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Friday, January 1, 2021

Planet Scumm #11: Snake Eyes seeks work

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Deadline: January 10, 2021

On Planet Scumm, we want to read stories that are different and unexpected. Stories that introduce new ideas, or that look at old ideas with a fresh perspective. And while we like to think that Planet Scumm is a space where historically marginalized writers can be heard, we also know there's always more work to be done to support representation in sci-fi and speculative fiction.

That's why, for Planet Scumm #11: Snake Eyes, we're asking for submissions from cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary people, and genderqueer people. We kindly ask authors who don't identify along those lines to not submit to this call.

Joining the Good Ship Scummy as guest editor for this issue is Hailey Piper. Hailey is a regular contributor to Planet Scumm—"Reptile" appeared in Planet Scumm #7, and her story "Brain Trust" will be in the upcoming Planet Scumm #9: A Bloody Pulp. Hailey's work has also appeared in Daily Science Fiction, The Arcanist, Flash Fiction Online, and Year's Best Hardcore Horror, and she's the author of horror novellas The Worm and His Kings, Benny Rose, The Cannibal King, and The Possession of Natalie Glasgow.

And gracing the hallowed halls of the “Scummy Memorial Gallery & All-Ages Foodatorium” is Maura McGonagle, who will spearhead art direction for Planet Scumm #11. Maura is a sequential artist carrying on the tradition of story telling as best they can. They have participated in numerous anthologies including the Prism award nominatee ‘Being True’ and produce a monthly Webtoons series titled ‘WITCH’. Their whimsical and expressive work can be found on Twitter @doingartiguess and instagram @mcmcgonagle.


Hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, sci-fi that melts in your mouth-brain not your hand-brain.

Speculative fiction, weird fiction, slipstream

Basically anything that pleases Scummy, our megaphone-toting slime buddy, will be considered for entry to the interstellar archive aboard Scummy’s saucer.


Include submissions as an .RTF or .DOC attachment sent to along with a brief cover letter in the email body. Please attach only your story (no images).

Stories, or collections of flash fiction, should be 2000 – 6000 words in length, and submitted in standard manuscript format.

Use the subject line “Snake Eyes” followed by your story title.

Submit only one short story or flash collection. We will not accept multiple submissions from the same author in one reading period.

Simultaneous submissions are okay, as long as you promptly withdraw a story accepted elsewhere. Submissions that are too long or short will be rejected immediately, as will those that are incorrectly formatted. In addition, submissions covering the topics below aren’t likely to play well with our slush readers.


Accepted authors and illustrators receive 2 cents a word and three contributor copies.

Our publication operates in print, e-book, and audiobook. Some accepted stories will also be published on our website. We purchase exclusive English language print and electronic publishing rights for six months, with non-exclusive rights thereafter.

Authors will receive their first payment within 3 months of their issue’s release date, as well as an annual residuals check. Contributors will also receive a printed contributor copy and digital copy of the issue.