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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Atomic Flyswatter submission guidelines

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Atomic Flyswatter Online
This is an informal and unpaid gig. (We're not charging you for this either). We're featuring stories, poems, and the like to this page as a way of getting your name out there--this isn't a formal Long Shot Books publication. The rights to the work shown here will still remain yours, so consider this more of a display. If something you send to us gets legit published, be cool and let us know.

Currently accepting:
- Previously unpublished submissions
- 1 nonfiction or fiction piece up to 5000 words
- 1 excerpt up to 9000 words
- 3 flashes up to 1000 words each
- 4 poems
- 2 clips with context

Deadline is rolling.

Email entries to with "Online Edition" in the subject line.

Long Shot Books Presents: Atomic Flyswatter Vol. 1
We're currently accepting poetry and short fiction for our Atomic Flyswatter anthology. Email entries to with "Print Version" in the subject line. Deadline is rolling.

Please review below guidelines before submitting:
1.) Don't plagiarize. This should be obvious enough.
2.1) For short stories, we are looking for submissions between 200-30,000 words.
2.2) For poems, there is no word count. We'd like it to be at least up into the double digits but aside from that, we're looking for quality over quantity.
3.) Please stick with only two submissions. We can't have half the book written by a single author.
4.) The submission cannot be previously published. We don't want content that legally belongs to another company.
5.) Use a reasonable font, such as Times New Roman, Courier, Arial, something readable. Also, please make the submission in English.
6.) Please submit in a file that we will be able to open in a Word or OpenOffice program.
7.) Please give us at least two weeks before following up. We will try to get through everyone's submissions ASAP but we also have lives (Don't laugh at that!) with full-time jobs and other responsibilities.

Thank you and good luck,

Long Shot Books

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