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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Trivia Mundi Nano Fiction Project

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We are in the process of compiling a volume of very short horror stories consisting of only two sentences. This will be published next year under the title: Nano Nightmares

We welcome submissions until 30th November 2019. 

Authors may submit as many stories as they wish. We will publish a maximum of ten stories per author.

Please send them together with a short bio and contact details to:

Authors will retain full rights to any work submitted and a short biography will be published along with any story accepted. No initial payments will be made but we will organise a profit share (should there be any) paid in proportion to the number of stories published.

There is no constraint on style or subject matter only that each story should be no longer than two sentences and as scary as possible. For a bit of guidance and direction here are a few that have already been received:

Nano Nightmares fiction project
(1) I'm pretty sure I died, since the last thing I recall was a pair of headlights coming at me and the distinct feeling of flying through the air, maybe through the windshield. But if I'm dead, why am I able to see the two cars all mangled like broken accordions, and that familiar body lying on the ground, missing its head?

(2) Dragged from my cell in the early morning and marched through the freezing dark underground corridors, I am now kneeling in a puddle of blood. The blood is not mine but my blood will soon join it as the cold muzzle of a gun is pressed hard against the back of my head.

(3) She heard a noise and left me in my bed while checking out its source. When she returned, I reached up to pat her head and came away with something gooey.

(4) Reaching up I can feel that my right ear has gone, my eyelids are rapidly following suit, the nanobots that were supposed to eat my cancer failed to stop there - I can see my horrified medical team on the other side of the glass wincing at my intolerable pain. Why don’t they kill me, kill me now?

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