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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Toasted Cheese - A Midsummer Tale Narrative Writing Contest

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Deadline: June 21, 2020

Read the General Contest Rules first.
AMT is a summer-themed narrative writing contest open to non-genre1 fiction and creative nonfiction.

The theme of the 2020 A Midsummer Tale writing contest is: Quarantine. One definition of quarantine is “a state of enforced isolation.” This year, your midsummer tale must be about being quarantined—or isolated—during the hot summer months. The reason for the quarantine is up to you—a pandemic is not required.

The theme must play an integral role in the story.

Identify your story as fiction or creative nonfiction. For CNF entries, please indicate whether names have been changed.

Length: 1,000 words minimum; 5,000 words maximum.

Deadline for entries: June 21, 2020.

Send entries to with the subject line: A Midsummer Tale Contest Entry

Entries are blind-judged by Beaver. Decisions are final. Winners are announced July 31.

Winning stories are published in the September issue of Toasted Cheese.
If 50 or fewer eligible entries are received, first place receives a $35 Amazon gift card & second a $10 Amazon gift card.
If 51 or more eligible entries are received, first place receives a $50 Amazon gift card, second a $15 Amazon gift card & third a $10 Amazon gift card.

Questions? Ask here or on Twitter @toasted_cheese.

1“Non-genre fiction” means literary or mainstream fiction. No science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, thriller, romance, western or other genre fiction, please.

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