovery, or whatever else may be the subject of your authority?

In a single document, please submit a cover letter summarizing your subject matter and unique perspective along with 8-10 pages of poetry as a sample for consideration. We will request full manuscripts, at least in the neighborhood of 55-60 pages, for the most promising samples. 

While there is no reading fee, we ask you to please consider if your collection meets the specifics of our call. Submissions close October 31, 2019.

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