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Monday, February 10, 2020

Reedsey Prompt: Narratively Takeover

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Deadline: February 14, 2020

Prize: $50

This week is a special edition of the Reedsy Prompts contest because our friends at Narratively are taking it over with their own theme and prompts! We'll let them take it from here...

Narratively is a media platform that celebrates the diversity of humanity through authentic storytelling. At Narratively, we know that truth is sometimes stranger (and more interesting!) than fiction, so we’re switching things up this week and asking for your TRUE stories. For this week’s prompts, we’re looking for your very best creative nonfiction — the fascinating true story that only you can tell, the one incredible tale you just have to share with the world.

We like stories that surprise and delight us, and that are full of dramatic, active scenes with lots of colorful moments.

To that end, each of our prompts for this week takes on an issue that never goes out of style… love.

The winning story will be considered for publication on Narratively.
This week's prompts:

  • Write about someone (or something) you loved that you shouldn’t have.
  • Write about a date that was so terrible you’ll never forget it.
  • Write about your most unique experience at, or in, a wedding.
  • Write about a time when a broken heart led to something you’d never have expected.
  • Write about a secret that you’ve never told to the person you love.

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