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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Room Magazine Submission Guidelines

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• Thank you for considering Room for the publication of your original short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, or art. Room publishes original work by women, including trans* persons, gender-variant and two-spirit women, and women of non-binary sexual orientations. We strongly suggest you get a sense of our tastes by reviewing material we’ve published in recent issues—buy newsstand copies, subscribe, borrow from a library, or visit our latest edition online. Alternatively, you can order single copies of specific issues.

• We do not charge for submissions.

• Check our home page regularly for updates on upcoming themes and deadlines. If your work is targeted for a particular theme, it will be considered for that theme as long as it is sent by the deadline. There is no need to add a special note or designation.

• We receive over 2,000 submissions each year and can only publish approximately 80-100 pieces. So send your absolutely best piece of work.

• Please be sure to send us work that has not been previously published in print or on-line.

• We do not publish the same writer more than twice a year, and never in consecutive issues.

• To avoid a flood of material by a single submitter or overly frequent submissions, please send only one submission per quarter (one submission of poetry can include up to five poems).

• Do not send a second submission until you have heard back from us considering the first one.

• Tell us in your cover letter whether your submission is exclusive to us or whether you have submitted it to other magazines as well.

• If another magazine accepts for publication work that you have also submitted to Room, advise us immediately.

• We respond to all submissions by email. Our average response time is between two weeks and six months.

• If you are using Hotmail or Gmail, please be sure to designate Room as an approved sender to prevent our response being caught up in your spam filters.

• For information on our annual literary contests and cover art contest, please visit our contest page:

PO Box 46160, Station D Vancouver, BC V6J 5G5


• We only use Submittable (, a secure online submissions management tool, to manage our submissions. We do not accept submissions via mail. Any submissions received in the mail will be returned unread. When you submit your work, you will also be creating an account that will allow you to log in at any time to check the status of your submission. Follow these simple steps to submit your work:
• Go to
• Create your account by entering the requested information.
• Choose your category/genre and click the Submit button.
• Enter the work’s title, your cover letter*, and attach your submission. For poetry submissions, combine all poems into one document and start each poem on a new page
• If applicable, fill out payment information.
• You’re done! Log back in any time to check the status of your submission.
• If you run into any problems, please email
• For more information about Submittable, go to
• *Don’t forget to provide us with the following information in your cover letter:
• Your name, address, phone number, and email address.
• For fiction and creative non-fiction, an accurate word count of your piece.

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