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Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Nation Magazine poetry submission guidelines

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The Nation welcomes unsolicited poetry submissions. You may send up to three poems at a time, but no more than 6 poems a year. No previously published works, please. 

Submissions can be sent via Submission Manager

If you are a writer whose disability or location makes it unwieldy, difficult or impossible to use Submissions Manager, you may send us your work through our gmail account, nationpoetryaccess at gmail dot com. We will respond to your submission in four months or less. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider submissions sent through physical mail. Our submission manager system keeps the process reliable, so if it says your piece is “received,” it is still under consideration. (Please, only submit poems. Nonfiction or fiction prose work will not be accepted.) We will consider and accept poems for print and web or for exclusively online.

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