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Monday, January 4, 2021

Last Girls Club - Strange Births

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Deadline: January 31, 2021
  • Short Story-$20 upon acceptance and copy of magazine
  • Art-$15 for full page
  • Poems-$15 less than 200 words
Welcome intrepid writer,

I created this space for problematic fiction. It’s fearless, feminine, fairy-tale based, and usually ends with blood. My heroines are flawed, angry, not interested in being loved, and not afraid to get ugly. Fierce. You don’t have to identify as female to submit to us, but you best come proper. You’re in the halls of the goddess. Remember that.

What I am Looking For:

I want smart female protagonists whose first inclination is not to seduce the guard to get out of situations; they’ve got skills, they can get violent easily. I’m fine with them developing over the course of the story into someone like that, but please don’t revert to cliches unless you have your tongue firmly in your cheek. Please don’t use graphic rape for fridging purposes. If it’s part of a character’s backstory or development, fine, but don’t shoot the damn dog just to piss off your main character.

My focus is horror, supernatural, and creeping dread. I always love a bit of sci-fi or dystopia, but it’s not our focus, so if it’s your venue, make it scary. If you spackle a layer of women’s issues into it, even better; disenfranchisement, slut-shaming, trans violence, racism, misogyny, sex work exploitation, inequitable emotional work and housework, whatever exists in this world that pisses you off, feel free to put a metaphorical ax between its eyebrows. Please include an appropriate trigger warning in italics at top of your story for our readers.

Content Guidelines
  • Submissions must be fiction.
  • All submissions must be written in clear, concise language. I prefer stories under 3,000 words.
  • I do not allow submissions whose sole intent is to sell or promote a book, blog, or product. If you have a book, blog, or product you’d like to promote, you can include it in your author bio.
  • All submissions must be in English and free of grammar, spelling, or language issues.
  • All submitted articles are subject to editing for grammar, spelling, formatting, and minor language fixes. I will not heavily edit stories, but may change formatting, or change paragraph and line breaks to increase readability. 
I will do my best to reply within 3 days of submission, with feedback and if you’re story has been accepted. Your story will be promoted on our Facebook and Twitter page on day of publication, but please take initiative and promote yourself on your own social media platforms. Let’s make this a community of writers and readers.

Send your story to:

Please include your name, a link to any social media platforms you promote your writing on, one or two links to previous publications or posts if relevant, a short bio (100 words max), and why you think your story fits feminist horror.



Eda Obey
Editor in Chief LGC