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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Memoir Mixtape seeks fiction

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Deadline: March 31, 2020

Vol. 12: Just My Imagination

Since we put out our first call for Volume 1 in 2017, we have prided ourselves on being an always-open-for-submissions venue. But the truth is, we simply weren’t aware of how crazy life could (and would) really get in the upcoming years. 2019 was a really trying time for our editorial staff, and it was 100% necessary to press pause on our incoming submissions if we had any chance of catching up on our 10th and 11th volumes.

While we hope 2020 brings smoother sailing, and we hope to avoid any more hiatuses, we’re not going to make any promises. But the good news is that our current hiatus is now over, and we are officially reopening submissions for our 12th volume! And what makes this announcement even more exciting is this:

For the first time ever, Memoir Mixtapes is stepping out of our primary genre to publish a fiction issue!

This prompt has been on our roadmap from the very beginning, but we’ve held off until now because we wanted to establish MM as a platform primarily for CNF. Now that we’ve got 11 volumes under our belts, we’re finally in a good place to throw all of our typical rules to the wind, just for a bit. We’re really excited to see just how weird things can get.

Music will still be a driving force behind the stories and poems we ultimately select for Vol.12, but other than that, the rules are pretty lax. We’re happy to read flash, poems, and longer short stories, but our typical guidelines still apply (3,500 words maximum). We can’t wait to read your work!

*Just to clarify: Pieces must be inspired by existing/published songs rather than fictional songs/musicians.

Submission Requirements:


– Send in your submission using our brand new SUBMISSION FORM.

You should receive a confirmation of receipt from: SUBMISSIONS@MEMOIRMIXTAPES.COM

-Attach your submission as a .doc or .docx file (do not send PDFs or enclose your submission as text in the body of your email—your submission will not be logged)

-Please include a third-person bio with your submission

-One submission, based on one song, per writer. For prose submissions, 3500 words maximum (12 point font, single spaced). For poetry submissions we will only read one poem—please do not send multiple poems, as we will only read your first and make our decision based on that.

Submission Guidelines:

-The sweet spot for prose submissions is between 2–6 pages, single spaced. (If your submission runs a little shorter or longer, it’s not the end of the world.)

-Poetry submissions can be any length, but please bear in mind that over 5 pages is going to be a tougher sell.

-Proofreading is the best friend you have. We have other responsibilities / cats / dogs / spouses that eat up a lot of our time and we can’t dedicate as much effort as we’d like to on extensive edits to your work. Please, make sure your piece has that extra polish and shine before you send it in.

-We try to retain original formatting where applicable (particularly where poems are concerned), but your piece may be formatted/edited to fit our desired A E S T H E T I C.

Other Items:

As much as we’d love to pay contributors (or even ourselves), we’re broke as hell and can’t do any of that; as such, Memoir Mixtapes is free. This project is a labor of love and volunteer work, and will likely remain that way until we find ourselves a rich-ass patron who wants to throw cash at us to do what we love. (We’re still crossing our fingers for sponsorship from Taco Bell, so if anyone has the connect, hook us up.)

We’re not picky about whether your work has been previously published elsewhere, but we’d like to ensure that we’re not going to get sued to hell over copyright infringement, so make sure you’re okay to do so before sending it our way. In the same vein, we don’t mind if you want to submit your pieces to other publications after they have showed up in Memoir Mixtapes first—the work is yours, after all. Just please ensure that you credit us for being the first to publish it.

We make our decisions for inclusion once we’ve closed submissions for the current call; however, we will always respond to you to let you know we received your submission. These response times can vary from a day to a week, depending on our inbox / available time, so please be patient with your editors. That said, our spam folder has been known to eat potential contributor submissions, so PLEASE check in with us if you haven’t received a confirmation email within a week of sending your submission, preferably from a different email account (because Google is likely to throw you in spam again if you use the same address) or by Twitter/Instagram/Facebook message.

FOR TEACHERS WANTING TO GET STUDENTS INVOLVED: We’ve had it happen a few times now where teachers want to use our prompts as a basis for their classroom assignments. We think this is an excellent idea—we love the idea of helping to inspire burgeoning writing talent! And if your students want to submit to us, that’s even cooler! We’d be happy to read and consider their submissions for publication.

HOWEVER. We want all of our submissions to come from a place of passion and enthusiasm, not dread or annoyance. As such, we would ask that you please refrain from making submitting their work to us mandatory in order to pass your assignment. Nothing breaks our hearts quite like seeing “I’m sending you this story because I have to if I want a good grade for my English class” in a cover letter. It makes the students unhappy, and it makes us unhappy. If they want to submit, please encourage them, just don’t turn us into a chore for the students that don’t want to. Cool?

Are you a former contributor with exciting news to share? Use this form to keep us in the loop re: your recent publications and other accomplishments!

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