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Monday, August 31, 2020

Hamilton Stone Review open for submissions

web site

Deadline: September 21, 2020
The Hamilton Stone Review, an online literary magazine, publishes two issues a year, usually in April and October. Submissions guidelines vary with genre and season and may close without notice.

Submissions that don't follow the guidelines will be rejected without reading.

Prose submissions (fiction and nonfiction) for Issue # 43, Fall 2020, open August 24, 2020 and close September 21, 2020 Send your work as an attachment to an e-mail only to

Poetry submissions for Issue # 43, Fall 2020, open August 24, 2020 and close September 21, 2020. Poetry submissions should be emailed only to Roger Mitchell at with "HSR" in the subject line. Roger Mitchell says, "HSR has no esthetic or other agenda, looks for poetry that convinces by its knowledge and intensity, however they may already exist and/or come into being on the page."

Hamilton Stone Editions, the book publisher, does NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts.Unsolicited manuscripts will be returned unread, if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Without an SASE, they will be recycled or destroyed.

No snail mail submissions, please. Don't forget to put HSR in your subject line.

The Writing Contest

web site

Deadline: September 15, 2020

Apply Here

Can you write a blurb for a hypothetical book?

This writing contest is all about book blurbs. The twist? We want blurbs about completely made-up, nonexistent books. Get creative!

Write and submit a back cover blurb of 100 words or fewer that sets the stage for a novel, establishes the characters, and raises the stakes in a way that makes readers want to find out more.

Let your imagination go wild—and who knows? You may be inspired to turn your blurb into a novel of your own one day.

The award

We will award one prize of $500 to the best blurb.
The submitted blurbs will be judged by our team of query letter writers based on how effectively they hook readers, taking into account the writing style and the overall impression.

  • Your blurb must be original. Any submissions found to contain plagiarism will be disqualified.
  • Submissions must be 100 words or fewer. Please run a spellcheck and proofread carefully.
  • You may submit multiple entries provided each entry is a completely unique blurb.
  • You can apply from anywhere in the world. No purchase is necessary to enter this contest.
In applying, you grant us permission to publish your blurb entry on the blog.

Please apply by noon (US Eastern time) on September 15, 2020.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Twin Bill a literary baseball publication seeks submissions

web site

Deadline: September 30, 2020

Submissions are open until September 30, 2020, for our quarterly online publication. They will be accepted on a rolling basis.

In the subject line, please write the type of submission and the title and send it to

All submissions will be read and a personal response will be sent. If we don’t respond after a month, feel free to nudge us, it likely means we’re still interested. We are also looking for illustrators for our pieces, please send an email if interested. As of now, there is no payment, which we are working to change.

Essays — 600-1000 word essays. We are looking for everything from essays on your favorite player to playing the game as a child. We want stories. We don’t want your thoughts on this season or other general blog posts. We are open to longer essays, but please pitch them before sending them.

Fiction — Short fiction up to 3,000 words. We are looking for stories with heart that in some way involves baseball. We won’t rule out poetry, but we are more interested in fiction. Please don’t send any “Casey At the Bat” parodies.

Interviews — Discussions with authors and others around the game. If you can get Willie Mays, we are certainly interested, but also looking for the unexpected stories from people around baseball. Please pitch us your interview describing what intrigues you about the subject and we will let you know if we are interested.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know promptly if the work has been accepted elsewhere. We will only consider previously unpublished work. Authors retain all right’s to their work.

Feel free to ask any other questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Hoosier Noir seeks short stories

web site

Deadline: September 13, 2020 at midnight

Hoosier Noir is seeking gritty, well written short stories. All stories must involve an Indiana crime or Hoosiers involved in a crime. All stories should be 2,000 to 5,000 words. We’re also accepting flash fiction with a max of 1,000 words.

Please, put your name and the title of your story in the subject line. Include a cover letter in the body of the email as well as a brief (100 word) third-person biography. No reprints. Please, proofread your work.

No simultaneous submissions.

Allow up to 3 to 4 weeks after the end of the posted reading period before querying about the status of your submission. Send your story in standard manuscript format, double spaced as an attached Microsoft Word document (.doc or .rtf) to hoosiernoir (at) gmail (dot) com.

Rights: Hoosier Noir claims the following publication rights: First English-language Rights, English-language Periodical Rights, World Periodical Rights, and Electronic Distribution Rights. All rights revert back to the author six months after initial publication.

Payment: Each selected author will receive a payment of $15 ($10 for Flash fiction) & one contributor copy.
Submissions will close September 13th 2020 at midnight.

Submissions for our 4:20 Noir (Special Issue) Open September 15th 2020. 

This will not be limited to Indiana Crime Fiction. We are looking for your best marijuana related crime fiction. All regular submissions guidelines and payment details remain the same.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Fleas on the Dog Open 4 Submissions

web site

Deadline: August 30, 2020

We’re the site your teacher warned you about! The no frills brown bag in your face thumb your nose online psychotropolis for the literarily insane. Get committed today! The infamous dude sextet is bustlin’, hustlin’, itchin’ and twitchin’ for QUALITY short fiction, nonfiction , poetry, plays and screenplays that smell ripe and kick ass for our cage-rattling upcoming Issue 7.

If we like what you submit we’ll be all over you; if we don’t we promise to be gentle, especially if it’s your first time.

There is no submission fee.

 There is no remuneration for work we publish, either, but what the heck, you're going to be famous! 

We'll get back to you in about 30 days, hopefully sooner. (Why should it take months?)

Fiction/Nonfiction: Up to 5000 words. Length is less important than quality. For works longer than 5000 words query the editors about possible serialization.

Submissions should be on a Microsoft Word doc or docx file. Use a sensible font. Double space format. Stuff like grammar and sentence structure  is important unless your work deliberately exploits bad grammar and lack of structure. (We can tell the difference.) 

Include a brief bio with your submission and publishing credits, if any.

Send your submission as an e-mail attachment to (or type in the link in the email address).

 Include the genre (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or play) and title of your work in the subject bar.  Simultaneous submissions are okay, just let us know when your work is accepted elsewhere. 

Multiple submissions are not okay unless solicited.

Submit to only one category per issue. 

If you have been published by us please do not resubmit for six months unless solicited. 

We retain the first rights of your work for a period of three months. After this time rights revert back to the author. If you should republish the story/article please acknowledge that it was first published by

Friday, August 28, 2020

Existed - Journal of Arts and Literature submission guidelines

web site

Please submit your poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or artwork through our Submittable link:

Please ensure that literary submissions are fewer than 3500 words. Art submissions must be 300 dpi.

We will only contact authors whose work we have accepted, at which point we will need to confirm that the work has not been published elsewhere. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to emails inquiring about the status of submissions.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome.

Existere publishes biannually. We offer a fall/winter issue and a spring/summer issue.

Copyright remains with the contributor, who is free to resell their work six months after publication (noting Existere as first publisher), unless granted an earlier release by the journal. Existere retains the right to reprint, to publish in electronic editions, and to include this work in any anthology without further compensation.

Existere pays authors $50 per accepted submission (maximum $250), along with a complimentary copy of Existere.
Existere is always happy to receive books for review. Book reviews will be published only on the Existere website. Please send all books to our office (Contact Us).

Any questions or concerns? Please visit the "Contact Us" page for more information.

Throats to the Sky submission guidelines

web site

Throats to the Sky means looking up—being aware of, and alive in, the world around us. It represents freedom from ego and the freedom, also, to enjoy sex. Throats to the Sky is an arched spine, head thrown back orgasm on a nice spring day.

Throats to the Sky strives to inspire all humans to own their sexualities and have pride. We love erotic (or just plain slutty!) work but we’re also looking for stories from sexual minorities and survivors of sexual abuse. We believe that telling your story can be an invaluable healing tool and we’d be honored to share it.

While there is no such thing as too much sex in a piece, sex isn’t a requirement. A reminder to love ourselves and each other is always enough.

Submissions for our first issue (coming Summer 2020) are open now!

We are looking for previously unpublished poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction, and visual art of all mediums. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. If your piece finds a home elsewhere, please let us know.
  • Submit 3-5 pieces at a time 
  • Flash fiction and non-fiction should not exceed 1000 words
  • Format must be .doc, .docx., or .pdf
Send all submissions to in a single document. Please add a cover letter including a brief, third-person bio.

While we hope to eventually offer payment for work, we’re currently are only able to offer exposure to your craft. Include any relevant social media handles in your bio.

We aim to respond to all submissions within one month.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Rumpus seeks funny women

web site

Dear Writers,
So, you’ve decided you’re a woman or non-binary writer and would like to submit to Funny Women. Out of all decisions, this is the best one you can make.
Direct your entry below. Then immediately follow me on Twitter.
The ideal piece is finished/polished, revised at least 3x, and between 650 and 1,000 words. I do not accept pitches or sexts.
While humor is grounded in truth, we do not accept personal essays/stories/anecdotes.
Send evergreen over timely pieces (holiday themes, weather, politics, etc.) because it often takes months to read a submission after you've written, revised, and submitted it.
Also, no pop culture (celebrities, TV shows, top 40, etc.), as much as I enjoy it. 
Note: "short conceptual humor" is different than "short fiction." Please, no short stories.
My favorite submissions are literary and feminist at the same time. 
Cover letters:
Not necessary, but why not tell me a little about yourself and throw some compliments the column's way? The Rumpus aims to create a community of writers, and that means getting to know each other.
(You should know it's 10x harder to pass on your submission if your cover letter is super nice and exudes confidence + evidence you've read/loved the column.)
No tricked-out formatting that tells me something about your soul. Keep it simple and readable.
To include in your submission:
Title of submission, your name, email address, website (if you have one), and favorite piece of writing by someone who is not a straightwhitecisman.
Author bios: 
Please! Even if you've never been published (and who cares if you haven't), you can still reveal the city where you live and if you have any pets.
Previously published work:
Nope. Send original pieces—not archived blog entries.
Confirmation that you have in some way changed the world’s mind about who’s funny. (You'll get a little money, but keep your expectations low. Lower than that.)
Response time:
I have anxiety dreams and lifelong guilt that I don’t get back to you when you think I should. Please understand I receive hundreds of submissions and have a day job. Response time varies—between two minutes and eight months. I know. Forgive me. Have patience. I care about you.
Assistant Regional Funny Women Sarah Garfinkel & Jennie Egerdie read submissions before I do, which has transformed the submission process. 
Reasons you might not hear back: 
None. I’m not heartless. If you don’t hear back after eight months, then I didn’t get to your submission. Follow up with me.
How many pieces may I submit at once?
One. Wait until you hear back on one piece to submit another, and (this is me helping you) don't submit a new piece the moment after a non-acceptance (instead reflect on why your first piece wasn't a fit for the column and how to improve the second).
Some reasons I might not choose your piece to appear on Funny Women: 
--You wrote a poem.
--You wrote a personal essay or short story.
--You submitted a list or a piece eerily resembling a list.
--You submitted an illustration/comic/piece under 10 words.
--You satirized in the wrong way.
--You began: “This is not a love story.”
--You began: “This is a love story.”
--You had five or more grammatical mistakes.
--You thought you wrote something feminist, but you really wrote something racist.
--You didn't read or adhere to the submission guidelines.
--Maybe I am heartless.
--Your submission wasn't a short humor submission.
--You believe feminism = hating cis men or anything other than political, economic, and social equality for all people and cute animals.
--You don’t believe in yourself and your dreams.
If your piece is not published at this time:
Do not take it personally, which is something I'd do.
Here are some writing tips. Here are some writing prompts
Please direct any additional questions or snide remarks to: funnywomen AT
Visit if you're interested in what I look like or want to take a humor writing class with me.
I look forward to our future friendship.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Havok Season Themes Flash Fiction

web site

Deadline: September 6, 2020
Season Themes

Readers play favorites, you know. Everybody has their favorite genres and our season themes are here to assemble story collections that readers will love. These themes function as story prompts for our author base, suggesting fun mashups and settings for the most creative, hard-hitting fiction. We only accept stories that fit these themes, and we wish you much Havok as you craft your best work!
Season Four: Sensational

This season we’ll take a journey of the senses, and immerse our readers in everything that’s possible for a human to experience—and beyond.

Smell is closely tied to memory. And with our nose’s ability to smell over one trillion scents, it only makes sense (ha!) that the stories that could sprout from this outrageous olfactory organ are endless. Confused bloodhounds on the trail of a scent-specializing chemical engineer. A time traveler who follows the scent of honeysuckle to find the buried treasure. A young prankster who has to find his stink bomb before someone accidentally sets it off. A crowded pub with a thousand familiar smells, one of which may just be tied to an ancient curse. A giant who can’t smell the blood of an Englishman because he’s got a stuffy nose. Get your nose out of a book and don’t be afraid to write a story that smells fishy or stinks to high heaven, as long as you take a deep breath and put your words where your nose is. (Publishes in November, so remember the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes and the Thanksgiving meal!)

Using the season theme above for ideas, go write and then send us your best story that fits any of our Accepted Genres. Be sure to download and use our Manuscript Formatting template and follow the Submission Guidelines!

Palaver seeks poetry & prose

web site

Deadline: September 14, 2020


Palaver is extremely interested in exploring interdisciplinarity, not only in content, but also in form. We accept poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual art, multimedia submissions, and multimedia-text hybrids.

Prose: Please submit only one story or creative essay. Due to the volume of submissions Palaver receives, please limit your prose to thirty pages.

Poetry: You may submit up to five poems.

Multimedia: We allow up to ten file uploads of visual art/multimedia. Our Submittable account accepts jpg, tiff, gif, png, MP4, and mov files for art submissions.

No multiple submissions. Please wait until you have heard back from the first submission before submitting a second time.

No self-identifying information should be present in the body of your work, due to our blind review process. The file name should only include the title of your submission. Only fill out identifying information on the form provided by Submittable. If your submission includes your name in the content and cannot be removed (e.g. the credits of a video), don't sweat it.

Palaver does not accept previously published work, be it print or online. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If the submission is accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately and withdraw it from Palaver. If a portion of your submission is accepted elsewhere--for example: one or more poems from a submission of multiple poems, or a portion from a longer work of  prose--please make a note on your submission.

If any part of your submission contains images or other elements for which you do not own the copyright, it is your responsibility to obtain formal permission to reproduce those works. If this pertains to your work, please note this in your cover letter.

Unfortunately, due to limited resources, Palaver cannot pay for accepted submissions at this time.

Submissions to Palaver are open February 15 until September 14. We publish on an  annual basis in May. Palaver contacts submitters about their submission status within six months.

Questions can be addressed to 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Superstition Review open for submissions

web site

Deadline: August 31, 2020

Superstition Review is the online literary magazine published by Arizona State University twice yearly in May and December.

We welcome submissions of art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry during our two reading periods in January and August.

We are proud to announce that the theme of Issue 26 is Social Justice.

On behalf of Arizona State University and the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, Superstition Review is dedicating Issue 26 to work that promotes inclusion and explores new ways to dismantle racial and social inequality.

We have chosen this theme in order to magnify voices that have been traditionally undermined by our histories, institutions, policies, laws, and habits of daily life.

We hear you and are here for you on your journey to inspire change through art.

Our submissions will be open August 1st-31st. We accept art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

To read more about our commitment to structural change, read our college’s Response to Structural Racism and Violence.

Do not send previously published work (either online or print). Upon submission to Superstition Review you agree that your work is original, unpublished, and that you are the author. If accepted, Superstition Review acquires First North American Serial Rights and First Electronic Rights. All rights revert to the writer after publication. Contributors agree to credit Superstition Review (with no "The" in the title) if the work is subsequently reproduced online or in print. We require a high quality, professional headshot.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but please alert Superstition Review to a piece's potential publication elsewhere. To withdraw one part of a submission please add a note in Submittable so that the information is instantly available to all editors. We will not process emailed withdrawal requests. We will not accept withdrawn and revised work during any given reading period.

We do not accept submissions from ASU undergrads.

Kingdom in the Wild seeks work from Black and African writers

web site

Deadline: August 31, 2020


JULY 15TH – AUG 31ST 2020
6 - 8 WEEKS


  • 15 original and previously unpublished poems in a single spaced (.doc / .docx) 
  • Author name, info and short bio should be on a separate page at the end of the document
  • Each poem should include title or labeled *untitled* if it has no title. Multi-part poems should be formatted accordingly
  • Please include Poetry Pamphlet Submission in the subject line
  • We do not accept submissions through google drive or works directly inserted into the body of the email
  • Poets accepted as part of the Poetry Pamphlet series will receive a one-time payment of $125 USD. At this time Kingdoms in the Wild ONLY makes payments through PayPal. Please make sure you can accept payments via PayPal before you submit your work for consideration for the poetry pamphlet series.

Once accepted, poets in the poetry pamphlet series will also be expected to participate in the writers in conversation interview series and will receive information and interview questions from Kingdoms in the Wild editors.

  • Serials or tie-in fiction
  • Previously published works 
  • First Chapters or Excerpts 
  • Erotica / Multiple Submissions 
  • Works longer than 3500 words 
  • Works sent in the body of an email 
  • or via google-docs will not be read. 


SUBJECT: (Poetry / Poetry Pamphlet / Short Fiction) Submissions


Email, or reach us through the form on our contact page.


Kingdoms in the Wild will acquire first serial publication rights and the right to promote your work in posts on our social media platforms. Rights revert back to the author following publication.



Friday, August 21, 2020

Microfiction Monday Magazine submission guidelines

web site

Details about submission requirements and what we are looking for can be found below the submission link.


(Stories must be 100 words or fewer.)

(Artwork submissions may be sent to

Microfiction Monday Magazine welcomes multiple and simultaneous submissions, just let us know as soon as possible if your work is accepted elsewhere. All writing and artwork must be original and unpublished. We acquire first-time electronic publication rights. Rights revert back to writers and artists upon publication. Unfortunately we cannot offer payment to our contributors at this time. This is a monthly publication and all editions will be archived and viewable on our site.

We presently receive 50-100 submissions per month on average and typically publish 5-10 stories in any given month. All submissions are read carefully by the editor, and any borderline decisions or submissions from someone the editor knows personally are read blind by the assistant editor for feedback. Authors can expect to receive an email response to all submissions in six weeks or less from the date of submissions. Publication decisions are made once each month (usually at some point during the last week of the month, though this may vary.) As a result, a submission sent near the end of a given month might receive an almost immediate response, or it may not receive a response until the end of the following month. We ask that you do not inquire as to the status of your submission unless it has been more than six weeks. We suggest checking your spam folder first to make sure our response didn’t end up there, then you may query us via the contact form.

Also note that we do not provide feedback on submissions. We hope you understand that it simply isn’t possible for us to do this for everyone. It would be quite an undertaking to give feedback to all 50-100 submissions each month! The editors edit this magazine in their spare time. They are real live people who have families, jobs, and other responsibilities. But in an effort to give some insight, we’ve generated the list below to give an idea as to some of the reasons we may reject a given work:

Things we generally don’t publish:

*Anything significantly shorter than our 100 word limit. Most of the stories we publish end up being between 50 and 100 words in length. We’ll always consider shorter works, but we’ve found that they rarely fulfill the sense of story we’re looking for in that short of a space.

*Anything longer than 100 words in length. If your story is just a few words over and we really like it, we may still publish it once length edits are applied, but in general, giving us something over the word count is an instant rejection.

*Poetry. Our focus is on prose, but if you have a short prose poem that reads like a story, we’re happy to take a look.

*The severely abstract. If we can’t figure out what’s going on or what you’re trying to say, odds are we’re going to pass. While we appreciate that some art is meant to be open for interpretation, we prefer to have a solid sense of what you are trying to convey.

*Anything gratuitously graphic, violent, or vulgar. While we have no real limit on content, we don’t enjoy works that aim for shock value. Give us great stories.

*Stories about struggling writers or writers who can’t seem to get published anywhere. (And more generally, stories that seem to be thinly veiled rants by the author about things not going right in some aspect of their life.)

*Stories that are nonspecific or generic. We like sharp, unique details. If you’re going to tell a tale of two people falling in love, we should not be able to summarize your story as, “Two people fell in love.” There should be some more substance there that sticks with us and makes us see the lovers as unique in this world.

*Summaries of stories. Don’t use the 100 word limit as an excuse to give us the summary of a story. Use it as a challenge to choose language that can convey a full-bodied story experience in 100 words or fewer.

*Grossly unedited stories. If we like what you’ve got going on enough, we WILL ask for edits and consider publishing it, but if it is clear that you haven’t taken the time to proofread or refine your work, then the odds will be stacked against you.

*Non-stories. Don’t just give us a description of a setting or a mood. Something should happen. There should be a story arc.

*Jokes, especially one-liners. We get a surprising number of these. While we enjoy humor, we prefer it in story form. If your submission would feel right at home in a book of jokes and riddles, then it is not likely to find a home on our site.

Some other don’ts:

Don’t give us a bio that is longer than your story. While we love getting to know a little bit about you, our main focus is on your writing. In fact, we don’t typically look at bios until we’ve made a decision about the story itself. And if your bio is a 500 word monster next to your 100 word story, it gives the appearance of being more important than your story. Note also that bios are optional. If you choose not to include a bio, this in no way affects our decision.

Don’t tell us what your story is about or how we should interpret it in your bio. Each story should speak for itself.

Don’t worry if you’re new to writing or have never been published before. We consider every submission equally and our decisions are made solely on the writing itself. We are proud to be the first publisher of several of our authors, and the dozenth+ publisher of others!

Don’t submit a story without a title. A surprising number of people leave this out of their submissions. While we do accept untitled stories from time to time, we will require a title prior to publishing them, and having no title may be the deciding factor if we’re choosing between several well written pieces in a given month.

Don’t neglect to tell us if your work is accepted elsewhere as soon as possible. Finding out a work isn’t available for publication at the last minute can be stressful!

And lastly, don’t take rejections personally! We get a large volume of submissions each month and aim to be very selective. We are also humans with our own subjective preferences. Just because we reject your story does not mean another editor won’t find it to be perfect for them. It also doesn’t mean we will reject your future work. Always feel free to submit again as often as you’d like, and don’t become discouraged! We have published works from several authors whom we initially rejected multiple times.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles, Amazing Coincidences & the Unexplainable

web site

Deadline: August 31, 2020

While the book is tentatively titled Miracles & Divine Intervention, we do not intend for this book to be for religious readers only. It is for everyone who loves to hear about miracles, amazing coincidences, and the mysterious and unexplainable good things that can happen to us.

Based on the submissions we have received we realized that many people thought we only wanted religious stories. Not the case! Please submit all your cool stories about those miraculous good things that happen in our lives. We want your stories to make people say “wow" and give them chills.

Covid-19/lockdown stories are welcome, too. We are all living through this together and if something miraculous occurred related to the disease or the lockdown or the financial impact of Covid, our readers will be very interested.


• The deadline is August 31st!
• If you already submitted your work to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention, please do not submit it again. We have it in our system and our editors will read it and it will be considered.
• We have lots of room for non-religious stories. They have a good chance of getting in so please submit!
• Writers of all religions or no religion are welcome.

Here are some topics that may help you recall that perfect story to share with our readers:

• Serendipity and synchronicity
• Coincidences
• Chance events
• A stroke of luck
• A happy accident
• In the right place at the right time
• We are somehow all connected
• How did that happen?
• Meeting the love of your life
• Positive perceptions
• Everyday miracles and hope
• Miraculous healing or recovery
• Changing the course of the inevitable
• Amazing happenings
• Unexplained happenings
• Dreams that came true or changed your life
• Miraculous animal/pet stories
• Holiday miracles
• Miraculous acts of kindness
• Communications and signs from loved ones who have passed on
• When something, against all odds, worked out
• Mysterious helpers
• Near misses and astonishing luck
• Stories that make you say, “you’re not going to believe what just happened…”
• Stories that have people exclaiming “really?!” when they finish reading them.

The deadline for story and poem submissions is AUGUST 31, 2020.

Recipe for A Winning Chicken Soup for the Soul submission

A Chicken Soup for the Soul story is an inspirational, true story about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. It is a story that opens the heart and rekindles the spirit. It is a simple piece that touches our readers and helps them discover basic principles they can use in their own lives. These stories are personal and often filled with emotion and drama. They are filled with vivid images created by using the five senses. In some stories, the readers feel that they are actually in the scene with the people.

Chicken Soup for the Soul stories are written in the first person and have a beginning, middle and an end. The stories often close with a punch, creating emotion, rather than simply talking about it. Chicken Soup for the Soul stories have heart, but also something extra—an element that makes us all feel more hopeful, more connected, more thankful, more passionate and better about life in general. A good story causes tears, laughter, goose bumps or any combination of these.

The most powerful stories are about people extending themselves, or performing an act of love, service or courage for another person.

Guidelines for a Chicken Soup for the Soul story

1. Tell an exciting, heartwarming or funny story about something that has happened to you or someone you know. Your story should be written in the first person and should be about yourself or someone close to you.
2. Tell your story in a way that will make the reader cry, laugh, get goose bumps or say “Wow!”
3. The story should start “in the action” and draw in the reader. Do not start your story with an introduction about what you are going to say, or end with a concluding paragraph about what you just said.
4. Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart. Many people tell personal stories for the first time in our books, and they find it to be a cathartic and productive experience. We do let you use a pen name for your story if you do not want to use your real name.
5. Don’t try fancy moves with tenses. Writing in the present tense about something that happened in the past rarely works.
5. Keep your story to 1200 words or less. Tighten, tighten, tighten!
6. Your story must be true. No fiction, no creative writing.

What a Chicken Soup for the Soul story IS NOT:

1. A sermon, an essay or eulogy.
2. An "as told to" story written by you for someone else. If you ghost-write a story for someone, we thank you for helping that person share his or her story. That person’s name will be listed as the author and he or she can acknowledge your help in the bio section.
3. A term paper, thesis, letter or journal entry.
4. About politics or controversial issues.
5. A biography or testimonial.
6. A journalistic article about a third party that reads like a newspaper article.

Guidelines for a Chicken Soup for the Soul poem

1. We love poems that tell a story. A Chicken Soup for the Soul poem does the same job as a story. The reader goes away having learned your story, just through poetry instead of prose.
2. We do not publish poems that do not tell a story.
3. We also do not publish poems that seem overly focused on rhyming and read more like greeting cards.

A few more tips about submitting

1. The only way to submit your stories or poems to us is via our website. If you have any problems when trying to fill out the form and submit your work, please contact our webmaster at: Responses from the webmaster usually take several days, so be patient.
2. Our webmaster cannot help you with your personal computer problems. If you have questions, such as, “How do I paste my story into the submission form?” please ask a friend or relative, not our webmaster.
3. Please submit only stories or poems that have not been previously published. The only exception to this is if your work has only been published in a small local publication with limited circulation or on your own blog.
4. Please do not send us any book manuscripts, unless through a literary agent, as these will be automatically discarded. Also, we do not accept title ideas from the public. If we receive any, they will be discarded and will not be shown to an editor.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Speculative City seeks submissions

web site

Deadline: August 24, 2020
Speculative City publishes provocative works that are centered within a cityscape.
  • We are looking for fiction, poetry, and essays within the theme of the magazine’s upcoming issue (governance, see below). Writers published will be paid $20-$55 according to the category and length of their submission. We do not include submissions with lengths exceeding 5500 words.
  • All submissions should be the original, unpublished work of the submitter.
  • We will accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if the submission has been accepted by another publication.
  • We do not accept multiple submissions for fiction or essays.
  • Please submit word (.doc, .docx) or rich text format (.rtf) files and format your submission according to our format guide.
  • Please send all inquiries to info @ speculativecity .com .
  • We try to respond to all submissions, but as a team of two, we may not always be able to.

All submissions should be sent through Green Submissions. Green Submissions requires users to create an account. Please see link to sign up and submit at

Before submitting work, please also be familiar with our contract.


noun|gov·er·​nance​ | / ‘gəv–ər-nəns /

Definition of GOVERNANCE

the management and administration of a country or group of individuals

Lily Poetry Review seeks flash fiction

web site

We are always open for flash fiction submissions. We are currently reading for our fifth issue. Please submit your tiny beautiful stories for us to read. You may include up to three pieces. Please limit the word count for each piece to 1000 words.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please inform us immediately if your work has been accepted somewhere else for publication.

Please do not submit the chapter of a novel or an excerpt from a larger work.

Use an easy-to-read font and double space the document. Please include the word count with the title of your story.

Thank you for trusting us with your work!

Monday, August 17, 2020


web site[

Deadline: August 21, 2020
Halloween: a night when the dead roam freely among the unsuspecting living; when the boundary between reality and fantasy, between this world and the next, is as thin as paper mache; when monsters both human and daemonic stalk the shadows, seeking easy prey…

All Hallow’s Eve: a night to hide behind your best mask, lock your doors, and keep your Jack-o’-lantern burning till dawn. Because Something is knocking at the door, boys and girls…

And it’s hungry.


What I’m looking for: Great horror, well written. Send me literary horror, pulp, dark fantasy, gore, magical realism – whatever suits you as a writer so long as your story is set on or around Halloween, or relates in some way to the holiday and its customs. Give me your Samhain-inflected stories of vampires, witches, werewolves, ghouls, zombies, ghosts, serial killers, aliens, revenge from beyond the grave, mirrors at midnight, etc. Or maybe something more personal, more idiosyncratic – experimentation and uniqueness are always a plus! For an idea of the sort of tone I’m looking for think classic E.C. Comics (Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror) Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, Trick ‘r’ Treat, Monsters, The Twilight Zone, etc.

What I’m not looking for: homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism or any other ism free of narrative context. No rape, excessive torture or sexual violence (especially toward children).

How to Submit: Please send all submissions to in either a .docx or .rtf file.

Include the word Submission in subject, as well as your name and the title of your story. Include a brief bio in the body of your e-mail listing any previous publishing credits.

Deadline: August 21, 2020

Length: 2000-10,000 words

Reprints, Multiple Submissions and Simultaneous Submissions: I will be accepting a limited number of reprints. Multiple submissions are okay, but in the end I will select the story of yours that tugs at my cold heart the most. Simultaneous submissions are also okay; please just tell me if your story is placed elsewhere.

Payment: $100 (via PayPal or e-transfer) + royalties

Jack Grapes Poetry Prize

web site

Deadline: August 31, 2020

3 WINNERS will receive $200 each, plus publication. 

6 FINALISTS will receive $50 each, plus publication. Scroll down for Submission Form. Please follow the rules.

The Rules

You may submit up to 2, previously unpublished poems. If it has appeared in any book, magazine or edited website, then it is published.

  • All submissions must be made through our submission portal. We will publish the submission URL on June 25th. THIS CONTEST IS FREE TO ENTER. You may submit only once. Choose your best work!
  • You must follow the formatting rules. Submissions that do not follow these rules may not be considered.
  • Submissions must be in .pages, .doc or .docx format. (No “txt” “pdf” or other formats).
  • Your submissions must all be in a single document. In other words, if you submit 2 poems, they should both be in 1 document, not in 2 separate documents.
  • Make the name of the file the title of your first poem.
  • Pages must be numbered.
  • No unusual spacing or fonts. 12 point, Times New Roman preferred.
  • The judges will read all submissions blind. List the titles of your poems on the cover page. Remember: your name, address, phone number and email address must appear on the cover page only! All other pages of your submission must contain NO identifying information.
  • No poems will be accepted after August 31st, 2020, Midnight, Pacific Time. No entries will be considered after that date.
  • By entering this contest you guarantee that the work you are submitting is your own original poetry, that it has never been published electronically or in print, and that it has not been submitted nor accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Cultural Weekly’s poetry editor will contact all those who submitted with the results soon after the contest ends. Your patience is appreciated. The decision of the judges is final.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo 2020 Anthology

web site

Deadline: August 23, 2020.

Please note that we will automatically reject:
– Images that were taken from a smartphone or tablet, as resolution is too low. We require a resolution of 300 ppi and 1,500 pixels on the longest side.
– Work that was created before 2020.

PoArtMo stands for Positive Art Month and Positive Art Moves.

We created PoArtMo as an invitation to artists in every discipline to create positive art every June (Positive Art Month) and throughout the year (Positive Art Moves). Through this movement, we also want to give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and strike valuable and inspirational partnerships. Partnerships that lead to growth, more unity between artists, and greater visibility for indie art in general.

For more information about PoArtMo and how to participate, visit this page.

We invite you to submit your best work created in 2020 for potential inclusion in a digital anthology that will be published later this year.

Submission deadline: August 23, 2020.

Available featured slots in the anthology: 25/50.

NB: Should the submission count be too low for the anthology, we will still feature selected pieces in future issues of our quarterly published digital magazines.
Our Submission Guidelines

Please, read our guidelines carefully before submitting your work. Failure to meet our criteria will result in a rejection.

In addition, we invite you to purchase a copy of a past issue of our magazine and check out our weekly series on our blog to better understand the type of artwork we tend to feature.

Type of art: Any, with the exception of audio and video work.

Topics / Themes: Anything that is positive, uplifting and inspirational in nature, with the exception of erotica and politics. Also, coronavirus-related pieces that do not contain strongly positive / uplifting / inspirational elements will be automatically rejected.

Clean art only. No dirty or swear words allowed!

Poetry: Free for one poem. $2.99 for 2 to 3 poems.
Short stories, flash fiction, essays, etc.: Free up to 1,500 words. $3.99 for 1,501+ words (1 piece).
Six-word stories: Free for two stories. $2.99 for 3-6 stories.

Maximum length per submission (written work):
Poetry: 1,500 words.
Short stories: 5,000 words.
Other types of writing: 5,000 words.

Image quality (visual work / photography): JPEG – 1,500px on the longest side, 300 ppi, 5MP maximum per image. This means: NO photo taken from a smartphone or tablet, as the resolution is 72 dpi and your image(s) will look pixelated in an ebook.

Notes regarding poetry-graphy:
Limit the number of words to 250.
Your poem must fit in one image.
Ensure that the font is large enough for small screens.
We are a family-friendly magazine

Please send us poetry that can be read by all age groups. So:

1. NO dirty words.
2. Simplicity both in language and message.
What we are looking for

Positive content. Positive as in stimulating, optimistic, confident, uplifting, inspirational.

No matter what topic you choose to tackle (e.g., death, disease, mental illness, suicide, depression…), the poem(s) or content you send us should answer three basic questions:

– “How does it help others?”
– “How does it open their minds?”
– “Does it bring a better understanding of the situation or story I am describing?”

If you can’t answer those questions, your submission is unlikely to make it into the anthology. So, please don’t send it to us, as we will not respond favourably to your submission.
Reasons why your submission will be rejected

1. You didn’t follow or read our guidelines.

2. Your work was created before 2020. (However, we welcome older pieces for our regular issues.)

3. Lack of positivity.

4. Your work is not suitable for younger readers.

5. Your submission is longer than the maximum length authorized.

6. Your work has too many typographical and grammatical errors.

7. You sent us the same message repeatedly within a couple of days.

8. You spam our social media accounts to get our attention.

9. You are rude to us.

Please note that we are very fair people. We know mistakes happen. As such, we always try to give you an opportunity to re-submit to us. However, we are also very busy, so please be patient with us.
Submissions: Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Pay the fee only if you submit more than 1 piece. Donations are also greatly appreciated to help support publication of future anthology issues and our magazines.

Middle House Review submission guidelines

web site

Write little things all over the door jambs and some of it we'll never take down. We publish Poetry and Flash Fiction (no more than 1000 words). 3-5 Poems or 3 stories (each story 1000 words or fewer).

Submit here:
We also publish our book reviews here on Height Chart. We occasionally accept reviews from submitters. This is also the home to our annual Phace Syndrome Awareness Contest. We like so many subjects but stories about parenting, family, and special-needs children and parenting are the concerns we are most interested in publishing. I'm a sucker for sibling stories. But, honestly, we won't know what we like until you send it to us.

Height Chart: Come see how you measure. All joking aside, Middle House Review receives much more talented work than we could ever publish. So much that we created another publishing opportunity inspired by those submissions we had a hard time letting go of. (Some we are still thinking about.) We know. There's never going to be enough space. But we mean it when we say we can only judge what we like, what we love, and, for reasons not always known, what compels us. We are writers too and know this thing is subjective. You're all a bunch of middle houses.

Pay is $10. Publication is online only. Accepted works considered for the print issue.

We nominate for all awards.

Friday, August 14, 2020

NAILED Magazine Submissions guidelines

web site

NAILED Magazine is always looking for new content, and submissions are encouraged year-round. Our magazine is designed and curated to publish and promote stories of human struggle and personal experience in an accessible medium. We are most interested in the personal stories of voices that have been historically marginalized. We are dedicated to pointing cultural focus towards issues that we believe are of most importance (and are so often pushed aside), such as: sexuality, gender, race, death, mental health, sex politics, trauma, identity, the body, abuse, etc… If you are a passionate, intelligent, and artful person who has strong opinions and an inclination toward raw, honest art and storytelling, then give us a chance to look at your words/art for NAILED.

We accept submissions of Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Photography/Visual Art. If your submission in any category is accepted, you will be asked to send a short (3 or 5 sentence bio), including a link to your website if you so choose, and a bio photograph. It may take up to 90 days to accept or decline submissions. Please see below for more thorough guidelines.

We accept only work that has not been previously published. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, provided that you inform us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. All rights revert to the author upon publication with NAILED, however, we do ask that any subsequent publication of work originally appearing in NAILED Magazine cite the initial publication. We always appreciate the opportunity the view your work, but are unable to provide feedback on all submissions.

Nonfiction: We accept submissions of Personal Essays, Formal Essays, and Articles that explore the personal, the political, and intersections between the two. Essays and articles should not exceed 4,000 words. Send Nonfiction submissions to Jessica at

Fiction: Short Fiction and Novel Excerpt submissions of 4,000 words or less, as well as Flash Fiction submissions of up to 1,000 words, will be considered for publication on NAILED Magazine. Send Fiction submissions to Jessica at

Poetry: Poetry submissions should be sent in an attachment (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) and should include a minimum of 5 poems and not more than 15. If your poems are accepted, they will be published in suites of 4 or 5 poems each. If fewer than 4 of your poems are desired for publication, you may be asked to submit additional material until 4 or 5 are accepted. Send Poetry submissions to Sam at

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Idle Ink submission guidelines

web site

We’re interested in seeing all types of work from all types of creatives. If you have something that you think we would enjoy that doesn’t fit into the categories below, send it over to us anyway (but please respect the maximum word count!).

  • Word limit: up to 5,000 words.
  • Please only send one story at a time (simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere).
  • Any genre is acceptable. Surprise us!
  • Please submit your story in proper manuscript format (there’s a great template here).
  • Should your work be accepted, all rights are retained by you.

Articles/Reviews/Personal essays
  • Word limit: up to 5,000 words
  • Please only send one article at a time (simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere).
  • We’re open to articles on any subject: serious, analytical, humorous – if it’s intriguing and well-written, we want to read it.
  • Should your work be accepted, all rights are retained by you.

  • No word limit
  • Please only send up to three poems at a time (simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere).
  • Should your work be accepted, all rights are retained by you.

How to submit
Email your submission to with the subject line “Submission: [Title] by [your name]”

Cover letters can be brief, but must include the following information:
Your name (or pen name, if you use one).
The title of your work
Approximate word count
Accepted file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf (please do not past your work into the body of the email).

To read an interview with Idle Ink editor J.L. Corbett about the type of work we’re looking for and what separates the good submissions from the bad, click here.

We endeavour to respond to all submissions within one month. If you don’t receive a response within this time frame, feel free to send us an email.

Sadly, we are no longer able to offer feedback to pieces that we pass on, and we are currently unable to offer payment. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Hypnos submission guidelines

web site

In addition to short stories under 10,000 words, for which we are paying 1¢ a word, we are currently looking for weird vignettes and flash fiction (500 to 2100 words) as well as weird poetry. We will pay $25 for poems and 3¢ a word for flash fiction.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Otis Nebula open to submissions

web site

Deadline: August 31, 2020
Open submission period EXTENDED:
June 1 - August 31, 2020

Theme: They said it couldn’t be done!
(Please interpret this wildly and loosely.)

Otis Nebula publishes incandescent, substantial work that operates on its own terms. Though we do tend to publish mostly poetry, we’re open to prose forms as well, and we’ve always been interested in hearing from underrepresented and marginalized voices.

Please take a gander at what it is we publish before submitting. If you don’t like what we do, chances are the feeling will be mutual. Too busy to read? We’re probably not your huckleberry. A writer who doesn’t read is like an anorexic chef. Also, we make it so easy! All of our past issues are available for free online.

If, after reading a piece or two, you feel strongly that your work jives with our aesthetic, do not hesitate to send us your poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, reviews, interviews, audio, video, visual art (especially photographs), music, or any and all hybrid forms.

For Poetry: Send us up to six poems in one email or attached document.

For Fiction: We prefer pieces that are under 3000 words, but will try anything once. Please keep in mind that we hardly ever publish long form narratives that don’t take some kind of risk. Fiction writers we admire are as obsessed with words and sentences as any poet, eschew obfuscation, and aren’t out to teach anybody a lesson. If, before you started writing your story, you knew exactly what it was going to be about? Probably don’t send us that story.

Additional Guidelines: We accept both digital and analog submissions. All submissions should be previously unpublished and include a short, third person biography. (We reserve the right to edit bios in the interests of brevity and style.) In the subject field of your message, please type your full name and the type of work you’re submitting (fiction, poetry, etc). You may place your work in the body of the email or as an attachment.

Send electronic submissions to:

otis [at] otisnebula [dot] com

Submissions received outside of the open submission period will not be read until the period. Paper submissions accepted year round. We also accept books for review, mixtapes, and love letters. Send all to:

Otis Nebula
PO Box 571
Kula, HI 96790

(Don’t forget to include an SASE!)

We may or may not make editorial suggestions on the work. Response time varies from a few days to many months. Sending out rejections saddens us and so we rarely get around to it. If it’s been six months, assume that we’re passing on the work you sent us this time. That said, we’ve definitely been known to suddenly want to publish a piece years after receiving it. If uncertainty isn’t your thing, and it’s been a couple of months, do email us. We will gladly respond. Simultaneous submitters, please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere by dropping us a line, preferably in the original thread you used to submit.

Otis Nebula reserves First North American Serial Rights with all rights reverting to the author upon publication. At this time, we are not a paying market. We are a machine that runs on volunteer labor and love. What we can offer is a beautiful home for your work that readers from around the world will have access to for as long as there’s electricity. Our readership is large: an average of around 10,000 unique visits a month from readers in 86 countries. Writers on our site have been featured on Verse Daily and various literary podcasts.

We look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to!

The Other Side: A Horror Anthology

web site

Deadline: August 30, 2020

Death. What would horror be without a little sprinkle of death?

Yet it’s not the act of dying that creates the evergreen mystery surrounding the finality that comes with loss of life, it’s the enigma that follows the question: what comes next?

The Other Side is a horror anthology which explores the great beyond. We’re looking for stories that tackle the world beyond the living. Ghosts, ghouls, possession, ritual, cultural beliefs, the paranormal, monsters, the occult, this anthology will collect the greatest stories that answer the age-old question:
When we breathe our last breath, where do we go?

Submission deadlines: Sunday 30th August, 2020

Word count: 5,000–10,000 words.

Payment: $20

Submission Guidelines

A submission Word template is available for download HERE.

Stories slightly over or under the word count will be considered

Stories must be saved as a Word document, PDFs will not be accepted

Times New Roman

Size 12 font

1.5 paragraph spacing

Place your name, the title of the anthology for which you are submitting, and your preferred contact email address in the header of the document
  • Sex, violence, and coarse language are accepted as long as they serve the story
  • No hate speech or fan fiction
  • Multiple submissions welcome
  • Reprints will be considered
Payment for accepted stories will be made within 7 working days of confirmation of entry
Accepted stories will be held in a 2-year non-exclusive agreement.

Failure to adhere to submission guidelines will result in immediate rejection from the anthology.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Reedsy Prompt: Second Chances

web site

Deadline:  Aug 14, 2020 EST

This week's prompts all revolve around the theme of second chances. Whether your characters are circling back to something from their past, getting a start on something they put off for a long time, or simply in the process of learning after a swing and a miss, we're looking forward to the 'second acts' you come up with!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Sleet seeks submissions for Winter 2020

web site

Deadline: August 15, 2020

Sleet seeks the unexpected. Make us think. Our crew possesses a wide variety of tastes and styles, from classic to center to edge, but it is craft and passion that drive us.

Sleet is now open for submissions for our Winter 2020 edition. We are looking for pieces written since the pandemic, since the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This edition will launch just before the American presidential election. Please give us writing that reflects our current landscape, physically, socially, mentally. How is life changing, affecting you? This is a time of threats to our democracy on many fronts, including the very real and possible loss of our United States Postal Service. This is a time of change; can the country begin to seriously address its brutal history? Speak up!

Our Submission Policies

We will accept up to 5 poems, 3 flash, 1 short story or CNF piece, or a small handful of irregulars*.
• We aim for quick turn around time; we do our best!
• Please include page numbers in works of fiction.
• We do not accept novel excerpts.
• Send work as a single Microsoft Word (.doc,.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt) attachment.
• Include a short bio written in 3rd person.
• Please send us work only once per submission period.
• Sleet does not pay. We are all volunteers.

Simultaneous Submissions and Previously Published Works

Sleet, wholeheartedly and without reservation, encourages simultaneous submissions. If a piece appears with us first, we do ask that Sleet be credited as its primary place of publication. In addition, we will consider showing previously published work as long as it is identified as such. We do not regard work on a blog or personal website as previously published.


An irregular is a genre-crossing bit of writing — something that overflows borders or maybe never had any. It could be an impression, a vignette, a 1-line flash. A general rule of thumb: If you don't know where to send it, send it here. An irregular should not stray over 500 words. It may be comprised of a single piece or a constellation of work.
Our Address:

Please send submissions to

All work is the property of the artist.

Girls Right the World seeks submissions

web site

Deadline: December 31, 2020
Girls Right the World is a literary journal inviting young, female-identified writers and artists, ages 14–21, to submit work for consideration for the fifth annual issue. 

We believe girls’ voices transform the world for the better. We accept poetry, prose, and visual art of any style or theme. We ask to be the first to publish your work in North America; after publication, the rights return to you. 

Send your best work, in English or English translation, to by December 31, 2020. Please include a note mentioning your age, where you’re from, and a bit about your submission.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Hexagon Magazine submission guidelines

web site

Hexagon Magazine wants to ensure that the submission process is easy for creators. We try to respond to all comments, queries, and concerns within a few days. Please do not query regarding the status of a submission until 8 weeks have passed. If for any reason the submission form does not work correctly, please feel free to send us your submission via email.

What we are looking for

-We accept only previously unpublished short stories, flash fiction, poetry, graphic stories, and visual art, in English or French

-We are looking for narratives no longer than 7,500 words, and poetry no longer than 30 lines.

-We currently publish only speculative fiction. This includes science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, sword and sorcery, magical realism, paranormal horror, dystopian epics, eldritch horror, superhero, space opera, afrofuturism, weird west, etc.

-Deeper than genre, we are looking for pieces with engaging characters, fresh conflicts, and exciting narratives, not just concept pieces. We recommend that you read some of our published work before submitting. You can Read Issues here.

-We accept only original work, no fan-fiction. Reprints are not accepted at this time. We accept translated works, as long as permission is granted by the original author.

-We accept series and serials, but only one piece will be published per issue. Please inform us in your submission if the piece is part of a series or serial.

Submission Format

-Please submit your work to us via the Submit form below. Written works should be in .doc or .docx format. Standard manuscript format (Shunn) is expected. We only accept electronic submissions at this time.

-We do not accept simultaneous submissions at this time. If a piece is rejected, please refrain from sending it to us a second time unless substantive changes have been made.

-Please limit multiple submissions to two pending submissions at any time. Please do not submit more than twice in a three month period. Poems may be sent in batches of three per submission.

-No explicit content or excessive profanity. We do not accept work that supports or suggests racism, sexism, or any other kind of discrimination. Hate rhetoric is not supported here.

–For cover art, if you would prefer to have our editors take a look at a portfolio or online collection, send us an email at


-Hexagon is a semiprozine, meaning that we pay contributors, but our editorial staff is all volunteer. For previously unpublished works, we pay a flat fee of $5 for accepted poetry and cartoons, $10 for accepted written works (Prose & Graphic Stories), and $50 for cover art pieces. We are working to offer more compensation as Hexagon grows. All rates are in CAD and paid via PayPal.

-If accepted for publication, we purchase an exclusive licence to publish for a term of 90 days. After the 90 day term, the licence becomes non-exclusive, allowing creators to publish their work elsewhere. A licence agreement outlining all details will be offered upon acceptance.

The Puritan seeks submissions

web site

The Puritan seeks submissions all year round, from anywhere in the world.

Find out how to send us your work! If you’re interested in supporting the magazine, check out our Patreon and learn about the perks you can get as a supporter, including feedback on your work and free entry to our writing contest.

Submissions received between Dec. 26 and Mar. 25 are considered for the spring issue, published in early May. Those received between Mar. 26 and June 25 are considered for the summer issue, published in late early Aug. Those received between June 26 and Sept. 25 are considered for the fall issue, published in Nov. Those received between Sept. 26 and Dec. 25 are considered for the winter issue, published in Feb.

Our publication rates as of Summer 2019 are:


Check back with the magazine regularly; The Puritan is working ever assiduously to increase these figures.

Please note that we can only issue payments using PayPal or a cheque in the mail. We also pay in CAD. We will NOT send payments via Western Union due to high fees.

Please note that the publication rates for works that appear in our occasional Supplement Series are reduced due to volume. Each accepted work of non-fiction, fiction, or group of poems will receive an honorarium of $20.

Regular submissions to the magazine are free of charge and should fall under one of five categories: fiction, essays, poetry, interviews, and reviews. Unless we are soliciting your work, all submissions must be previously unpublished (this includes self-publishing, publishing on blogs, and in chapbook format). Only e-mail submissions through our online submissions manager are accepted (save those trees for maypoles, or theses).

Send all questions and messages to puritanmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com

The Puritan prefers not to publish fiction or poetry by the same writer more than once a year. If you have been published in the magazine, please only submit again after a year has elapsed (this guideline does not apply to contests, or non-fiction).

Upon receiving your submission, we will respond with an e-mail confirmation within a few days. You may have to wait a few months to hear back from us on our final verdict. This is standard procedure. Only inquire about your work if you haven’t heard back from us after four months.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but please remember to inform us immediately if your work is picked up by another publication. Please only submit one story, one review, one interview, one essay, or up to four poems per issue reading period. Any additional work received will be deleted without acknowledgement.

The Puritan purchases first North American serial rights for published works, reverting back to the author upon publication. We would appreciate a statement of acknowledgement in any reprinted editions. The Puritan grants permission to anthologists for printing contributors’ work if their whereabouts are unknown.

For all work other than poetry, please abide by the following rules. Leave only one space after periods. Use three periods for an ellipsis … like so. Double-space your work, include your name and contact information on the first page, provide a clear title, and number your pages. Use a no-nonsense font (submissions in Comic Sans, Jokerman, and Papyrus will be cast off immediately). Use proper EM dashes and try to abide by Canadian spelling (and spellcheck, proofread, obsess, etc.). Be consistent in your formatting.



As our mandate describes, feel encouraged to push boundaries. We have diverse tastes; try us out. Length is up to you, but a story over 10,000 words will only be considered if it is of exceptional quality (and nothing over 12,000 words, please). Stories of high quality and high word counts may be considered for serialization. Please read the fiction in our last two or three issues from our Archive in order to familiarize yourself with the work we’ve published. Only send one story at a time, unless you are writing flash fiction (or stories under 500 words), in which case you can send up to three.


Please include a succinct essay pitch of no more than 250 words in the Cover Letter field. Pitches should compel us with daring ideas and urgent, captivating writing. If you’ve written the essay, attach your working draft as a Word doc. If you haven’t written it yet, attach a writing sample of published or unpublished non-fiction prose as a Word doc.

Please read recently published essays in our Archive in order to familiarize yourself with the work we’ve published and to get a sense of the range of essay lengths and topics. Only submit one pitch per submission period.


Baffle us, tangle us up, or break our hearts. We’re looking for poems of any length (including sequences and long poems). Once again, please familiarize yourself with our last two issues. Send up to four poems at a time.


We’re looking for longer-form interviews that take deep dives in compelling literary questions that push the boundaries of literature and/or build bridges with non-literary art disciplines. As a literary magazine, our focus is on the literary arts, but we also want to see pieces that expand the literary conversation to engage with the larger dialogues happening in our societies. We want to see the literary silos broken open.

We welcome a wide range of forms such as traditional one-on-one conversations, roundtable discussions, narrative thought-pieces, critical engagements with a text, creative exchanges (visual, literary, etc), and more. We’d like you to surprise us. If you look at our archives, you’ll get a sense of the range and depth we are looking for—though we are always looking for new and fresh approaches.

We are open to seeing finished pieces, or hearing ideas. Get at us.

To pitch a specific interview or conversation, please contact Interviews Editors E Martin Nolan and Cho Min at

Payment Information:
Traditional Interviews, Narrative Interviews, etc. (one interviewer, one or two interviewees): $100
Roundtables (one interviewer, 3 or more interviewees): $150
Collaborative Pieces (collaborative reviews, creative pieces, etc): $75 per collaborator


We are looking for pitches for 1500-5000 word reviews of recently released writing in any genre (including non-fiction). We generally publish reviews of books from small(er) Canadian publishers, but are open to other works, as well. We do not publish reviews of chapbooks (please see blog submission guidelines below for chapbook reviews).

In your pitch, indicate why you think the book warrants attention, why others would be interested in it, and how you plan to approach the review. If possible, attach a writing sample and/or links to your work.

For pitches, review copies, publisher catalogues, press releases, and related inquiries, please contact Reviews Editors Kelly Whitehead and Emilie Kneifel at

Thursday, August 6, 2020

CRAFT Short Fiction submission guidelines

web site

Submissions for CRAFT Short Fiction are open year round and offer payment of $200 for accepted original work. This category is for short stories and standalone excerpts between 1,000 and 6,000 words. See our flash fiction options for stories with fewer than 1,000 words.

We are thrilled to be able to pay for published stories, and will be highly selective in our choices.

To serve our aim of exploring the art of fiction, each published story includes an editor’s introduction as well as a craft essay (author’s note) by the writer. This essay will be requested upon acceptance.

If you have questions about submissions, please send an email to: contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com

  • CRAFT Short Fiction submissions are open to all writers
  • International submissions are allowed
  • Fiction only
  • Please submit work in English only
  • 6,000 word count maximum (for stories of fewer than 1,000 words, please choose an appropriate flash fiction category)
  • We review literary fiction, but are open to a variety of genres and styles—our only requirement is that you show excellence in your craft
  • We do consider reprints, however we are unable to pay for these stories
  • We allow simultaneous submissions—writers please notify us and withdraw your piece if your work is picked up elsewhere; if you withdraw your work, you may submit another piece in the same genre
  • We no longer allow multiple submissions—please send only one piece of fiction at a time, either flash or short, until you've heard back from us (see each genre for specific limits—short and flash fiction are both in the fiction genre)
  • If your work is declined, we ask that you wait three months before submitting again to the same genre unless an editor requests more work from you
  • Please, please, double-space your submission and use Times New Roman 12 pt font
  • Please send your story as a Word doc
  • Please include a brief cover letter with your publication history (if applicable)
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of age, ancestry, disability, family status, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, or for any other reason

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Society of Misfit Stories submission guidelines

web site

The Society of Misfit Stories is a journal published three times a year. We are interested in all speculative genres (horror, fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, steampunk, magical realism, etc), as well as mysteries, thrillers, and action-adventure stories.

Stories should be between 5,000-20,000 words in length.

Payment details:

Previously published short stories: $25 for the non-exclusive, perpetual right to publish the story in the assigned issue.

Original, unpublished short stories: $50 for non-exclusive, perpetual rights to publish the story in the assigned issue.

Send Submissions to

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Lackington's seeks work on a theme

web site

Deadline: August 14, 2020
We’re currently seeking tales on the following theme until August 14, 2020:

“Archives” are more than sacred hoards in various states of array. They are under our feet in the very rock and in the trunks of trees. Scars can also be archives, and so can storage lockers and our personal digital wakes. Fate finds creative ways to preserve our memories, and the relics of vanished cultures, and the shades of people themselves. Send us your tales of memory, museums, loss, or preservation, but make sure they’re speculative. (Issue 22)

Lackington’s publishes speculative fiction between 1,500 – 5,000 words in length. The “spec” element can be overt or subtle (so blow us away with realism if it possesses the merest twinge of strangeness). Fantasy, SF, slipstream, post-apocalyptic, magic realism, mythopoeia, folktale, grimdark, weird, or any flavour of ‘punk, it’s all good, BUT WAIT! Read this before submitting — meeting our style preference is our foremost demand. We prefer stories with experimental prose and structures, but second-person POV narratives have become a hard sell at Lackington’s simply because we see so many.

Fiction submissions: Email submissions to submitlackingtons at gmail dot com. Your email must include the word count for your story, byline, publication history, the country you live in, and the theme/issue you’re submitting to (see above). We don’t accept attachments. Copy and paste your story into the body of your email, below your cover letter, and be sure the font isn’t too small or creative (clear, readable text is the way to our hearts). It should go without saying that paragraph breaks must be obvious, and work must be polished. Type SUBMISSION: [THEME] [YOUR TITLE] in the subject line of your message. If we accept your story, we’ll ask for a Word doc in standard manuscript format. We love getting work from authors we’ve published before, but to keep things varied we ask those authors to target every third issue or more. We have a very small staff and a very large number of submissions, so alas we can’t offer feedback on stories.

Payment: We pay 1 cent CAD per word for stories ($25 CAD minimum), $25 CAD for interior illustrations, and $40 CAD for cover art. We do so using PayPal, and payment will be made before your story goes to print. Be sure to read our legalese, below, about what “first rights” entails.

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