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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMo 2020 Anthology

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Deadline: August 23, 2020.

Please note that we will automatically reject:
– Images that were taken from a smartphone or tablet, as resolution is too low. We require a resolution of 300 ppi and 1,500 pixels on the longest side.
– Work that was created before 2020.

PoArtMo stands for Positive Art Month and Positive Art Moves.

We created PoArtMo as an invitation to artists in every discipline to create positive art every June (Positive Art Month) and throughout the year (Positive Art Moves). Through this movement, we also want to give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and strike valuable and inspirational partnerships. Partnerships that lead to growth, more unity between artists, and greater visibility for indie art in general.

For more information about PoArtMo and how to participate, visit this page.

We invite you to submit your best work created in 2020 for potential inclusion in a digital anthology that will be published later this year.

Submission deadline: August 23, 2020.

Available featured slots in the anthology: 25/50.

NB: Should the submission count be too low for the anthology, we will still feature selected pieces in future issues of our quarterly published digital magazines.
Our Submission Guidelines

Please, read our guidelines carefully before submitting your work. Failure to meet our criteria will result in a rejection.

In addition, we invite you to purchase a copy of a past issue of our magazine and check out our weekly series on our blog to better understand the type of artwork we tend to feature.

Type of art: Any, with the exception of audio and video work.

Topics / Themes: Anything that is positive, uplifting and inspirational in nature, with the exception of erotica and politics. Also, coronavirus-related pieces that do not contain strongly positive / uplifting / inspirational elements will be automatically rejected.

Clean art only. No dirty or swear words allowed!

Poetry: Free for one poem. $2.99 for 2 to 3 poems.
Short stories, flash fiction, essays, etc.: Free up to 1,500 words. $3.99 for 1,501+ words (1 piece).
Six-word stories: Free for two stories. $2.99 for 3-6 stories.

Maximum length per submission (written work):
Poetry: 1,500 words.
Short stories: 5,000 words.
Other types of writing: 5,000 words.

Image quality (visual work / photography): JPEG – 1,500px on the longest side, 300 ppi, 5MP maximum per image. This means: NO photo taken from a smartphone or tablet, as the resolution is 72 dpi and your image(s) will look pixelated in an ebook.

Notes regarding poetry-graphy:
Limit the number of words to 250.
Your poem must fit in one image.
Ensure that the font is large enough for small screens.
We are a family-friendly magazine

Please send us poetry that can be read by all age groups. So:

1. NO dirty words.
2. Simplicity both in language and message.
What we are looking for

Positive content. Positive as in stimulating, optimistic, confident, uplifting, inspirational.

No matter what topic you choose to tackle (e.g., death, disease, mental illness, suicide, depression…), the poem(s) or content you send us should answer three basic questions:

– “How does it help others?”
– “How does it open their minds?”
– “Does it bring a better understanding of the situation or story I am describing?”

If you can’t answer those questions, your submission is unlikely to make it into the anthology. So, please don’t send it to us, as we will not respond favourably to your submission.
Reasons why your submission will be rejected

1. You didn’t follow or read our guidelines.

2. Your work was created before 2020. (However, we welcome older pieces for our regular issues.)

3. Lack of positivity.

4. Your work is not suitable for younger readers.

5. Your submission is longer than the maximum length authorized.

6. Your work has too many typographical and grammatical errors.

7. You sent us the same message repeatedly within a couple of days.

8. You spam our social media accounts to get our attention.

9. You are rude to us.

Please note that we are very fair people. We know mistakes happen. As such, we always try to give you an opportunity to re-submit to us. However, we are also very busy, so please be patient with us.
Submissions: Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Pay the fee only if you submit more than 1 piece. Donations are also greatly appreciated to help support publication of future anthology issues and our magazines.

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