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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tartts Fiction Award 2019

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The winner of each contest will be announced in early May.
  1. Winning short story collection will be published by Livingston Press at the University of West Alabama, in simultaneous library binding and trade paper editions. Winning entry will receive $1000, plus our standard royalty contract, which includes 100 copies of the book.
  2. Author must not  have book of short fiction published at time of entry, though novels are okay. In keeping with Tartt’s biography, we are looking for an author who has yet to publish a fiction collection.
  3. Stories may have been previously published by magazines or in anthologies, though the author should have all rights. Magazines will be acknowledged. Include a list of publications, if so desired.
  4. Manuscripts must be typewritten, and we will ask for a computer file in Windows/Mac Word from the winning author and from the finalists for our anthology.
  5. Manuscript length: 160-275 pages.
  6. 6. Deadline for postmark: December 31 of every year.
  7. Entry fee: No entry fee this year.
  8. No manuscripts will be returned. Please send only a copy. You may include an SASE for acknowledgement of  receipt, or simply use your cancelled check to indicate such. We notify contestants of receipt as soon as the contest entry date has passed. We also notify all entrants of the winner and those picked for the anthology.
  9. Winner announced in late spring, with publication in next spring.
  10. Winner must be an American citizen; work must be in English.
  11. Style and content of manuscripts are completely open.
  12. Finalists will be considered for our regular publication schedule and for our Tartt Anthology.
  13. Send manuscripts and check to :

                                                                        Livingston Press
                                                                        The University of West Alabama
                                                                        110 North Washington Street
                                                                        Livingston, Alabama 35470

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