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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Coastal Shelf seeks poetry

web site

Deadline: January 8, 2021

Poetry should be under 60 lines (ish—if it's longer only submit 1 poem). Submit up to 2 poems to the free submission portal. You will only be allowed to submit for no fee once per reading window. We like prose poems, narrative poems, lyrics poems, erasure poems, hybrids, you name it. We want close attention to language and some sort of larger takeaway. There’s definitely a soft spot in our hearts for well worded narrative poems that teach us something new, whether it’s a cool new word or a fun historical or animal fact or a quote or intriguing idea. All submitters will receive recommendations of journals they might enjoy/have luck submitting to.

Rights and Payment
Coastal Shelf acquires first-time North American electronic rights for work published in Coastal Shelf Magazine as well as anthology rights to reprint the work in print for up to five years with an additional payment of 2 copies of the printed anthology. 

Coastal Shelf pays a minimum of $30 per piece published