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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Chicken Soup for the Soul seeks poetry

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Deadline: April 3,  2020


When we are asleep, we dream. Are dreams a connection to the unconscious mind? Are they omens of things to come—both good and bad? Dreams are often the way we tap into our own inner wisdom. Sixth sense, gut feeling, premonitions, instinct. Whatever you call it, sometimes we have no logical reason for knowing something—but still we know it.

We want to know about your dreams. What have you learned from your dreams? Did you listen? Did any of your dreams come true? Did a dream strengthen your faith or help you change the direction your life was headed in? Did some miraculous insight serve as a warning about something that was going to happen?

Please do not submit stories about realizing your dreams, as in aspirations or hopes. We are talking about dreams while you are asleep! Here are some suggested topics but we know you will be able to think and write about many more:

Dreams about finding love
Dreams that saved you or a loved one from danger/death
Dreams that helped you face your fears
Dreams that changed the direction of your life
Dreams in which you communicated with a loved one, either dead or alive
Dreams that caused epiphanies
Dreams that changed your behavior
Dreams that made you more adventurous
Dreams that contained important warnings or medical information
Dreams that gave you comfort or helped your forgive someone
Dreams that made you more optimistic/happier
Dream journaling and how-to use your dreams more effectively
Premonitions that came true or saved you from something bad
Learning to trust your inner guidance [we may do a chapter about inner guidance even if it occurs during your waking hours]
Amazing coincidences and synchronicity [again, we may do a chapter about this even if these things occurred during your waking hours]

The deadline date for story and poem submissions has been extended to April 3, 2020.

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