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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Weirdpunk Books is currently open for novella submissions

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Weirdpunk Books is currently OPEN* for novella submissions.
*If you simply send us your book without following our guidelines, your submission will be deleted.
Note: If we have previously talked about you submitting something and we are closed, please still send it.

Our process is a little different than most other publishers. When we are open, we accept pitches on finished horror novellas between 20k-40k. In the pitch, we are looking for about a paragraph of information, essentially like back cover copy on a book. We'd also like you to include what tone(s) and influence(s) the story has. If we like your pitch, we will ask you to send the story.
Please only pitch one novella to us.
Please keep in mind that we only publish a small handful of books a year.
A familiarity with our output is helpful, but here's a general list of things we like:

We love genres like body horror, cosmic horror, folk horror, weird lit, splatterpunk, and transgressive fiction. We especially like when people mix any of them together. Give us an amazing body horror tale in a folk horror setting or a cosmic splatterpunk horror story. Mix it up!

We call what we publish, "Weird Horror," largely eschewing standard horror tropes and narratives in favor of stranger, more cerebral, visceral, or challenging story types. We're not looking for standard zombie or vampire stories (unless you write something really goddamn interesting with those involved), think more the weirder end of the horror spectrum (see below).

Think about how the horror genre includes things like Friday the 13th and Final Destination (which are fine), but also includes Videodrome and Society (which are amazing). We want stories on that stranger end of things.

We want your own creatures, your own terrors, your own grief, your own nightmares.

We want stories that are deeply human. Take a look at the novellas we’ve published, all of them, no matter how weird, bizarre, or fucked up, have human, emotional centers.

We love horror writers like Kathe Koja, Gwenolyn Kiste, Charlee Jacob, Joe Lansdale at his most horror, John Langan, Brian Evenson, Stephen Graham Jones, Nathan Ballingrud, Jack Ketchum, Bentley Little, and Poppy Z. Brite.

We’re obsessed with the films of David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Mario Bava, and Lucio Fulci. We like Troma weirdness, ‘melt’ movies, small-creature horror. Surreal and arty horror from the 70s and trash film from the 80s. Cult shit like Phantasm, Dust Devil, Ganja & Hess, El Topo, Coffin Joe, Werewolves on Wheels, Psychomania, Cemetery Man, Simon: King of the Witches, Society, The Wicker Man, The Stuff, The Gate, Brain Damage, Hellraiser, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Santa Sangre, and so on. We love all that stuff. What we’re looking for are stories influenced by their best aspects, their atmosphere(s), and their tone(s), that are twisted into unique narratives.

We want novellas that feel like if Kathy Acker, JG Ballard, Katherine Dunn, William S. Burroughs, Flannery O'Connor, Georges Bataille, or Samuel Delany straight up wrote weird horror.

We love stories with philosophical subtext, especially stories driven by anti-fascism, anarchism/anti-authoritarianism, anti-capitalism, and/or queerness, though those aren’t a requirement at all.

We’re also not asking to be browbeaten by your manifesto vaguely disguised as horror fiction.

We love surrealism, but not to the point of obliqueness. The work doesn’t need to be crazy ‘accessible’ but we’re also not interested in works where experimentation of form overshadows the story being told.

We would love to see more subs from women, POC, non-binary, and lgbtq+ folks.

The heart of the press is queer and we intend to keep it that way. We'll publish books by all sorts of people, but we want to make sure we continue to publish lgbtq+ and non-binary writers.

We will not work with racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, or nationalistic writers; or with predatory assholes.

Seriously. We’re queer leftists, you wouldn’t want to work with us, either.

No, we don’t currently publish short story collections or novellas. For the time being, we only focus on novellas.

Please only pitch novellas.

We really mean it.

Seriously, your best bet to get published by us is to have read at least some of our recent output to see what we do. This press is forever tied to my personal tastes, for good or for ill, so it’d be helpful for you to know at least some of what those are.

If accepted, we do a 60/40 split on royalties (60% to the publisher, 40% to the writer). We also pay $50 and 10 copies of the book upon publication. The $50 isn’t a payment against royalties. We do not wait for the book to break even before paying out royalties. The split happens immediately.

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