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Monday, February 17, 2020

Reedsy prompts: #29: Bildungsroman

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Deadline: February 21, 2020

$50 prize

Often, the stories we read in our youth end up sticking with us well beyond adolescence. We vividly remember our first encounter with imaginative Anne Shirley, the nail-biting rumble between the greasers and Socs in The Outsiders, the fierce camaraderie shared by the Harry, Ron, and Hermione trio, among many other memorable moments from the young adult books we read in our formative years.

This week, all five prompts feature popular elements that are frequently at play in coming-of-age novels. While you are certainly free to write a short young adult story, you can also choose to incorporate these prompts into any other type of fiction.

If you want to revisit some classic YA fiction to get your creative wheels spinning, check out our freshly published list of some of our favorite young adult books!
This week's prompts:

  • Write a story about someone dealing with family conflict.
  • Write a story about someone discovering something new about themselves.
  • Write a story about two best friends.
  • Write a story about someone falling in love for the first time.
  • Write a story about a character struggling to decide how to handle a problem that is morally gray.

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