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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Whortleberry Press seeks short stories

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Deadline: September 30, 2020

It's tentatively titled "Strange Holiday Mysteries."

Like most of our "Strange Mysteries" series, it will contain some 20 stories, each 3000 words. Submissions are open July, August and September, ending September 30. We hope to publish the book in October.

What's different about this "Strange Mysteries" collection is that you writers choose which holiday on which you wish to base your story. As Associate Editor Arthur Sanchez says, "It doesn't have to be a major holiday. If your favorite is National Taco Day, go with it!"

Send your submissions to . Be sure to include your email address and 50-100 word bio on your submission. We are paying (the usual) $10 per story. We can't consider submissions without a return email address.

Happy writing!

We offer here a selection from our Whortleberry Press Stylebook:

(A stylebook is a collection of information setting out how a variety of language choices should be made in this publication.)

Manuscript Submission:

Please send manuscripts to

Please put your email address at the upper left corner of your manuscript.

Please put your name on your manuscript.

Word count: 3000 words. (Yes, it used to be 5000, but we find readers like shorter stories.)

Please re-read your story before sending it. You would be surprised at the number of stories rejected because of too many typos, indicating they were not read before being sent.

Please do not use double spacing. Single is satisfactory.

Please add your 50-100 word bio at the end of your story.

Numerals: We spell out one through ten; after that, all are numerals.

Thanks for reading our stylebook. We will now read your story with our best attention..

--Jean and Arthur

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