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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Vox Viola seeks poetry from women

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We are seeking submissions for Issue Two!

Vox Viola Literary Magazine only accepts submissions from people who identify as women, as this publication seeks to amplify the voices and stories of those who have too often been silenced or unheard. Pieces do not have to directly relate to feminism. In fact, we aim to represent a broad range of experiences.

We look for work that demonstrates a distinctive voice, emotional authenticity, and an attentive eye towards craft and language.  Send us work that is daring and full of truth; send us work that looks beyond the surface and brims with life.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions must be previously unpublished.

  • If your work is republished elsewhere, please do acknowledge Vox Viola Literary Magazine as where it initially appeared.  
  • Submissions should be written in Times New Roman or Garamond, using 12pt font. 
  • Submissions should be primarily in English.
  • Please make sure there are no unintentional errors, such as typos.
  • All submissions should be on the same document; if submitting multiple works, each should be on a separate page and clearly titled.
  • Please submit as a Word or PDF document. 
  • Please only put identifying information in your cover letter and not in your submission document. 
  • We do nominate for Pushcart Prizes. 
  • For unsolicited submissions, please fill out the form online to submit

Thank you for your interest in Vox Viola— we can’t wait to see your work!


Submit up to 5 poems at a time before hearing back from us.
Poetry should be single-spaced, unless other formatting decisions play a role in the piece’s meaning.
Generally, each poem should be under 1000 words.


Submit up to 3 pieces at a time before hearing back from us.
Prose should be double-spaced.
Each piece should be 3000 words or less.

Visual Art

Submit up to 8 pieces at a time before hearing back from us.
We accept paintings, drawings, photography, etc.

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