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Saturday, November 30, 2019

bioStories submission guidelines

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bioStories welcomes creativity and originality in your approach to your subject and maintains no clearly recognizable editorial biases. We do, however, encourage you to consider that by the inherent nature of written expression, we find that a well-wrought passage that narrates a specific story or a finite moment within a life is far more effective at presenting something essential about that life than volumes of generalizations or summary. Similarly, we encourage you consider the frequent value found in getting out of the way of your subjects and allowing them to speak for themselves. But of course we value your voice as well and ask that submitting writers honor the uniqueness and innovation of their original, natural narrative voices every bit as much as they strive to present their subjects with honesty and candor. The smell of dishonest representation always penetrates. We react to such smell with the same reprehension as we do to work that appears focused on accomplishing an agenda. Present yourself and your subject as they are, part of the diverse, complex, and unruly citizenry of the universe, complete with warts and moles, hangovers and hangnails. Real life is messy, filled with broken plumbing and coagulating bacon grease, unmade beds and imperfect comebacks. Real biography recalls that sometimes you have to change the dressings on healing wounds and sometimes you have to add a little starch as you iron the shirt. Human nature is idiosyncratic and frequently contradictory, and, quite often, when you look close enough, it is downright graceful.

Share a life. Introduce us to someone we don’t yet know.

Editorial Suggestions, Processes, and Policies:

While we frequently publish writers with previous credits, we are equally interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise. All accepted pieces are subject to editing and galleys will be shared with authors for approval prior to publication. Essays first appear on our “featured essay” page. After about a week, the essay will be moved among other featured content where it will remain prominently accessible for several weeks. All published pieces are permanently archived and linked on our contributors/archives page. We acquire first rights for published material; copyright then reverts to the author. In the future, we may contact you requesting permission to include the material in a print anthology. As a general rule of thumb, biographical material is preferred over autobiographical material.

We strive to make timely editorial decisions, typically within six to eight weeks. Because bioStories is produced largely as a labor of love by a limited staff, please do not contact us to inquire about the status of a submission until eight weeks have passed.

We will use your information to respond to you, regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization.

Unless you ask us not to, we may contact authors we publish via email in the future to tell them about upcoming contests, calls for submission, or anthology releases.

Your Access to and Control Over Information
You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time. You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website:

See what data we have about you, if any.
Change/correct any data we have about you.
Have us delete any data we have about you.
Express any concern you have about our use of your data.
We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via email:

Submission Guidelines:
We welcome your submissions of original work. Please read some of the published pieces linked from the homepage and from the archives and contributors menu tabs for a better sense of what we publish and a view of our editorial sensibilities. We offer no restrictions on approach to material or format, but we do require that you kindly adhere to the following guidelines:

• nonfiction prose submissions only
• 500 – 7500 words; our typical piece runs an average of 2500 words (please contact the editor in advance should you have material that exceeds our length restriction and exceptions may be made)
• submit by email to and paste your submission within the body of the email. Please make certain the words “biostories submission” and your last name appear in the subject line; we do not open attachments
• we accept submissions year-round
• simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please notify us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere
• we accept multiple submissions but ask that you wait at least a month between entries
• work submitted must be previously unpublished in print and online
• submissions that fail to follow these guidelines will be discarded without response.

Unlike many peer publications, we continue to resist charging submission fees and, because of the cost associated, have chosen not to use a submission manager. There are, of course, significant expenses associated with maintaining a publication, so we do encourage writers submitting to the magazine to consider a nominal donation (say, for instance, what a submission would cost if we all went back in time and submitted by regular mail rather than email.) There is no obligation to donate and donations have no bearing on the acceptance of work.

Pan’s Ex² Queer Sex Poetry seeks new work

web site

Like its predecessor, Pan’s Ex² Queer Sex Poetry will be published in print & ebook (compatible with the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows devices in addition to PDF and other downloadable formats and web-viewable formats.)

Submission Guidelines

Please read the following submission guidelines carefully before submitting your work to Pan’s Ex²: Queer Sex Poetry If you have any questions not answered below, please write us at and we will be happy to answer.

LGBTQ+ Erotic Poetry.


Length (all word/page counts are loose.)

Poetry: Up to 5 pages

All submissions must be typed. No handwritten submissions will be accepted.


If you send your submission in, please do NOT mail us your only copy of your work. We can not be responsible for returning submissions.

Multiple Submissions

Multiple submissions (submissions of more than one work) are fine. Send us what you’ve got!

Simultaneous Submissions

Simultaneous submissions (submitting work you’ve already submitted–or are planning on submitting–elsewhere) are fine too.

Please just be sure that if your submission gets accepted elsewhere, you contact us at to withdraw it from consideration for Pan’s Ex: Queer Sex Poetry.

Reprints will NOT be considered.

We are seeking First English Anthology Rights and First World Anthology Rights in print and ebook formats.

NOTE: These rights only allow the material to be used in the anthology and its reprints, and the writer retains all rights to their work not specified here (i.e. in the contract), including copyright to their work.

We are also seeking, for all material, Non-exclusive Excerpt Rights (for the purposes of promoting the Anthology on the website).

Contributors will receive, as a humble token of our appreciation, $5 per printed page.

What to Submit

  • Your submission
  • A brief bio telling us something about you and (if applicable) any publishing experience
  • At least one form of contact information (phone number, email, or mailing address. Please do not give a social media account handle as your only form of contact information.

IMPORTANT: Pen names are acceptable. However, for contractual purposes, all submissions must also include the author’s legal name.

Please identify in the subject line or cover letter the publication to which you’re submitting, though keep in mind we may consider your work for other books we publish too if we find them appropriate. If you only want your work considered for this one book and no others, please indicate as such.

Where to Submit

Submissions may be emailed to us at:
or mailed to us at:
PO Box 798
Becket, MA 01223
DEADLINE: December 31, 2019

Response Time

We do our best to respond to all submissions within 3 months of receiving them. If you do not receive a response from us in that time, please feel free to reach out.

For an idea of what we’re looking for, check out our inaugural volume in this series, Pan’s Ex: Queer Sex Poetry. Of course, we always welcome fresh voices and perspectives!

Editorial Feedback

Want editorial feedback on your submission? Our Senior Editor Sage Kalmus now offers honest, constructive & respectful editorial feedback on submissions. Learn more here about how to request editorial feedback.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Fleas on the Dog - new submission window open

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We are now OPEN for submissions from November 1 to December 1.

There is no submission fee. There is no remuneration for work we publish, either, but what the heck, you're going to be famous! We'll get back to you in about 10 days, hopefully sooner. (Why should it take weeks?)

Fiction/Nonfiction: Up to 5000 words. Length is less important than quality. For works longer than 5000 words query the editors about possible serialization.

Submissions should be on a Microsoft Word doc or docx file. Use a sensible font. Double space format. Stuff like grammar and sentence structure  is important unless your work deliberately exploits bad grammar and lack of structure. (We can tell the difference.) Include a brief bio with your submission and publishing credits, if any. Send your submission as an e-mail attachment to (or type in the link in the email address).

 Include the genre (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or play) and title of your work in the subject bar.  Simultaneous submissions are okay, just let us know when your work is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are not okay unless solicited. Submit to only one category per issue. If you have been published by us please do not resubmit for six months unless solicited. We retain the first rights of your work for a period of three months. After this time rights revert back to the author. If you should republish the story/article please acknowledge that it was first published by

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The 2020 edition of the Stories of the Nature Cities Prize for Flash Fiction is now accepting submissions

web site

The theme of this year’s stories is City in a Wild Garden. See the contest rules below.

The contest is open for submissions until 1 January 2020.

Click here to submit your story.

Rules for the 2020 Contest: City in a wild garden

Write a short story (“flash fiction”, up to 750 words), set in the present or future (near or far) and inspired by the phrase “City in a wild garden”. You do not have to literally use this phrase in your story. You may interpret liberally any of the words in the phrase: city, wild, and garden. Plot elements must include cities, nature, and people. It has to be fiction (that is, a story, not an essay)—any genre, from science fiction to magical realism—and can be about anything: climate change; food security; utopias; wild nature; a love story; … anything. At TNOC, we are very interested in imagining cities in which nature and people co-exist, cities in which the relationships between the human-made and the natural are imagined differently.

There will be, at the Judging Committee’s discretion, up to 6 money-winning stories: One 1st place story receives $2,000; two 2nd place stories receive $1,000 each; three third prize stories receive $500 each. A larger number of stories will be included in a book to be published (in late 2020 or early 2021) by Publication Studios.

The rules are simple. The work must:

(1) be 750 words or less, not including the title (i.e., “sudden fiction” or “flash fiction”);
(2) be successfully submitted to the organizers no later than 1 January 2020;
(3) be submitted via the contest’s web-based form;
(4) be set in a city (the notion of “city” may be liberally interpreted);
(5) include as significant plot elements both nature and people;
(6) be submitted in English;
(7) be an original work by the submitter, to which he or she holds the rights;
(8) be previously unpublished, not under consideration in other contests, and remain so during the duration of the contest;
(9) not be racist, sexist, homophobic, gratuitously violent, or otherwise offensive.
(10) Individual authors (under actual name or pseudonym) may submit no more than one work.
(11) Authors must be at least 16 years old as of 1 January 2020.

Don’t forget: the theme of the contest is “city in a wild garden”, but this is not a formal “rule”.
Beyond these requirements, the work may:

(1) be written by a person of any nationality or country of residence;
(2) be of any style or genre of fiction (realism, surrealism, sci-fi, magical realism, dystopic to utopic);
(3) be set in any location;
(4) be set in the future (near or far) or present.
(4) There are no limitations on the plot or action of the story, other than those mentioned here; visit to see some of the issues that motivate us. At TNOC, we are very interested in imagining cities in which nature and people co-exist, cities in which the relationships between the human-made and the natural are imagined differently.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Reedsey Weekly Prompt: All the Fixin's

web site

Short Story Contest — $50 Reward

Reedsy challenges you to create a short story based on these prompts. Winners will be featured on Reedsy Prompts and receive $50 via PayPal! In order to have your story considered, it is important you follow the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Go to this week's Reedsy Prompts contest page. 
  • Select the prompt you'd like to submit a story to.
  • If you haven't already, sign up for a free Reedsy Prompts account.
  • Enter your title and story, and then hit "Submit story."
  • The length should be 1,000-3,000 words.
  • The deadline to submit a short story based on any of the above prompts is the end of the day on November 29th, at 11:59pm EST. 
  • Any other questions? Check out our Terms of Use or FAQ!
See more and submit at the Reedsey web site here

Write a story about a family dinner that includes someone unexpected showing up.

Write a story about a "chosen family" dinner, where no one is related by blood, but they still feel like family.

Write a story about a family dinner that takes place in any time period other than the present.
Historical Fiction

Write a story about a family dinner that involves some kind of reconciliation.

The 9th Polish International Haiku Competition 2019

web site

Deadline: November 30, 2019

Haiku: one (not previously published in any form, not submitted anywhere), one person can send only one haiku – multiply submissions will not be accepted

Language: English

Theme: free

Style: with kigo (seasonal reference – any), three lines, within the 5-7-5 syllable pattern, no strict syllable count

Fee: none

Jury: Colin Blundell (President of the British Haiku Society) – Final Judge,

Robert Kania (Treasurer of the PHA) and Ernest Wit (Member of the PHA) – Pre-Selectors

Coordinator: Krzysztof Kokot – (Honorary Member of the PHA)

Results: up to 31 December 2019

Prizes: diplomas and gifts for 1st (one haiku), 2nd (one haiku) and 3rd prize (one haiku), diplomas for commendations (ten haiku)

Organizer: Polish Haiku Association (PHA)

Note: Accessing the competition is tantamount to consenting to the processing of the participant’s personal data for the purposes necessary to organize and conduct the competition and with the consent of the authors of the awarded and commended haiku for publication on the internet site Expressing consent is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the competition in accordance with the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws from 2018, item 1000) and in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. The administrator of personal data is the Polish Haiku Association, ul. Kacza 6 m. 65, 01-013 Warsaw.

Any correspondence regarding this contest (queries, doubts etc. ) should be mailed to (replacing _at_ with @)

Online entry form

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Havok seeks flash fiction

web site

Answering the Call
February 2020 (deadline: December 1)


Every great hero’s journey starts with a choice. Whether faced with an ancient prophecy or a secret admirer, the best characters are always faced with an important question: “Do I step up to the challenge or not?” What if Harry Potter had stayed under the Dursley’s stairs? What if Walter White had remained a law-abiding chemistry teacher? What if Neo had taken the blue pill? What if Bill and Ted had decided to fail their history class so they could focus on music? What if Luke Skywalker had never left Tatooine? What if Elle Woods had decided to become a hairdresser because Harvard Law was too hard? Every decision comes with consequences, and this month, you get to decide the fate of the world, or at least the fate of the high school dance. Whether your hero answers the call or not is up to you. But don’t make your choice lightly, because ultimately, it’s the fate of your story that hangs in the balance.

Havok provides sharp, memorable fiction under 1,000 words. We want stories that hit fast and strike hard––stories that, no matter the genre, can cut through the day’s troubles and grip distracted readers. And there’s no quicker way to get your masterpiece rejected than to ignore our submission guidelines. So read through the following information and be sure to follow it to the letter. Or else…

Your Story

  • Your well-edited story should be between 300 and 1,000 words long.
  • We only accept stories that fit our daily genres (mystery, science fiction, comedy, thriller, fantasy) and Season Themes. Check ’em out. The themes function as story prompts that will help us together craft story collections that readers will love.
  • Tip: Make sure your opening lines have a strong hook! Hook our editors and you’ll have a better chance all around.


  • Previously published flash fiction.
  • Fan fiction. All stories must comply with copyright and trademark law.
  • Collaborative work with multiple authors. You must be the sole author of your story.
  • Scenes/excerpts/synopses from novels (however, you can use existing characters from your own novels).
  • Excessive violence, profanity, or erotica in any form. These stories are going on the internet. And the internet is gross enough already. Use a PG-13 movie rating as a guide.
  • Conversely, we don’t want thinly veiled stories that preach from a soapbox of any sort, whether political, religious, or otherwise. Again, the internet is gross enough already.

FLASH FICTION RESOURCE & SAMPLE STORIES: The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction is a great place to learn the fundamentals and intricacies of flash fiction if you’re new to the genre. Also, we encourage you to peruse our story sample and daily free story so you can get a feel for the type of well-written flash fiction we typically publish.

Submission Process

We only accept submissions within our Accepted Genres (mystery, scifi, comedy, thriller, and fantasy) that fit our Season Themes. If a story that doesn’t fit the theme is submitted, that story will be unceremoniously rejected. Hard.
Review our Manuscript & Email Formatting Guidelines carefully for instructions on how to format your story (we provide a downloadable MS Word template to make it easy).
Upload your properly formatted story using our SUBMISSION FORM.
IMPORTANT: Add to your allowed senders list, or our reply may go to your junk/spam email folder.


Once submissions for a Season Theme are opened, we review and acquire submitted stories continuously until we acquire all stories for each month. Our editors will start sending out acceptance and rejection emails during the first week of each month for the next month’s stories (e.g., if you submitted a story for January, you should hear something the first week of December). Once all days in a given month have been acquired, submissions for that month will be closed. Please check the website before submitting to make sure submissions are still open for your target Theme.

If Your Story is Acquired for Daily Flash Publication on

RIGHTS: Havok retains the rights to exclusive electronic publication of Daily Flash stories for six-months from the online publication date and reserves the right to maintain that story in our online members-only databases in perpetuity. But after that six-month exclusivity period ends you have the freedom to publish your story elsewhere as well–UNLESS your story is acquired for an anthology. Other terms are delineated in our contract.

AUTHOR BIO & PHOTO: If your story is selected for Daily Flash publication, you may submit a 50-word bio and a high-resolution headshot (at least 300 dpi .jpg or .tif file). Your headshot should be professional—no “selfies,” props, or excessive shadows. You must own the rights to all images you send to us, including those of your headshots. Instructions for submitting these items will be sent at the time of acquisition of your story.

PAYMENT: Authors are paid if their stories are selected for inclusion in an anthology.

If Your Story is Acquired for an Anthology

At least twice a year, the top stories (as determined by our editorial staff) over the previous months will be selected for publication in an anthology alongside best-selling authors. This anthology will be available in print and digital formats.

RIGHTS: Havok retains the rights to all Anthology stories for one year from the online publication date and reserves the right to reprint the anthology in which your story was published in perpetuity, but after that one year period ends, you have full rights to your story again. Other terms are delineated in our contract.


Havok pays authors $10 via PayPal for each story published in an Anthology, and you will receive one complimentary digital copy of the anthology.**
The Editor’s Choice Award winner will receive one free print copy of the anthology and a $100 Amazon gift card, additional literary rewards, and fame.
The Reader’s Choice Award winner (the anthology story that receives the highest reader ranking) will receive one free print copy of the anthology, a $50 Amazon gift card, additional literary rewards, and fame.
* Fame mileage may vary. Fame may grow over time. Don’t take more fame than the suggested daily dosage. If a rash develops, or you experience dry mouth, dry heaves, or need to dry your eyes, consult an industry professional or a wise old woman in the woods.

** We understand that $10 is a paltry sum to some professional authors. One of our primary business goals now that we’ve launched is to pay professional rates for every acquisition (including those published on our website). Until that happens, we appreciate every author who loves what we’re doing enough to join us on this grand adventure!

There is never a fee to submit your stories to Havok.

Before You Submit

Double check to make sure you’re fulfilling all guidelines. If you don’t, we won’t read your story until you resend it in the prescribed format. Srsly.

Please see our Season Themes page for the theme schedule, including when submissions open and if the current theme has closed for submissions.

Should we select one of your works for publication, we will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from us within four weeks after your submission, feel free to follow up.

Thank you for your interest in Havok. Please contact us with any questions or submissions at submissions (at)

Andrew Winch
Havok Publishing

Friday, November 22, 2019

Dually Noted 500 word submissions

web site

Ends on November 30, 2019  
Dually Noted is Brink Literacy Project's group writing project. Each submission should attempt to match the previous section of the story, in both style and content. Our editors will choose the best 500-word submission every week and add it to the current story. Stories whose quality meets Brink's high quality standard may be published in F(r)iction Series, our triannual print publication.

The theme for this cycle of Dually Noted is: "When the sea became sky."

Each 500-word section should be a complete story arc. Writers are free to submit stories of any genre, subject, or style (even poetry is welcome!), but submissions should adhere to the theme. Feel free to use your imagination and come up with interesting ways to incorporate this idea. Submissions are due Fridays at midnight PST. We’ll post the best submissions each Thursday!



web site

Submission period open from August 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019

An annual award of $10,000 recognizing a book that demonstrates exceptional artistry and vision written by a mid-career poet and published in the preceding year. The prize is named after the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926), a writer whose work embodies the qualities of ambition, intellectual and imaginative scope, and technical mastery we seek to recognize.

UNT Rilke Prize Recipients:

  • Entrants must have published at least two previous books of poetry
  • Work must be original poetry written in English
  • Eligible books must have been published between November 1, 2018 - October 31, 2019
  • Books may be submitted by presses or by writers themselves and must be postmarked by November 30, 2019
  • Each submission must include 3 copies of the book and a completed entry form
  • Chapbooks are not considered previous publications
  • Self-published books will not be considered
  • Finalists may be asked to submit further copies
  • Books will not be returned
  • The winner will travel to Texas to give readings at UNT and in the DFW metroplex on April 1-2, 2020. UNT will pay for travel expenses. The author must also allow portions of the winning work to be reproduced for promoting the award. Poets who enter the prize must agree to these terms in order to accept the prize.


The prize will be judged by UNT's poetry faculty.

Submission Requirements

Authors or publishers will mail completed entry form with three copies of the book submission to address below.

Click here to download and complete the entry form.

Mail entry form and submission to:

UNT Rilke Prize
Department of English
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #311307
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Irish Times' New Irish Writing

web site

New Irish Writing, edited by Ciaran Carty, and appearing in The Irish Times on the last Saturday of each month, is open to writers of 18 years or older who are Irish or resident in Ireland.

Awards are made annually in three categories: First Fiction, for writers publishing their first story; Emerging Fiction, for writers still to publish their first book; and Emerging Poetry, for first-time poets or poets still to publish their first collection.

Stories submitted to New Irish Writing should be between 1,650 and 2,000 words. Up to six poems may be submitted, with a single email please. There is no entry fee.

Writers whose work is selected for publication will receive €100 for fiction and €50 for poetry.

Print anthology/collection copyright will remain with authors, but online publication is exclusive to the Irish Times.

You can email your entry to or post it (with a stamped addressed envelope) to Ciaran Carty,  New Irish Writing, The Irish Times, 24-28 Tara Street, Dublin 2.  In both cases, please make sure to include your name and email address if you have one.
We reply to all submissions, but please note that this can take up to four weeks.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Himal Southasian Short Story Competition

web site

Tired of being typecast?  At Himal Southasian we promise that we don’t keep a list of accepted subjects for Southasian fiction.  You will not be rejected for including a flower that isn’t jasmine or a sari that isn’t red.  It doesn’t matter if you never mention a mango, a monsoon or a mountain range (nor if you do – we have a profound respect for all).  Your stories don’t need to be set in ‘the village’ or in Southasia at all.  We are interested in voices and stories that reflect the complexity of Southasian experience, thought and imagination in the world today – and if in a way that is new to us, then so much the better.

We are launching a spontaneous end-of-year short story competition. Enter your short stories now, with a chance of winning USD 500 and an opening spot on our magazine’s new website. All shortlisted stories will also be published by us.


– Send your original, unpublished, story (1500-5000 words) to, attached as a Word document.

– Include your name, contact number and the place you are writing from.

– Be sure the subject line includes SHORT STORY 2019 and your name.



– Each writer may submit a maximum of one story.

– Contemporary stories translated into English from other Southasian languages will be considered – we ask that the writer and the translator are then both party to the submission (include both names and contact details) and agree to share equally any subsequent prize or payment. The story may have been published previously in is original language but must not have been previously published in an English translation.


We don’t care what passport you hold, nor if you hold one at all, nor where you are based in the world. We do care that you consider yourself or your story to be Southasian and that your submission is your own, original, previously unpublished work. Be sure too that you are open to the editorial process that will take place prior to any publication.

There is no leeway in these regards, please do not submit reworkings or extensions of stories you have published elsewhere in any form (online/ print/ radio etc).


The competition process will be completed, and shortlisted writers and the winner informed, by 15 December 2019.

All entries will be acknowledged on arrival and receive notice of the results of the competition.  Given the short time frame and the volume of reading associated with this competition, we regret that we will not be able to enter into further correspondence unless your work is selected.

Each of the writers shortlisted will be informed first, then listed on our website, and all of these writers will be offered publication of their stories.  If this offer is accepted, we will then enter into our usual editorial process with each writer on their story, and payment will be made after publication, according to Himal’s usual rates. If you are submitting a story you have submitted elsewhere, we would ask you to withdraw it from other outlets if you are offered and choose to accept our offer of publication.

The winning writer’s story will be published before 15 January 2020, and the prize money of USD 500 will be awarded subsequent to publication.

The selection of the shortlist and winning story will be made in-house by Himal Southasian’s editors. We give you our collective word that in selecting your stories we will put to good use our experience of working on the vast range of issues and experiences that make up contemporary Southasia and its diasporas.  Try us.

The Editors,



Monday, November 18, 2019

Reedsey weekly prompt ~ Once upon a time

Once upon a time ðŸ§š

Earlier this week, we published a blog post about modern fairy tales, and it got us thinking about the fact that no genre of literature is without its own set of tropes — and that certain literary tropes we still see commonly today are rooted centuries back.

This week's prompts are all elements pulled from fairy tales — both modern and old. You can feel free to play them straight: in other words, using the trope traditionally. Or you can feel free to turn the trope on its head. That's the great thing about tropes: they might provide you with a foundation that's already well-worn, but the opportunities to make it your own are endless.
  1. Write a story around the theme: Be careful what you wish for.
  2. Write a story that involves love at first sight.
  3. Write a rags-to-riches story.
  4. Write a story in which characters are warned not to go into the woods.
  5. Write a story about a character on a quest, trying to "prove themselves."

Short Story Contest — $50 Reward

Reedsy challenges you to create a short story based on these prompts. Winners will be featured on Reedsy Prompts and receive $50 via PayPal! In order to have your story considered, it is important you follow the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Go to this week's Reedsy Prompts contest page
  • Select the prompt you'd like to submit a story to.
  • If you haven't already, sign up for a free Reedsy Prompts account.
  • Enter your title and story, and then hit "Submit story."
  • The length should be 1,000-3,000 words.
  • The deadline to submit a short story based on any of the above prompts is the end of the day on November 22nd, at 11:59pm EST. 
Any other questions? Check out our Terms of Use or FAQ!

ServiceScape Short Story Award 2019

web site

Calling all short story writers: Are you a short story writer interested in gaining more exposure and a bigger audience for your creative work? Would an extra $1,000.00 USD in your pocket be a great thing right now?

If so, our ServiceScape Short Story Award is the perfect way to achieve both. For this award, any genre or theme of short story is accepted. All applicants should submit their original unpublished work of short fiction or nonfiction, 5,000 words or fewer, to be considered. Along with receiving an award for $1,000.00 USD, the winner will have his or her short story featured within our blog, which reaches thousands of readers per month. Rules and exclusions apply.

Terms and Conditions

In order to qualify as a contest participant, a person must successfully submit the application form below and must be at least 18 years of age. ServiceScape is not responsible for any situation that constitutes an application form submission failure, including technical malfunctions experienced by the form submitter or by ServiceScape. ServiceScape employees and/or their immediate family and household members are not eligible to be contest participants. There is no purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law.

Contest participants will be entered only once.

Contest participants' application form submissions must be written in English.

The contest starts on December 1, 2018 EST and ends on November 30, 2019 EST.


Contest participants will be judged on their quality of writing. All decisions are final. Non-winning entries will be discarded after the winner has been chosen and the contest participants will retain all the rights to their submitted work.

The potential winner will be notified via email in December 2019. The potential winner must send a headshot photograph within 10 days of the prize notification. The potential winner must also sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, a liability release, and a publicity release (where legal) within 10 days of the prize notification. If the potential winner does not deliver these required items within the specified time period or if the potential winner cannot be contacted for any reason, the prize will be forfeited and an alternate potential winner will be selected. If all required items are delivered within 10 days of the prize notification, the potential winner will be considered the winner of the contest.
The winner of the contest will be awarded $1,000.00 USD, payable by check and mailed within 4 weeks. The prize is non-transferable and any tax requirements are the sole responsibility of the winner. The winner's name, headshot photograph, and writing will be featured within the ServiceScape blog soon thereafter.

ServiceScape Incorporated reserves the right to modify or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Frogpond submissions opened in November

web site

Michael Ketchek
125 High St
Rochester, NY 14609
email: <>


Submissions from both members and non-members of HSA are welcome.

All submissions must be original, unpublished work that is not under consideration by a print or web-based journal. While posts on Internet sites such as Facebook or Twitter are eligible, posts on blogs are not.

Submission by e-mail is preferred:
(a) in the body of the e-mail (no attachments)
(b) with subject line: Frogpond Submission
(c) with place of residence noted in the body of the e-mail
A submission by post will receive a reply only if accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with sufficient U.S. postage to reach your location. Please, no handwritten submissions.
Only one submission per issue will be considered.
The Submission may include any or all of the following:
1. Up to ten (10) haiku
2. Up to three (3) haibun
3. Up to three (3) rengay or other short sequences
4. One (1) renku or other long sequence
Submission Period:

Submission periods are one month long: July for the autumn issue, November for the winter issue, and March for the spring/summer issue.

Acceptances will be sent shortly after the end of each period. Please submit only once per submission period.

Essays, Book Reviews, and Books for review can be sent at any time.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Trivia Mundi Nano Fiction Project

web site

We are in the process of compiling a volume of very short horror stories consisting of only two sentences. This will be published next year under the title: Nano Nightmares

We welcome submissions until 30th November 2019. 

Authors may submit as many stories as they wish. We will publish a maximum of ten stories per author.

Please send them together with a short bio and contact details to:

Authors will retain full rights to any work submitted and a short biography will be published along with any story accepted. No initial payments will be made but we will organise a profit share (should there be any) paid in proportion to the number of stories published.

There is no constraint on style or subject matter only that each story should be no longer than two sentences and as scary as possible. For a bit of guidance and direction here are a few that have already been received:

Nano Nightmares fiction project
(1) I'm pretty sure I died, since the last thing I recall was a pair of headlights coming at me and the distinct feeling of flying through the air, maybe through the windshield. But if I'm dead, why am I able to see the two cars all mangled like broken accordions, and that familiar body lying on the ground, missing its head?

(2) Dragged from my cell in the early morning and marched through the freezing dark underground corridors, I am now kneeling in a puddle of blood. The blood is not mine but my blood will soon join it as the cold muzzle of a gun is pressed hard against the back of my head.

(3) She heard a noise and left me in my bed while checking out its source. When she returned, I reached up to pat her head and came away with something gooey.

(4) Reaching up I can feel that my right ear has gone, my eyelids are rapidly following suit, the nanobots that were supposed to eat my cancer failed to stop there - I can see my horrified medical team on the other side of the glass wincing at my intolerable pain. Why don’t they kill me, kill me now?

Friday, November 15, 2019

Shooter Literary Magazine submissions guidelines

web site

Please submit work appropriate to the theme in Word or Pages format, 1.5 or double spaced, with word count indicated at the end of the piece.

Literary fiction, creative non-fiction and narrative journalism should fall between 2,000 and 7,500 words. Any non-fiction or journalistic work selected for publication will be fact-checked. Please submit only one story and/or up to three poems per issue. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. All work must be previously unpublished either in print or online.

Submissions for Issue #11 should relate to the theme Supernatural. Send us stories, essays, reported narratives, memoirs and poetry on anything to do with the occult. Psychological spookiness, eerie suspense, weird mysteries and unexplained phenomena are welcome elements, as well as the more obvious demons, angels, witches and ghosts. Religious themes are also relevant. Writing must be of a literary standard, not genre fare trading on shocks or gore. As always, the theme is open to wide interpretation.

Please include a brief 2-3 sentence biography in the cover letter, noting any prior publishing experience, and email work to by November 17th, 2019. Successful writers will hear from us within a few weeks of the deadline, if not before. If you do not hear from us after that time, please assume that we will not be publishing your work. Due to the volume of submissions we no longer send rejection emails.


Shooter acquires first rights for print and online/e-book publication and reserves the right to publish work that has appeared in the magazine on its website and related social media.


Upon publication, writers will be paid £25 per story and £5 per poem. Stories that fall below the requested minimum of 2,000 words will be paid at poetry rates. Artists will be paid £25 for use of their work as magazine illustration. UK contributors will receive a copy of the issue in which their work appears; non-UK contributors may choose to receive either cash payment or a copy of the issue in which their work appears.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Black Beacon Books seeks short story submissions

web site

Deadline: November 30, 2019

Black Beacon Books is open to short story submissions for our next anthology, The Black Beacon Book of Mystery until 30/11/2019

Response time: We'll aim for the end of January 2020 at the latest

Publication: Planned for December 2020

What we want: This anthology will combine the best new mysteries with classic reprints from yesteryear, so give us a masterful tale. You'll need an engaging and memorable protagonist who can hold his or her own against Sherlock Holmes and Auguste Dupin. Above all, we want a clever puzzle the reader can try to solve. Throw in clues and red herrings, make our readers work their "little grey cells", as Hercule Poirot puts it. The mystery could be a crime, but it could also be a historical or archaeological investigation, a treasure hunt, getting to the bottom of a local legend... it's up to you, but it must be a mystery the reader can delve into and try to solve before your protagonist. Think Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Inspector Morse, Jonathan Creek, even Nancy Drew or Scooby Doo, but be damned clever about it! Get moving! The game's afoot!

Short stories between 2,500 and 7,000 words
Novellas up to 25,000 words

1 penny (GBP) per word for original short stories
100 pounds for original novellas / flat rate
10 pounds for reprints / flat rate
All contributors will receive one print copy

Please read the full guidelines below before submitting.


Please only submit one story per publication. No simultaneous submissions for original fiction.

Languages accepted:
English and French / anglais et français
Black Beacon Books is based in France but publishes in English. As such, we accept submissions in both English and French. Any French submissions accepted will be translated into English for publication. / Black Beacon Books est une maison d'édition de langue anglaise basée en France. Nous acceptons des nouvelles écrites en français mais elles seront traduites et publiées en anglais.

What we expect from authors:
1) We strongly recommend you purchase a copy of a previous anthology to be sure you want to be part of our team. We're choosing stories for our anthology, but you're also choosing a home for your work. We want you to feel you've made the right choice.
2) Please submit quality writing and be prepared to work with the team to make your story the very best it can be.
3) If your submission is successful, we need you to help promote the anthology through word-of-mouth and online networking.

Legal disclaimer:
1) Original Fiction: Inclusion in the anthology means that you give BBB First World English rights (this means your story will appear in this anthology for the first time in English, covering both electronic and print publications). After the official release of the anthology, all rights revert to the Author, and BBB will not publish it in any other publication without your permission.
2) Reprints: We purchase Non-Exclusive Reprint rights, which means your previously published story can be sold to other publications at the same time and at any time after our anthology. Of course, it is your duty as the Author to ensure you retain the relevant rights to reprints submitted to us. You should tell us where your story was first published so we can provide appropriate credit to the original publisher within our anthology.
Details on rights can be found at Writing-World.

How to submit:
Please note that we use British English conventions. Submissions are encouraged from all over the world but be aware that the editor may wish to make changes to those containing North American usages.

For submissions in English, the editor requires:

- All grammar and punctuation to be used appropriately. This is your best friend:, and if you don't know how to use commas, visit these sites: and
In terms of comma usage, here are three simple examples of what we require:
Yesterday, I followed him home.
As soon as I hear from him, I'll let you know.
I bought an axe, rope, and a box of matches.
- Quotation marks to be single for general dialogue.

- Only one space at the end of sentences.

- Formatted indentation for paragraphs. Do not use the space bar or tab bar.

- The use of italics. Do not replace them with an underline.

Once you've finished your tale and edited it... and edited again, and asked your mum and dog to proof-read it, send it as a .doc (NO .docx) or .rtf file to blackbeaconbooks (at)
Be sure to include your contact details in your email AND in the file. In the subject of your email, write: "BBB Submission".

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Stormy Island seeks winter-themed poetry

web site

Winter-themed Poetry

All poems must adhere to the winter theme.

No previously or currently published poems will be accepted.

Authors may submit multiple poems (up to 5 per person) but no guarantee we will accept all.

Submit all poems in a single word document (PLEASE DO NOT include any names within this document as we prefer to judge our entries blindly) via email to

In the body of your email submission, include your pen name (if applicable) and the titles of all poems included in the word doc.

Deadline: November 20, 2019, 11:59 p.m. EST.

Contributing authors will receive a free eBook copy after publication and discounted author copies of the paperback.

The Helix Literary and Art Magazine seeks submissions

web site

Deadline: November 15, 2019


THE HELIX welcomes submissions of artwork and literature on both a national and global scale. Please review our guidelines carefully, as any piece submitted incorrectly will be rejected.

Submissions are read by our editorial team in chronological order as we make our way through the queue. The wait time for an answer will vary from a few days to one month. If you have still not received a response from a submission submitted to a previous issue, please inquire on the status of your piece.

General Guidelines

The Helix accepts simultaneous submissions, with immediate notification if work is accepted elsewhere. Previously published work is not accepted, but we will consider work previously shared on personal blogs/websites.

  • Prose submissions should be double spaced.
  • Poetry should be single spaced.
  • All literary submissions should be in 12pt font Times New Roman.
  • Prose submissions are currently restricted to a maximum of 3,000 words each.
  • If you are submitting multiple works for one category, please send them as one file.

The Helix editors respect the integrity of all author’s work but may make slight changes as necessary. The Helix staff reserves the right to make copy editing changes, and light line editing changes.

We follow the Chicago Manual guidelines when editing submissions.

The Helix reserves first North American serial rights. All rights revert to the author after publication. If you republish your work in a print or other journal, please credit The Helix for the first publication.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

101 Fiction seeks short stories

web site

The next theme is: Time travel
The deadline is: November 17th.

Submissions must be 101 words long, consisting of a one word title and one hundred word story.

Stories must use the theme for the upcoming issue.
The title must not be the issue's theme (or variation of).
We are looking for: science fiction, fantasy, horror and the surreal.
We are not looking for anything containing gratuitous sex or violence.

By submitting a story you are granting 101 Fiction rights to publish the story online and make the story available as part of a free downloadable edition.
The copyright and intellectual property rights remain with you.
Please do not submit anything that you do not own the rights to.

Notes on word count:
For our purposes hyphenated words count as one word. And it matters... a blue-skinned alien is not the same as a blue skinned alien.
It's best to do a manual count before submitting; automated counts are not always accurate and, after all, it's only a hundred words (and it must be exactly one hundred words).

Please send submissions within the body of your email. Attachments will not be opened. Please also include a short biography (with links to your own site, blog or twitter, if you wish).

Submit to: submissions [at] (currently open)

2019 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize

web site

Submission Deadline: December 1st, 2019.

The Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival is pleased to announce the call for submissions for the 2019 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize.

The Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize, a cash award of $500, will be awarded to the best Brooklyn-focused non-fiction essay which is set in Brooklyn and is about Brooklyn and/or Brooklyn people/characters.

We are seeking compelling Brooklyn stories from writers with a broad range of backgrounds and ages who can render Brooklyn's rich soul and intangible qualities through the writer's actual experiences in Brooklyn.

From the collection of selected Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize submissions, five authors will be selected to read from their work and discuss their Brooklyn stories with the audience at our December 2019 event.

The exact date/time and venue will be announced later.

These stories and several other submitted stories will be published on the Brooklyn Film and Arts Festival website and made available to the public.

Entry Fee:  Free

The award is $500.

Submissions should be between 4 to 10 pages. (Up to 2500 words).

Send your Brooklyn Non-Fiction story as a Word document by email to:

Please include the story title, your name, email and phone number on your submission document.

The submitted writings will be judged by a panel of Brooklyn writers.

Runners-up will be invited to read from their writing and their entries will be included in the Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival’s Brooklyn Non-Fiction Collection of stories in an online anthology.

Monday, November 11, 2019

As Above So Below call for submissions

web site
  • Theme: Imprisonment / Freedom
  • What kinds of prison do we live in, or choose to live in, or try to escape from?  What is freedom and how do we use it?  What choices and freedoms do we really have?  What freedoms can be found within a prison (physical or mental)?
  • Send in poems with insight, grounded in the everyday objects of the world, the unique details of your experiences, which then touch upon the universality of the human condition.
When sending to As Above So Below, please include everything listed below:

Send 1-4 poems, no longer than 40 lines each.
Please paste all poems into the body of the email.
Deadline 15th November 12 midnight.
Times New Roman, 12 point.
Biog in the third person of no more than 75 words.
A short paragraph saying what inspired the poem(s).
Send to asabovesobelow714 [at] gmail [dot] com
I aim to get back to you within a month.
Previously published poems are accepted as long as they are credited.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Bronzeville Books seeking stories of Twisted Love

web site

The open call deadline is now November 11 due to the volume of submissions. Stories received after 11:59 PM Eastern time will not be processed.

Bronzeville is now open to submissions for an anthology called Twisted Love. Twisted Love will feature stories with unsettling and unconventional relationships. Give us stories of toxic relationships. This could be relationships between a parent and child, siblings, a person and their god(s) or lovers bound by crime or fetish. Any twisted love relationship applies. (Think Soldier and Angel from Hap and Leonard, season 1)

Please note that we are seeking substantive stories. This open call is not suited to microfiction.

Payment Policy

We pay $0.05 U.S. per word for first Worldwide English publication rights. Payment is by verified paypal account that is in the writer's legal name or check (U.S. only).

Preferred Genres

Preferred genres include crime, sci fi, fantasy, and horror.

Please note that our submission guidelines have been updated November 6, 2019. Submissions received prior to this date have been processed using our former guidelines. Most details are the same, but if your submission did not include something new that is requested here it will still be processed.

Submission Guidelines
We welcome submissions from all professionals* who are committed to their craft. We welcome submissions from diverse authors. We encourage individuals to opt to include a bio (100 words, written in third person) and author photo that can be used with the publication when submitting.

By professionals we mean those who conduct themselves professionally. We expect writers to follow the guidelines. We do not take donated stories; we pay our writers. We expect professional communication. For example, we will not publish works by writers who harass staff.

We will not publish stories that are donated — all writers must be prepared to receive payment through one of our approved payment methods, which are Paypal or by check (U.S. residents only)

Your Document Should

Be 3,150 words or less
Be a .doc or .docx file
Use black as the text color
Use Times New Roman or Courier as the font

Conform to general formatting guidelines (this is a good guide for most of the formatting)

The first line of a paragraph should be indented half an inch from the left margin (not using a tab key or space-space-space-space-space) OR you can opt to have all lines flush left and leave a blank line between paragraphs
No underlined text
Use italics when you want text to appear in italics (but use this sparingly — italics is harder to read than regular text and visually straining for readers when used excessively)

Your Submission Should:

Be emailed to

Your Email Should:

Have a subject line that indicates the name of the submission call, the name of the story, the author’s name, the word count of the story and the genre of the story

Example: Twisted Love Submission – ‘This is My Story’s Title’ - by Author Name – 2725 words – horror

Be addressed to the editor, Sandra Ruttan

Include a bio (100 words, written in third person) and author photo*

Provide your verified Paypal address that is registered in your legal name or indicate that you are a U.S. resident who will opt for payment by check

*The reason we ask for this is to minimize processing time later. Writers have taken up to two weeks to acknowledge an acceptance. For some projects this delays website development, as well as editing and art development for the project.

Your Email Should Not:

Contain a query letter for your short story. I know it hurts to hear this, but we aren’t concerned with where you went to preschool. What matters is words on the page. No note is required at all.

Auto Reply

We use an auto reply to confirm we have received submissions

You should receive an auto reply that will remind you of the submission guidelines  to ensure that your submission will be processed

We will not process submissions that produce a ‘failure to deliver’ message when we send the auto reply (Why? It can indicate the email account is not working. We have sent more than a dozen direct emails about submissions in the past three months that have failed delivery. They continued to fail delivery after repeated attempts. The time spent processing those submissions and attempting correspondence impedes our ability to spend time on serious submissions we could potentially publish.)

Review Process

We normally review submissions in the order received

Suspected troll submissions may be eliminated before submission review begins

Submissions that do not state the word count will be deprioritized for review

Submissions with significant formatting issues that do not follow our guidelines will also be deprioritized for review

Deprioritized stories will only be reviewed if space is still available in the project when all other submissions have been reviewed

Submissions That Will Not Be Processed

Stories that exceed the word count limit of 3,150 words

Submissions of PDF, RTF or other document formats, or that include the story in the body of the email

Submissions sent via DM on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform

Submissions addressed to persons other than Sandra Ruttan

Stories with colored text

Multiple Submissions

Are not permitted for this open call

Simultaneous Submissions

Are permitted for this open call

Please note that those who have submitted to an open call with different editors may also submit to Twisted Love -- ie: if you submitted to Latinx Screams you may also submit your story to Twisted Love because both projects allow simultaneous submissions and they have different editors


Are not permitted for this open call at this time

Payment Details

Detailed submission guidelines, including payment information, are available on The Bronzeville Bee's submission guidelines page. They apply to all Bronzeville short fiction submissions. Your Paypal account must be registered in your legal name in your country of residence and must be verified. Failure to provide a Paypal account that meets these requirements may result in payment delays because Paypal may refuse to transfer the money. In these cases, Bronzeville is not responsible for the delay in payment. In the event that we learn an account provided is not registered in the author's legal name in their country of residence (unless they have an accountant, agent or manager who is legally authorized to receive funds on their behalf) we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

Forbidden Content

Absolutely no adults having sex with minors, or anyone having sex with animals.

We will not publish works that appear to promote hate towards people based on their religion, race, gender or orientation. While we may publish a story about racism, or that has sexism or bigotry as a component, there’s a line between writing about something and endorsing it. When necessary, we will hire a sensitivity editor to review content.

To clarify, a story touching on racism may require a racist character that makes a racist statement. These should be used sparingly, and carefully. When the narrative is peppered with racist insults the story has gone beyond establishing that a character is racist and may read as a presentation of the author’s views. Anyone who is not prepared to work with a sensitivity reader or have this content addressed in edits should not submit to us.

“While we will consider stories that deal with sexual abuse, the acts should be alluded to but not detailed. We are not interested in publishing stories that would appeal to pedophiles or abusers.” – Sandra Ruttan

J. F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction

web site

Deadline: November 30, 2019  

“One foot in this world and one in the next”: that’s how J.F. Powers described the Midwestern priests he wrote about in his fiction. Having one foot in another world can be awkward, and Powers’ characters are known not for their graceful mysticism, but for the humiliating and mordantly entertaining stumbles they make while trying to live their faith. We’re looking for carefully crafted short stories with vivid characters who encounter grace in everyday settings—we want to see who, in the age we live in, might have one foot in this world and one in the next.

What are the prizes?
1st place: $500
2nd place: $250
Up to 8 honorable mentions: publication in the journal and a one-year subscription

When will winners be announced?
Winners of the J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction will be announced in February 2018 and published throughout the subsequent issues that year.

Is there a reading fee?


  • Only one submission per author will be accepted.
  • Please do not submit any previously published work.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please withdraw your work immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.
  • Please include in your contact information, including e-mail and mailing address, in your cover letter, as well as one or two lines with your biographical information as you would like it to appear if published.
  • The word limit is 8,000 words. Longer submissions will be returned unread.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

mojo 17 submission guidelines

web site

Regular submissions for mojo 17 are now OPEN.

Submissions will be accepted until November 15th.

Fiction: We are interested in stories that excite us with innovation in form, structure, and language, but above all, we’re looking for stories that connect us, touch us, and revolutionize our worlds. Experimental or not, give us a quality story.   Please send a single story under 6,000 words. If you’re submitting flash fiction, include up to three stories in a single document.

Poetry: Our staff is interested in poems that blur contemporary styles with traditional modes, poems that light up with raw energy but point in a specific direction, and poems that push through leaps of image and gesture but resound with a strong emotional core. Above all, we enjoy poems that are willing to take risks while maintaining clarity of expression.   Send up to 4 poems at a time or 8 pages maximum. If you have a single long poem that exceeds 8 pages, we welcome you to submit it as an exception to the page-limit rule and as the totality of your submission for that issue. Please submit all of your poems in one document.

Nonfiction: We enjoy creative nonfiction pieces that embrace the tactics of fiction, but we don’t shy away from the innovative and experimental (in fact, we’re rather interested in what you can show us)! But keep in mind, we’re looking for engaging nonfiction stories, not journalism or academic essays.   Pieces should be under 6,000 words.

Comics: We’re interested in narrative-driven art and comics that embody any number of different styles and techniques. Show us something that uses the visual medium to push boundaries and says something important.   We are looking for anything. Political commentary. Comedy. Memoir. Or just a good story. Feel free to submit genre-bending work. Limit submissions to three short pieces totaling no more than ten pages.

Please follow all guidelines for submitting your work, as found in the information below and instructions on our submissions manager.

The Fine Print

All submissions should be made through our submissions manager. We do not accept submissions by e-mail or post at this time. Please read the guidelines in each particular genre before submitting.

We welcome simultaneous submissions, but please notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere by withdrawing immediately.

Our goal is to have a response to you within 8-12 weeks, though regrettably it can be longer. But sometimes it is also a lot shorter! Feel free to inquire after 120 days.

All submissions will be considered for publication in our online issue. Selected works have the possibility of being published in the annual print edition of Mikrokosmos Literary Journal.

mojo pays a $15 USD flat rate per poem, nonfiction piece, fiction piece, or comic. Please note that submissions to our blog, Latest Content, is not a paying market (we’re sorry!) If a piece is selected for publication in Mikrokosmos, an additional $15 USD will be paid. We know this isn’t much, but as writers ourselves, we like to pay our contributors.

If you have any questions or comments, please email the editors at

All payment is subject to any budget alterations that occur throughout the year. We prefer to issue payment through mailed checks, but we can arrange other options if a check does not work for you. You will need to submit a completed W-9 or W-8BEN in order to receive payment.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Shooter Literary Magazine Submission Guidelines

web site

Deadline: November 17, 2019


Please submit work appropriate to the theme in Word or Pages format, 1.5 or double spaced, with word count indicated at the end of the piece. Literary fiction, creative non-fiction and narrative journalism should fall between 2,000 and 7,500 words. Any non-fiction or journalistic work selected for publication will be fact-checked. Please submit only one story and/or up to three poems per issue. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. All work must be previously unpublished either in print or online.

Submissions for Issue #11 should relate to the theme Supernatural. Send us stories, essays, reported narratives, memoirs and poetry on anything to do with the occult. Psychological spookiness, eerie suspense, weird mysteries and unexplained phenomena are welcome elements, as well as the more obvious demons, angels, witches and ghosts. Religious themes are also relevant. Writing must be of a literary standard, not genre fare trading on shocks or gore. As always, the theme is open to wide interpretation.

Please include a brief 2-3 sentence biography in the cover letter, noting any prior publishing experience, and email work to by November 17th, 2019. Successful writers will hear from us within a few weeks of the deadline, if not before. If you do not hear from us after that time, please assume that we will not be publishing your work. Due to the volume of submissions we no longer send rejection emails.


Shooter commissions original artwork for its covers. Artists should email examples of their work or a link to their online portfolio to We take note of promising illustrators on a rolling basis but, if you have work or a style you feel is particularly relevant to an upcoming theme, please draw our attention to it. We will contact suitable artists to discuss commissioning the cover. Artwork will be used as cover illustration for the magazine, plus detail use on the inside pages and on Shooter’s social media.


Shooter acquires first rights for print and online/e-book publication and reserves the right to publish work that has appeared in the magazine on its website and related social media.


Upon publication, writers will be paid £25 per story and £5 per poem. Stories that fall below the requested minimum of 2,000 words will be paid at poetry rates. Artists will be paid £25 for use of their work as magazine illustration. UK contributors will receive a copy of the issue in which their work appears; non-UK contributors may choose to receive either cash payment or a copy of the issue in which their work appears.

Better Than Starbucks 2019 Sonnet Contest

web site

               Winning poets receive:
               First Place $100.
               Second Place $50.
               Third Place $25.
Submissions open October 1st and close December 1st, 2019.

Winners will be announced and published on January 1st, 2020.

We will also publish up to seven honorable mention sonnets.

No entry fee and no simultaneous submissions please.

Prize payment via Paypal only.

This contest is for a metrical sonnet.
Your sonnet can be shakespearean, petrarchan, spenserian, rhymed, or slant-rhymed.
Blank verse is fine, as long as the sonnet form is clearly identifiable.
We'll consider tetrameter, hexameter, etc. as well as pentameter.
Some metrical variation is fine, but don't forget the volta!

As always, we do accept previously published work.

Please let us know where the poem was previously published.

If previously published, make sure you have the rights to it. Most publications do not keep the rights to poetry.  We do not, we retain the right to use them in anthologies or promotional material as we see fit in the future, but we do not retain any copyright to your work.

Submit up to two sonnets.
Please include your entry in the body of your email, put Sonnet Contest into the subject line of your email, and send to

Any possible loss of formatting in email transmission will be corrected if your sonnet is chosen as a winner or for publication, as you will be asked to proof before publication, but you are welcome to mention special formatting in your submission.

Please include a third person bio of 30 (max 40) words.
An introduction is welcome but not required.

You will receive an acknowledgement of your entry within 24 hours. This is the only communication you will receive unless one or both of your sonnets are selected for publication, either as winners or honorable mentions, or for subsequent publication.

Unlike general submissions to the journal, we do not respond further to contest entries unless they are selected as winners, honorable mentions, or for subsequent publication.
We look forward to reading your entries!

All entries are eligible for publication in Better Than Starbucks. By submitting your work you grant us the non-exclusive right to publish it. Copyright remains with the author/poet.

Judges are Better Than Starbucks editors.

This contest is not open to employees of Better Than Starbucks (or their family members).
The sponsor of this contest wishes to remain anonymous.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Piedmont Institute of Communication, Art and Music (PICMA) Emerging Writers Contest

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The Piedmont Institute of Communication, Art and Music (PICMA) Emerging Writers Contest
Ends on December 1, 2019  

This Emerging Writers Contest is open to high school students and students currently enrolled in community college. Sponsored by The Piedmont Institute of Communication, Art and Music (PICMA), this contest highlights writers with publication, a reading, a cash prize, and a scholarship option.

The prizes will be as follows:
  • First Prize: $5,000/ year scholarship to Pfeiffer University pending acceptance and $250 cash, and a public performance during The Phoenix’s Launch Party Event in April 2020.
  • Second Prize: $3,000/ year scholarship to Pfeiffer University pending acceptance and $125 cash, and a public performance during The Phoenix’s Launch Party Event in April 2020.
  • Third Prize: $2,000/ year scholarship to Pfeiffer University pending acceptance and $75 cash, and a public performance during The Phoenix’s Launch Party Event in April 2020.

[Cash prizes double upon matriculation to Pfeiffer University]

 The judges reserve the right to withhold a prize, if they feel it necessary to do so. All decisions of the judges are final.

  • The Phoenix accepts previously unpublished work in any style, form, or genre. No more than 5000 words, double-spaced, for prose or five poems per entry. Applicants must be enrolled in high school or community college to participate.
  • All work entered will be considered for publication. 
  • Please submit your work as the title of the piece(s) specifically.
  • Blind Submissions: Out of fairness to all writers, The Phoenix requires that your name and contact information not be placed on any of the uploaded files of your submissions. 
  • Those who choose to enter their best work to the PICMA contest may also choose to submit pieces to the various other submission categories as well. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

November is NaNoWriMo

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Writing a novel alone can be difficult, even for seasoned writers. NaNoWriMo helps you track your progress, set milestones, connect with other writers in a vast community, and participate in events that are designed to make sure you finish your novel. Oh, and best of all, it’s free!


National Novel Writing Month began in 1999 as a daunting but straightforward challenge: to write 50,000 words of a novel during the thirty days of November.

Now, each year on November 1, hundreds of thousands of people around the world begin to write, determined to end the month with 50,000 words of a brand-new novel. You may know this mass creative explosion by the name National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo—but that's not all that NaNoWriMo is!

NaNoWriMo is a nonprofit organization that supports writing fluency and education. But it's also a social network for writers like LinkedIn is for job professionals, or DeviantArt is for artists, or Facebook is for moms whose kids accept their friend requests only to provide them with "limited profile" access. It tracks words for writers like Fitbit tracks steps for the ambulatory. It's a real-world event, during which 900+ volunteers in places like Mexico City, Seoul, and Milwaukee coordinate communal writing sessions in thousands of partnering libraries, coffee shops, and community centers like… well, like nothing else.

It's internet-famous. It's a community-powered fandom (before there was the Beyhive, or Nerdfighters, there were Wrimos). It's a start-up incubator for novels (books like Water for Elephants, Fangirl, and WOOL began as rough drafts in November!). It's a teaching tool, it's a curriculum, and its programs run year-round.

Whatever you thought NaNoWriMo was, it is more than that.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Michigan Quarterly Review submission guidelines

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Submission are open August-December and January-April.

Submissions for the Print Journal:

Regular submissions for the print journal are accepted from January 15 to April 15, and from August 1 to November 30. Average turnaround time is four to six months. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us immediately via submittable if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Please do not submit previously published work, including work published on  a personal website or blog. Writers are advised to inspect a back copy of the journal or our archives before submitting work.

MQR accepts mailed submissions from incarcerated individuals. Other submissions via mail, email, or fax cannot be accepted and will not be read.  If you are a writer for whom Submittable is  not accessible please email us at

Prose submissions: Manuscripts should be double-spaced, right margins not justified; 1,500 words minimum, 5,000 average, 7,000 maximum. All stories accepted for publication will be passed on to a judge as finalists for the $2000 Lawrence Prize. There is no additional fee beyond submission.

Poetry submissions: Please submit in between 3-6 poems in one document, not to exceed a total of 12 pages.

Payment is $100 for prose and $25 for poetry.

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