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Friday, March 13, 2020

Pretty Owl Poetry POPcraft: Tarot for Poets

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What we’re looking for: The disruption and surprise of Tarot combined with the mysterious logic of a poem’s creation. Elements of both should be present in your submission (which is to say: we’re not looking for any old prompt or any old Tarot spread). The way they come together is up to you.

We know that a large intersection of Tarot and writing is ritual—be specific and precise with the procedure of your prompt. Please send us photos of your spread as described in the prompt, and we will recreate it and photograph it with our deck. Don’t forget to add a title to your submission!

Check out what we have here, but don’t hesitate to send something that puts your own spin on the witchcraft of the poetry prompt. If you'd like to send us poems you've written in response to the prompts on our website, we encourage you to send them in a regular submission of 3-5 poems to be considered for publication in the journal. Right now we are only accepting submissions of original prompts and accompanying Tarot spreads.


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