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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Memoirist submission guidelines

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Submission Guidelines:
- Not previously published
- Autobiographical non-fiction
- Literary, i.e. stylistically polished
- Publication ready (grammar and spell checked)
​- Include a jpeg of a quality, original and relevant photo
- Verdana font, 12 point, 1.5 spaced, block paragraphs
- Put author name and title of the piece on file name
- Add a short author bio at the end, mentioning any publications which we will link to Amazon, etc.
- Include your email address
- Up to 3,000 words in ODT

NB- By sending us your material, you consent to it being published on this site. Minor edits may be made by the editors. Don't use full names of other people and feel free to change names to protect privacy. We will notify you only if we are going to post your work, i.e. if you don't hear from us within one month of submitting, we won't be using it as it isn't right for our site, (look at our submissions and read the About page to get an idea of the kind of writing we're looking for).
No payments will be made for submissions, although we will award $100 twice yearly (in March & October) to our favourite posts, taking into account the numbers of likes.


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