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Monday, May 18, 2020

Writers Alliance of Gainesville Contest

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Deadline: May 31, 2020


No submission fee, cash prizes:
$300 First Prize, $100 Second Prize in each
FICTION: Send us the best fiction you can write (1000-3000 words). We care about well-written stories that make us feel or think and leave us with memories that will stick with us for years to come. No matter the subject, be it genre or literary fiction, what matters is the effect your story has on us.

CREATIVE NONFICTION: We publish true stories up to 2500 words, written beautifully, and based on the author’s experiences, perceptions, and reflections in the form of personal memoir or literary essay (for example, nature, travel, medical, spiritual, food writing).

POETRY: Let us hear your particular voice. Ground your words in the world, or the body, or both. Break genres and bend boundaries, or pour your own cosmos into, and extract alternate universes from, hoary ancestral forms.

SHORT-SHORT: Writing short is a unique skill. Short-shorts include fiction stories of 750 words or fewer with a clear story line, minimalistic tight writing and compressed story structure. There is no minimum on word count. We love 25-word hint fiction as much as 750-word stories.

HUMOR: Make us laugh in any literary form up to 1500 words intended to be humorous. This can include personal essays, satire, poetry, short fiction, grocery lists, manifestos, or modified insurance policies.

See links below:
We accept only previously unpublished work.
Submission to one genre only; if declined, you may submit again to any genre.

Include your name in the cover letter only, not in the file name or uploaded document (our genre editors read blind).

2020 Bacopa Literary Review Editorial Staff:

Mary Bast: Senior Editor, Creative Nonfiction Editor

James Singer III: Associate Editor, Fiction Editor

J.N. Fishhawk: Poetry Editor

Kaye Linden: Short-Short Editor

Stephanie Seguin: Humor Editor

Click Editors' Blog, Facebook, Twitter for examples of writing we publish.

All prize winners will also receive two copies of Bacopa Literary Review 2020. Other contributors will receive one copy each.

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