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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Auroras & Blossoms seeks poetry

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Free to submit the first poem

We accept any topic/theme providing that it is positive and uplifting in nature, with the exception of erotica and politics.

Length: up to 1,500 words.
Special note about COVID-19

We understand the pain, stress and trauma caused by the current epidemic. However, Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal is committed to spreading positivity, no matter the topic. As such, coronavirus-related pieces that do not contain strongly positive / uplifting / inspirational elements will be automatically rejected.
We are a family-friendly magazine

We accept submissions from teenagers. Please send us poetry / content that takes that age group into consideration. It means two things:

1. NO dirty words
2. Simplicity both in language and message

As poets, we like flowery poetry. But we also know that if a poem is trying to be too smart, it is likely to confuse the reader.
What we are looking for

Positive poetry / content. Positive as in stimulating, optimistic, confident, uplifting, inspirational.

No matter what topic you choose to tackle (e.g., death, disease, mental illness, suicide, depression…), the poem(s) or content you send us should answer three basic questions:

– “How does it help others?”
– “How does it open their minds?”
– “Does it bring a better understanding of the situation or story I am describing?”

If you can’t answer those questions, your submission is unlikely to make it into one of the issues of our magazine. So, please don’t send it to us. We will not respond.

With that said, other magazines will probably be happy to accept your stuff. We just don’t do edgy. We are 100% focused on positivity. This focus will never change.
Reasons why we reject submissions

Reason 1: You didn’t follow or read our guidelines.

Reason 2: Your work has been republished more than twice.

Reason 3: You sent us an image that does not meet our requirements (300 ppi, 1,500 pixels on the longer side, and 5MB max). See our FAQ for more information.

Reason 4: You are submitting to other publications simultaneously. See our FAQ for more information.

Reason 5: Lack of positivity. Read the section above.

Reason 6: Stream of consciousness that looks like a diary entry rather than poetry.

Reason 7: Your work is not suitable for younger readers.

Reason 8: Your poem(s) is/are unusually formatted (extreme example here), which makes it/them difficult to include in a digital issue.

Reason 9: Your submission is longer than 1,500 words.

Reason 10: Your work has too many typographical and grammatical errors.

Reason 11: You send us the same message repeatedly within a couple of days.

Reason 12: You spam our social media accounts to get our attention.

Reason 13: You are rude to us.

Please note that we are very fair people. We know mistakes happen. As such, we always try to give you an opportunity to re-submit to us. However, we are also very busy, so please be patient.
What you can send us (+ submission fees)
Poetry: Free for one poem. $2.99 for 2-3 poems. $3.99 for 4-6 poems. Payment accepted via Paypal.
Poetry-graphy (like Instapoetry): Free for one poem $2.99 for 2-3 poems. $3.99 for 4-6 poems. Payment accepted via Paypal.
Inspirational stories or essays relating to poetry, poems or poets: Free for up to 500 words. $2.99 for 500-1,000 words. $3.99 for 1,000-1,500 words. Payment accepted via Paypal.

Notes regarding poetry-graphy:
Poetry-graphy is where your poetry is overlaid within an image that is either your own image or you own the rights to the image itself.
Your poem must contain a maximum of 250 words and fit in one image.
Your image must be in the JPEG format, 1,500px on the longest side and 300 ppi. 5MB maximum.
Ensure that the font is large enough for small screens.

Please ensure that you have read our guidelines carefully before submitting.

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