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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Omens Call: A Horror Anthology

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Deadline: March 28, 2021

The world has its messengers, its harbingers of bad tidings. Ravens, vultures, and untold creatures that roam between the many layers of reality. The air thickens with the danger of the thundering storm, and the world holds its breath, waiting for your next move.

“The Omens Call” is an horror anthology exploring the prophetic nature of omens. Bad omens, nightmarish superstitions, ghastly premonitions, we want stories that speak the language that we cannot understand. We’re after atmospheric, moody, grim, dark tales of wonder, woe, death, and the inexplainable.

Dare you heed the call?

Word count: 2,500–7,500 words.

Payment: $20 (for 2,000–5,000 words) // $30 (for 5,000–7,500 words)

Submission Guidelines

A submission Word template is available for download HERE.

Stories slightly over or under the word count will be considered

Stories must be saved as a Word document, PDFs will not be accepted

Times New Roman
Size 12 font
1.5 paragraph spacing

Place your name, the title of the anthology for which you are submitting, and your preferred contact email address in the header of the document

Sex, violence, and coarse language are accepted as long as they serve the story

No hate speech or fan fiction

One submission per author only, multiple submissions will lead to disqualification of all submitted stories.

Reprints will be considered

Payment for accepted stories will be made within 7 working days of confirmation of entry

Accepted stories to be held in a 2-year non-exclusive agreement with Devil’s Rock Publishing, Ltd.

Failure to adhere to submission guidelines will result in immediate rejection from the anthology.

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