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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Club Plum seeks work for special issue

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Special Issue: Literary Horror will mingle with our usual literary fare in the October 16th issue. Send your creepy and dark flash fiction, prose poetry and art. Not quite sure if it is horror? Send it along. Broken and twisted misfits are welcome.

Flash Fiction: Please send one piece of flash fiction of no more than 800 words to Include a short bio, and do not send previously published work. Do send lyrical prose, wondrous prose, fierce prose. Do send words that successfully skate on the edge of realities. Arresting prose lodged in one reality is also well received.

Prose Poetry: Please send one-to-three prose poems to Include a short bio, and do not send previously published work. Do send lyrical poems and surprising poems. Do not send poems with line breaks. Poetry with line breaks will not be read, and you will not receive a response.

Art: Please send one JPG image to The editor appreciates pen-and-ink line art, pencil drawings, collage, watercolor, experimental, impressionistic and abstract pieces, both black-and-white and color. The editor will pass on photography. Please send a brief description of the medium of the piece.Artists are encouraged to send a website link where more works are showcased.

Rights: We ask for first North American Serial Rights.

Responses to writers will be quick because the editor is busy and utilizes every minute of her day. Note: Respect will be given when respect is received; submissions shot to the editor without an accompanying few words will not be read. Multiple submissions will not be read.

Only send your best work. Proofread. Work with sloppy errors makes the editor think you don’t care or don’t know any better.

Issues are available online only.

We accept simultaneous submissions.

We do not accept reprints.

We do not pay for accepted submissions.

Yay for wondrous words. Yay for you.

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