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Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Dribble Drabble Review seeks work

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Deadline: March 31, 2021 Midnight CST

Submissions for the Spring 2021 Issue of the new Dribble Drabble Review are now open. This carefully curated, biannual (Spring and Fall), online literary journal is proving to be a major player in today's big push reegarding all things little-ature. A solid group of international writers have already responded. Still, we remain open to ongoing submissions of exceptional quality. Note: we are not accepting virus-themed pieces.

Dribbles should be written at exactly 50 words with Drabbles written at exactly 100 words (not including titles). Send your original, unpublished entries to the editor via the contact tab provided; send up to five entries in each category, double spaced, using 12 point Helvetica (or something close), with your name and brief bio (all in the body of your email). Submit prose, poetry, or prose poetry for that matter! Deadline: midnight, CST, on March 31, 2021. Entrants will be notified of acceptance no later than April 10; regrettably, only accepted submissions will be notified due to the sheer number of entries. Too, entrants agree that submission in and of itself will serve as an author's permission to publish.

Simultaneous entries are permissible, but notify us if your piece is selected elsewhere in order to pull it from our pool of prospects. We reserve exclusive first publication rights reverting back to the author upon production of the next sequential edition of TDDR. Too, we do require, upon ensuing printings, that TDDR be indicated as your piece's original publisher.

We will do our best to accommodate special formatting, while we also reserve the right to edit upon need. Note: in forms as short as these, we do encourafe active / present tense, but it is not a mandate. This is a non-monetary opportunity; but, there is also no cost to enter. Compensation will consist of supporting our writers with quality presentations of their work, a strong artistic community, and individual promotion.