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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Reedsy Prompt: Auld Lang Syne

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This week's theme: Auld Lang Syne

Closes at 23:59 - Jan 03, 2020 EST

  • Write a short story about someone who does not spend December 31st celebrating New Year's Eve.
  • Write a short story in which the last line is the countdown to midnight on New Year's Eve.
  • Two strangers meet at a New Year's Eve party. They spend the party together, and then never see each other again.
  • Write a short story about someone with unconventional New Year's traditions.
  • Write a short story about a person who goes to bed on New Year's Eve and wakes up in 1920.
  • You are a bartender working a night shift when a group of people come in on a holiday pub crawl.
  • Write a short story about an inn-keeper wondering whether this will be their last holiday season in business.

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