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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Bronzeville Books seeking stories of Twisted Love

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The open call deadline is now November 11 due to the volume of submissions. Stories received after 11:59 PM Eastern time will not be processed.

Bronzeville is now open to submissions for an anthology called Twisted Love. Twisted Love will feature stories with unsettling and unconventional relationships. Give us stories of toxic relationships. This could be relationships between a parent and child, siblings, a person and their god(s) or lovers bound by crime or fetish. Any twisted love relationship applies. (Think Soldier and Angel from Hap and Leonard, season 1)

Please note that we are seeking substantive stories. This open call is not suited to microfiction.

Payment Policy

We pay $0.05 U.S. per word for first Worldwide English publication rights. Payment is by verified paypal account that is in the writer's legal name or check (U.S. only).

Preferred Genres

Preferred genres include crime, sci fi, fantasy, and horror.

Please note that our submission guidelines have been updated November 6, 2019. Submissions received prior to this date have been processed using our former guidelines. Most details are the same, but if your submission did not include something new that is requested here it will still be processed.

Submission Guidelines
We welcome submissions from all professionals* who are committed to their craft. We welcome submissions from diverse authors. We encourage individuals to opt to include a bio (100 words, written in third person) and author photo that can be used with the publication when submitting.

By professionals we mean those who conduct themselves professionally. We expect writers to follow the guidelines. We do not take donated stories; we pay our writers. We expect professional communication. For example, we will not publish works by writers who harass staff.

We will not publish stories that are donated — all writers must be prepared to receive payment through one of our approved payment methods, which are Paypal or by check (U.S. residents only)

Your Document Should

Be 3,150 words or less
Be a .doc or .docx file
Use black as the text color
Use Times New Roman or Courier as the font

Conform to general formatting guidelines (this is a good guide for most of the formatting)

The first line of a paragraph should be indented half an inch from the left margin (not using a tab key or space-space-space-space-space) OR you can opt to have all lines flush left and leave a blank line between paragraphs
No underlined text
Use italics when you want text to appear in italics (but use this sparingly — italics is harder to read than regular text and visually straining for readers when used excessively)

Your Submission Should:

Be emailed to

Your Email Should:

Have a subject line that indicates the name of the submission call, the name of the story, the author’s name, the word count of the story and the genre of the story

Example: Twisted Love Submission – ‘This is My Story’s Title’ - by Author Name – 2725 words – horror

Be addressed to the editor, Sandra Ruttan

Include a bio (100 words, written in third person) and author photo*

Provide your verified Paypal address that is registered in your legal name or indicate that you are a U.S. resident who will opt for payment by check

*The reason we ask for this is to minimize processing time later. Writers have taken up to two weeks to acknowledge an acceptance. For some projects this delays website development, as well as editing and art development for the project.

Your Email Should Not:

Contain a query letter for your short story. I know it hurts to hear this, but we aren’t concerned with where you went to preschool. What matters is words on the page. No note is required at all.

Auto Reply

We use an auto reply to confirm we have received submissions

You should receive an auto reply that will remind you of the submission guidelines  to ensure that your submission will be processed

We will not process submissions that produce a ‘failure to deliver’ message when we send the auto reply (Why? It can indicate the email account is not working. We have sent more than a dozen direct emails about submissions in the past three months that have failed delivery. They continued to fail delivery after repeated attempts. The time spent processing those submissions and attempting correspondence impedes our ability to spend time on serious submissions we could potentially publish.)

Review Process

We normally review submissions in the order received

Suspected troll submissions may be eliminated before submission review begins

Submissions that do not state the word count will be deprioritized for review

Submissions with significant formatting issues that do not follow our guidelines will also be deprioritized for review

Deprioritized stories will only be reviewed if space is still available in the project when all other submissions have been reviewed

Submissions That Will Not Be Processed

Stories that exceed the word count limit of 3,150 words

Submissions of PDF, RTF or other document formats, or that include the story in the body of the email

Submissions sent via DM on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform

Submissions addressed to persons other than Sandra Ruttan

Stories with colored text

Multiple Submissions

Are not permitted for this open call

Simultaneous Submissions

Are permitted for this open call

Please note that those who have submitted to an open call with different editors may also submit to Twisted Love -- ie: if you submitted to Latinx Screams you may also submit your story to Twisted Love because both projects allow simultaneous submissions and they have different editors


Are not permitted for this open call at this time

Payment Details

Detailed submission guidelines, including payment information, are available on The Bronzeville Bee's submission guidelines page. They apply to all Bronzeville short fiction submissions. Your Paypal account must be registered in your legal name in your country of residence and must be verified. Failure to provide a Paypal account that meets these requirements may result in payment delays because Paypal may refuse to transfer the money. In these cases, Bronzeville is not responsible for the delay in payment. In the event that we learn an account provided is not registered in the author's legal name in their country of residence (unless they have an accountant, agent or manager who is legally authorized to receive funds on their behalf) we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

Forbidden Content

Absolutely no adults having sex with minors, or anyone having sex with animals.

We will not publish works that appear to promote hate towards people based on their religion, race, gender or orientation. While we may publish a story about racism, or that has sexism or bigotry as a component, there’s a line between writing about something and endorsing it. When necessary, we will hire a sensitivity editor to review content.

To clarify, a story touching on racism may require a racist character that makes a racist statement. These should be used sparingly, and carefully. When the narrative is peppered with racist insults the story has gone beyond establishing that a character is racist and may read as a presentation of the author’s views. Anyone who is not prepared to work with a sensitivity reader or have this content addressed in edits should not submit to us.

“While we will consider stories that deal with sexual abuse, the acts should be alluded to but not detailed. We are not interested in publishing stories that would appeal to pedophiles or abusers.” – Sandra Ruttan

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