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Friday, April 30, 2021

Hindsight seeks 2020 stories

web site

Submission form

Length: Up to 2,000 words

Stories must be previously unpublished.

Stories must be written in English.

Deadline: Rolling

All submission materials should include the writer’s first and last name in the file name (e.g. “LAST NAME_FIRST NAME.docx).

For examples of storytelling at its finest, check out The Moth, Story Corps, and Modern Love.


Your story must be true.

How you tell your story is up to you, but facts are facts.

Your story must be yours.

We are looking for firsthand accounts — not works of journalism. Pseudonyms are prohibited. (For tips on how to handle sensitive information, see our FAQs.)

Your story must be specific to 2020.

A story about finding your life partner is heartwarming, but not the right fit for this book; however, a story about finding your life partner during quarantine is a perfect fit.

Your story must be focused.

We recommend writing about a specific event, experience, or emotion from 2020. We do not recommend summarizing the entire year in your story.

Your story must be a narrative.

Narratives have a beginning, a middle, and an end — though not necessarily in that order.

Honeyguide: mythical creatures and speculative fiction

web site

Deadline: May 15, 2021

Send all submissions as attachments (.doc, .docx for writing, .jpg and .pdf for art) to

*Our theme for the second issue is mythical creatures and speculative fiction.*

We publish stories, art and poetry that examine the connection between animals and humans, and the ways we and our lives are more similar than people assume. Some topics and themes to consider, but of course we are open to others:
  • the process of an animal bringing out a character trait in a person (ie: Seabiscut)
  • animals as living, interactive symbols or metaphors of human wants, fears, secrets, challenges, and change (ie: Life of Pi, Cujo)
  • stories told through an animal's perspective (The Incredible Journey, Pax). 

Of course, you can send us both art and writing pieces with dogs and cats as central characters, but we see this so often -- what stories can you tell, either from imagination or experience, about marginalized species or creatures people usually avoid (ie: possums, bats, termites).

We will consider pieces with mythical creatures.

Though we don't prefer pieces with foul language, we will consider them. Just note that if we choose to publish your piece, we may ask to change the language.

At the moment, we can only accept original, unsolicited work. No previously published content quite yet, but we're hoping to in the future.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but notify us right away if the work is accepted elsewhere.​​

All writing should be in the standard manuscript format (12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced, word count) with your genre in the Subject line (this will make it easier and faster for the right editor to review your work).

Please find your genre below for specifics. We prefer submissions stick to one genre.

Please give us 1 - 3 months to respond to your work. If you don't hear from us after 3 months, feel free to send us an email asking about your work.

If you want to make any changes to your submission after sending it to us, please let us know what you changed as soon as you can. If you need several changes, please inquire about sending an updated submission.

If accepted, you will receive a free PDF copy of the upcoming issue (and print for a 50% discount) and a chance to be featured on our website (for fiction, non-fiction, art, and an animal rescue only).

If you're featured, you will receive a small monetary payment ($25 for the story, $50 for art) and your piece will be displayed on our website as an example to the kind of work we're looking for until the next publication.

Honeyguide Magazine is a bi-annual magazine that features fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, and blog posts about animals and their human neighbors. 

We accept pieces from the perspective of animals who are as present and authoritative as human characters, the reciprocal bond between human and animal that bewildered, challenged and changed the human, and discoveries that reveal how close in space and mind the animal and human kingdoms are.

We do not accept pieces that support inhumane treatment of people or animals, or the keeping of exotic pets (ie: tigers, monkeys, crocodiles), but we understand that these are often part of the wider human/animal story. 

Nor will we publish profiles of beloved animals — show us the nature of your relationship, why you depend on each other, and what your bond means for both of your lives.

We also do not accept erotica, cliche animal narratives, preachy articles, easy-fixes, and pieces with perfect, sweet happy endings. Make us ponder, reflect, examine our fears and discomforts, and reason. Our stories in this world are ongoing -- resolutions are often open-ended and extend into the future.

Writers retain the rights to everything they publish with us (print and online).

For pieces we want to publish (to the magazine and blog), we will make changes to grammar and sentence structure with the writer's consent. The writer will still retain rights to the piece even after we make changes.

We have first serial rights to all work published in print and online (except for our blog), and exclusive rights until publication. Once published, all rights revert back to the writer.


We're looking for stories that follow the guidelines above, told honestly, vividly, and coherently through a fresh new point of view.

We prefer flash, literary, historical, and young adult fiction, though we will consider other genres and provide feedback if requested.

Please keep submissions up to 4,000 words.

One story per submission.

Please type FICTION in the subject line of your submission, and include a short bio (2-3 sentences).

If your story is declined, feel free to send another once you receive the email telling you the news. If you are declined twice, we kindly ask that you review our guidelines before submitting again.
Send Submission


We value lyrical poetry in any form that exemplifies our vision and is bright with imagery, music, and voice.

Like Fiction, we value poetry told from the human perspective, but we especially love poetry that has a fresh take on the voices of animals. Think T.S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, and the musical adaptation, Cats.

Poems can be any length, but we ask that you keep them under 20 lines (any accepted poem that is longer will be reviewed and suggested edits will be sent to the author).

Please send no more than 5 poems per submission. We may accept all or 1 if we think your poetry is a good fit for our magazine.

Please type POETRY in the subject line of your email and include a short bio.

Please wait for an email accepting/declining your work before sending an additional batch of poetry.
Send Submission


Do you have a special experience to share? We appreciate your insight and vulnerability, and would be happy to consider any creative nonfiction piece that meets our guidelines. 

Please keep submissions up to 4,000 words.

One story per submission.

Please type NONFICTION in the subject line of your email and include a short bio (2-3 sentences).

If your story is declined, feel free to send another once you receive the email telling you the news. If you are declined twice, we kindly ask that you review our guidelines and Featured Stories online before submitting again.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thuya Poetry Review seeks poetry

web site

Deadline: July 15, 2021

Thank you for your interest in Thuya Poetry Review. We look forward to reading your work. The reading period for the inaugural issue is from April 15 to July 15. The expected response time is about 3 months, but you may hear from us sooner.

Please read all of the following policies carefully before submitting your work:

  • Submit only one document per issue, containing up to, but no more than, 5 poems.
  • Submissions should be formatted as a word document: .doc or .docx. Submissions not formatted in the way specified will not be considered.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere by adding a note on the submission.
  • We only consider previously unpublished work. Work that has appeared elsewhere, including social media posts, is not accepted.
  • If for some reason you are unable to submit via submittable, please email your submission to with the subject line “ATTN Editors”.
  • Thuya Poetry Review acquires first serial rights and non-exclusive reprint rights. Publication rights return to the author post-publication.
  • We pride ourselves as being one of a small group of journals that does not require a submission fee.
  • We pay our contributors. Compensation will likely be nominal—we are, after all, a non-profit—our budget is contingent upon donations received, which varies annually, and therefore so does the pay-scale. If your work is accepted, we will disclose the projected payment amount in the notification.
  • We pay contributors via PayPal, Venmo, or Check.
If you would like to donate to Thuya Poetry Review, visit the donation page.

Under Her Skin, a Black Spot Books Women in Horror Poetry Showcase

web site

Deadline: May 31, 2021

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Black Spot Books will be publishing its inaugural Women in Horror Poetry Collection in April 2022: UNDER HER SKIN. This collection is open to all poets who are women (cis and trans) and non-binary femmes. Submissions open March 2021 and will close May 30, 2021, with decisions made on a rolling basis. Poems to be included in the collection will be chosen by Black Spot Book's editorial staff and guest judges.

The theme of the inaugural collection is body horror. This is a broad spectrum and poets are welcome to interpret the prompt in their own vision--so long as it's dark, unsettling, an on-theme.

The showcase will feature a cover with hand-drawn illustration by respected horror artist Lynne Hansen and will be distributed in both print and ebook.

Poems must be previously unpublished, though published poets are, of course, welcome. We accept submissions of poems up to fifty lines. Free verse preferred (please, no forced rhyme or clichés).

We accept up to three poems per poet. Submissions should be submitted along with a brief bio.

Each poem chosen for publication will be paid $5 and each poet will receive a copy of the collection upon publication. Poet will retain rights to any accepted poem, with first right of publication by Black Spot Books.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Group Chat Review submission guidelines

web site


♥ Send us up to five poems per submission.

♥ Use 12 point, Times New Roman font.

♥ Include all pieces in a single document.


♥ Send us up to three pieces (<1,000 words each) per submission.

♥ Use 12 point, Times New Roman font, and double space.

♥ Include all pieces in a single document.


♥ Send to

♥ Subject line: Poetry/Flash Submission: Piece/Document Title by Your Name

♥ Feel free to address the editors by name and say something human!

♥ Attach your piece as a .docx

♥ No cover letter is required, but please include a third-person bio (25-100 words) in the body of the email.


♥ We pay $25 dollars for each accepted submission.

♥ If you do not hear back from us one week after submitting, feel free to query by email.

♥ If we pass on your piece(s), please wait at least two weeks before resubmitting.

♥ Absolutely no racism, misogyny, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fat-phobia, or xenophobia in any submission.

♥ Group Chat Review acquires first serial rights.

♥ Simultaneous submissions are fine, but if your piece is accepted elsewhere before we respond (congratulations), please notify us immediately, as we do not accept previously published work.

Keeley Schenwar Memorial Essay Prize

web site

Deadline: May 1, 2021

Truthout is proud to launch the Keeley Schenwar Memorial Essay Prize.

This prize will go to a formerly incarcerated person for an essay of 1,500 words or less on the topic of prisons, policing or a related subject. It may be written as a first-person narrative (although that is not a requirement). Two winners will be chosen and awarded a prize of $3,000 each. The essays will be published on Truthout. 

This prize is in honor of Keeley Schenwar, who was a devoted mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer and advocate for incarcerated mothers. Keeley was incarcerated, on and off, over the course of 14 years. She wrote often, both poetry and prose, particularly focusing on her experiences of incarceration and addiction. Keeley spoke out publicly about the inhumanity of the U.S. prison system and wrote about her own experience of incarceration. She wrote this essay about giving birth while incarcerated, and the brutality of being separated from her newborn baby. 

Keeley died on February 4, 2020. This prize is in the spirit of Keeley's desire for the kind of world where everyone can live a good life. 

Keeley, was the sister of Truthout Editor-in-Chief Maya Schenwar, and was one of the inspirations for Truthout’s early and sustained dedication to covering the injustices and violence of incarceration and policing. We are launching the Keeley Schenwar Memorial Essay Prize on the first anniversary of Keeley’s death to continue drawing attention to the cruel realities of the oppressive systems she struggled against and wrote about. 

The deadline for submissions is May 1. Prizes will be announced by July 1.

Essays can be emailed to (Feel free to submit your essay either as an attachment or within the body of the email.)

Alternatively, essays can be mailed to: Truthout PO Box 276414, Sacramento, CA, 95827

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Write City submission guidelines

web site

Every story has essential elements which make it worth reading. Prior to submitting your piece to our magazine for consideration, please ensure that your story has the following elements:
  • Your story begins in the middle of the action
  • You have introduced a protagonist
  • The protagonist has a goal (something is at stake)
  • Something or someone prevents the protagonist from achieving this goal which creates conflict
  • There is an inciting incident or complication that forces the protagonist to act
  • There is a unique tone/voice/writing style
  • The setting is described without slowing the pace of the story
  • The dialogue is realistic and serves a purpose


Submission Guidelines

Include your full name, the title of your submission, your email address, and website link (if available) plus a personal photograph and a short 150-word bio. Include the title of your piece in the Subject line. While submissions previously published on personal blogs are acceptable, we do not accept submissions previously published in other publications including those that have been self-published. 

Upon publication, we pay $50/CWA members, $25/nonmembers per prose piece and $35/members, $10/nonmembers per poem.

If we have passed on one of your submissions, please wait 30 days before submitting again.

Prose: Submit no more than one prose piece at a time. Prose should be single-spaced, Times New Roman font, and no longer than 1,800 words.

Poetry: Submit no more than three poems at a time. Poems should be single-spaced in a Times New Roman font.

Email submission to Please keep in mind that submissions may be edited.

The Puritan open for submissions

web site

Deadline: June 25, 2021 


Please include a succinct essay pitch of no more than 250 words in the Cover Letter field. Pitches should compel us with daring ideas and urgent, captivating writing. If you’ve written the essay, attach your working draft as a Word doc. If you haven’t written it yet, attach a writing sample of published or unpublished non-fiction prose as a Word doc.

Please read recently published essays in our Archive in order to familiarize yourself with the work we’ve published and to get a sense of the range of essay lengths and topics. Only submit one pitch per submission period.


We’re looking for poems of any length (including sequences and long poems). Once again, please familiarize yourself with our last two issues. Send up to four poems at a time.

Please Note: All Thomas Morton Memorial Prize entries must be accompanied by a payment of $20; however, this category is free of charge! You also have the option of giving The Puritan a tip of $3, should you wish to contribute to the overall costs of running the magazine. But thanks for your submission regardless!

If submissions have been disabled on this category, it's because we've reached our monthly limit. We can only accept a limited number of no-fee submissions each month. You can either submit to one of our fee submissions categories or wait until we reopen on the 1st of the next month. All of our submissions are considered equally.


Feel encouraged to push boundaries. We have diverse tastes; try us out. Length is up to you, but a story over 10,000 words will only be considered if it is of exceptional quality (and nothing over 12,000 words, please). Stories of high quality and high word counts may be considered for serialization. Please read the fiction in our last two or three issues in our Archive in order to familiarize yourself with the work we’ve published. Only send one story at a time, unless you are writing flash fiction (or stories under 500 words), in which case you can send up to three.    

Please Note: All Thomas Morton Memorial Prize entries must be accompanied by a payment of $20; however, this category is free of charge! You also have the option of giving The Puritan a tip of $3, should you wish to contribute to the overall costs of running the magazine. But thanks for your submission regardless!

If submissions have been disabled on this category, it's because we've reached our monthly limit. We can only accept a limited number of no-fee submissions each month. You can either submit to one of our fee submissions categories or wait until we reopen on the 1st of the next month. All of our submissions are considered equally.   

Monday, April 26, 2021

Story Seed Vault seeks short fiction

web site

The Vault is an online periodical that adheres to the limitation of Twitter publishing. We consider all types of fiction with one condition – your story must be based on science. We’re looking for stories that act as story seeds – prompts for spin off plots and weird tangents. We want to think in new ways about how our world works and the possibilities for future worlds, expanding tangentially from what we know now.

The Vault will takes submissions from all sorts of writers, from established writers to new, science communicator, or people who have a personal passion for science. As long as you adhere to our guidelines, we will publish your work!

In accordance with the ethics and values of our editorial team, the Vault is also a diversity-oriented publication. As such, we welcome and encourage submissions from a multiplicity of voices and perspectives, particularly those from marginalized and under-represented groups. Science communication is done by all sorts of people – and we want writers who reflect that diversity.

Where can I find science to be inspired by?

We suggest taking a look at science news websites and science magazines, such as the below:

Ars Technica Technology news, provides breakdowns on the latest scientific advancements. Main focus is IT and ‘gadgets’.

Science Daily Scientific research news. Does not report on general science news.

Science Mag Reports on research and general science news. Almost always evidence-based reporting.

Science Alert and Live Science Pop science news. An easily accessible form of science news that doesn’t use academic language. Prone to clickbait titles.

If you’re still stuck on what to write, take a look at our submission archives for inspiration and an indication of what we’ve accepted in the past.

Disclaimer: Story Seed Vault is not partnered with nor sponsored by any of the sites listed above and our authors should research as widely as they can. Have a favourite news site? Let us know! Shoot us an email or @ us on Twitter.

Submissions are open from the 10th to the 24th of every month. We recommend submitting your story the month it is written, in order to publish it as close as possible to the release of the inspiration of your work.

Thinking of writing a story based on a specific event? Email us and let us know – we can work together to schedule it as close to the event as possible!

 Submission Requirements

A number of writers have been asking how we would handle the new 280 character limit on Twitter. When we asked what people loved about the Vault, the most valuable components were: 1) the conciseness of our stories and 2) the science editorial.

Writers enjoyed the challenge of the shorter format.  So, we have decided to provide you with more room to write but give a higher fee to writers who write shorter stories. See our payment terms below.

Length of Submission

The Vault now accepts two types of submissions – short and long fiction.

Short Fiction – Up to 150 characters.

Long Fiction – Between 150 characters and 200 characters.

Number of Submissions

Each writer can submit up to three stories per submissions period.


Despite limited resources, we strongly believe in paying our writers! We pay the following rates for fiction:

Short Fiction (<150CH) $3AUD per story

Long Fiction (>150CH/<200CH) $2AUD per story

Once we’ve accepted your story, we’ll get in touch about the best payment method for you. If you plan to submit more stories in the future, we can hold payments until the amount is larger.

You can also  donate your commission to Story Seed Vault (we appreciate it!) to help us pay for future stories. If so, we’ll be sure to send you a complimentary copy of any e-book or zine if it spontaneously creates itself.

Email your story to us at The following must be in your submission:

Add ‘Story Seed Vault Submission’ in the subject line of your email

Your story, with a link to the science you were inspired by.*

A brief explanation of your inspiration is optional but strongly suggested.

Include a short bio, up to 140 characters. Link to any portfolios or social media accounts you would like to promote.

*We might require additional evidence of a claim to publish.

We do our very best to respond within 30 days. If you don’t hear back, shoot us an email at

You own your story and can do with it whatever you wish after publication. We retain the right to keep the story in our archive and to include it in future electronic or print anthologies. By submitting, you agree to give Story Seed Vault these rights if published. Story Seed Vault takes no responsibility for other parties taking inspiration from these concepts or ideas.

We publish 2 stories a week (on average), unless we are on hiatus.  Currently, the Vault gets approximately 10 submissions a month, which we then schedule up to 3 months in advance.


web site

Deadline: May 31, 2021 11:59 PM


Identity, security, and community are inexorably entwined.

We’re looking for stories touching on at least one of these themes. We want you to explore the boundaries of who we are, what makes us feel safe (and at what cost), with whom we choose to surround ourselves, and our darkest secrets.

Let’s explore how they influence us and our perception of reality.


Identity is formed by not only things like race, culture, and class but also by the relationships we cultivate, the opinions and moral codes we adopt, and our choices. What secrets lie in the dark expanses between where we came from, who we think we are, and how we want others to perceive us?


Security—stability, order, dependency, structure—is an innate human need. In practice, security tends to be an illusion designed to make us feel more in control over our surroundings. What makes us feel safe, and what are we willing to sacrifice to feel that way? What happens when safety nets aren’t there to catch us when we fall? What dreadful secrets are we willing to keep to preserve the status quo?


Humans often seek security through community. We align ourselves with others who share our interests, culture and religion, geographic location, and workplaces. How well do you really know your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers, your family? How do we build these communities? What erodes a community, makes it crumble?


+ All submissions must inspire dread. Genre definitions tend to be subjective, so we encourage you to become familiar with the stories we’ve published here to get an idea of what sort of content we’re seeking.

+ All submissions must be original, unpublished, and between 2,000 and 10,000 words. Stories should earn their word count, however. If your story is closer to the maximum, we will expect it to contain a narrative worthy of every word. We are not flexible on the word count, so please don’t request an exception.

+ Authors are permitted to submit up to three stories, but none may be simultaneously submitted anywhere else, nor may they be resubmissions of stories we have already declined.

Authors whose stories are accepted for publication will receive payment ($0.08 per word), a free copy of the premium hardcover, and two free copies of the paperback.


You can review the publication agreement for Darkness Blooms here.


We want:


We’re not likely to accept:


Don’t bother submitting:




We’re pretty low-maintenance as far as publications go. You’ll find no finicky, proprietary formatting rules or strict typography requirements. However, to keep from wasting our time and yours, we do ask that you read the guidelines above and acquaint yourself with our Publication Agreement before submitting.


You do not require a paid subscription to submit, but you must be logged in before the link to our submission portal will become visible. This prevents spammers from flooding our system and ensures we can tie your user account and author profile to your story, should it be accepted.


Go here and edit your profile. If your story is accepted, your biography information and profile image will accompany it. Be sure to link your socials and author website, if you have one. Bonus points are awarded if you upload a profile photo of yourself playing a kazoo with great enthusiasm.


Once you’re logged in, buttons to our submission portal will appear below, like magic! Click and you’ll be teleported to Moksha, where you can submit your story. Moksha allows you to see where your story is in our queue, also!


Sunday, April 25, 2021


web site

Deadline: June 1, 2021

Parabola is a quarterly journal devoted to the exploration of the quest for meaning as it is expressed in the world’s myths, symbols, and religious traditions, with particular emphasis on the relationship between this store of wisdom and our modern life.

Each issue of Parabola is organized around a theme. Examples of themes we have explored in the past include The Quest, Happiness, The Wild, and Presence.

Our upcoming theme: Fire

Parabola welcomes original essays and translations. We look for lively, penetrating material unencumbered by jargon or academic argument. We prefer well-researched, objective, and unsentimental pieces that are grounded in one or more religious or cultural tradition; articles that focus on dreams, visions, or other very personal experiences are unlikely to be accepted.

Send your submission to the email or physical address listed below, along with a brief autobiography (2-3 sentences). Emails should include the article attached as a .doc, .txt, or .rtf file.

All articles must be directly related to the theme of an upcoming issue.

Entries that do not follow submission guidelines cannot be considered.


Poetry must be submitted as email attachments in the following file formats:

.doc (MS word),
.txt (standard text file) or
.rtf (formatted text file).

Submissions in other formats will not be considered.

Submissions are limited to a maximum of five (5) poems per author.
The file must be transmitted under the author’s last name, with all poems in a single file, separated by page breaks. Each page must have the author’s name on it.

Submissions should be sent by email to

Note: Parabola rarely accepts original fiction.

Parabola occasionally publishes extended reviews of books, movies, videos, performances, art exhibitions, and other current programs or events in a section called “Tangents.” These reviews are intended as a bridge between the theme-related front half of the magazine and the reviews in the back. Tangents should bear some connection to the theme of the issue, although it does not have to be as direct as an article.

Submission Guidelines
Articles: 1000-3000 words
Book Reviews: 500 words
Retellings of traditional stories: 500-1500 words
Forum contributions: no longer than 500 words
Biographical Information

Please include a brief (2-3 sentence) biography with your subscription. Fit the description to the subject matter of the article, e.g., for an article on Tibetan Buddhism, “Smith spent three years travelling in Tibet.” Or, a publication credit: “Smith is the author of Pilgrimage in Tibet (W. W. Norton, 1987).” Always include your publisher.

Parabola purchases the right to use an article in all substantially complete versions (including non-print versions) of a single issue of our journal. We also request the right to use the piece in the promotion of Parabola, and to authorize single-copy reproductions for academic purposes. All other rights are retained by the author.

Email Submissions to: (poetry only) (all other submissions)

Mail Submissions to:

20 West 20th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011

Mailed submissions are to be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed return envelope, #10 or larger. Submissions without SASE will not be returned.

NonBinary Review seeks work

web site

Deadline: May 1, 2021

Zoetic Press publishes NonBinary Review, our award-winning themed quarterly lit journal. Each issue revolves around a specific theme, but we're asking contributors to go beyond the old familiar media tropes.

We're looking for work we can read with our whole body - work that gives us goosebumps, makes us see the world differently, has the tang of authenticity, makes us sit up and listen, and smells like....something. This analogy got out of hand. What we're saying is that we're not looking for re-hashes of images or stories we've read before. We want contributors to explore every facet of our themes, really getting in between the cracks, in the corners, all the forgotten places that no one ever thinks to explore. We want to read work that makes us think "I never would have thought of this, and yet, it's so fitting!"

What we're NOT looking for is work that centers violence, rape, misogyny, racism, or degrading stereotypes of any kind. We know you're not that kind of writer, but we thought it should be said.

NonBinary Review accepts reprints, but we do ask for previous publication details so they can be credited.

We can only accept ONE submission per author/artist. You are free to submit as many as you like (following guidelines), but once we have accepted a piece, the rest will be declined. It's not that we don't love you. It's that we're poor, and this can get expensive.

We're currently seeking submissions for:

Industrial Revolution (open 11/30/2020 through 5/1/2021)

Prohibition (open 3/1/2021 through 7/31/2021)

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Bronzewood Books Gaslamp Fantasy Anthology

web site

Deadline: April 30, 2021

Communication on acceptance will happen by May 15, 2021.

In late 2021, Bronzewood Books is releasing a Gaslamp Fantasy Anthology, filled with short stories that highlight a magical or haunting Victorian setting. The tentative plan is to release in time for Halloween, so the more spooky you can make the story, the better.

If you’re curious about what Gaslamp Fantasy entails, think about Steampunk but less about tech and more focus on magic.

Goodreads defines gaslamp fantasy as:
a sub-genre of both fantasy and historical fiction. Generally speaking, this particular realm of fantasy employs either a Victorian or Edwardian setting. The gaslamp fantasy genre is not to be confused with steampunk, which usually has more of a super-science edge and uchronic tone.

Gaslamp fantasy also differs from classical Victorian/Edwardian faerie or pure fantasy in the J.R.R. Tolkien or Lewis Carroll style or from historical crime-novels in the Anne Perry or June Thomson style by the supernatural elements, themes, and subjects it features. Many of its tropes, themes, and stock characters derive from Gothic literature — a long-established genre composed of both romantic and horrific traits and motivated by the desire to rouse fear, apprehension, and other intense emotions within the reader — and could be described as an attempt to modernize literary Gothicism.

Question: Can it be a story I’ve already published?
Answer: This should be an original short story (not previously published).

Question: Can I publish the short story elsewhere?
Answer: Exclusivity will be required for a short period of time, then individual story rights will revert back to the author.

Question: Does it need to be fully edited?
Answer: No. All submissions accepted will be edited for flow, grammar, etc.

Question: Is there anything not allowed?
Answer: Steamy / Erotica submissions will be rejected (sorry, but this one will be clean)

Question: What is the wordcount requirement?
Answer: Submission requirements will be between 2k and 8k words

Question: Will there be payment for stories submitted?
Answer: Yes. The payment rate for stories accepted is $0.015 USD per word.

Question: What is the distribution plan?

Answer: Books will be printed on-demand and available to order through Ingram. Ebooks will be available initially on Amazon exclusively. However, Bronzewood Books is currently working on a supply chain plan and partnering with a prominent distributor.

Here is a fantastic article about the subgenre with lists of books: Best Fantasy Books: Gaslamp Fantasy

Do you have a short story fitting this genre? If so, fill out the form online.

Contracts will be distributed and signed for those stories selected before they move into the editing phase.

Bronzewood Books will require an author photo for the bios within the anthology as well as a bio page on the Bronzewood Books website.

You may submit more than one story, but only one submission per author will be accepted.

Preferred format is a Microsoft Word Document, double spaced, 12 pt Times font. PDFs in a similar format will also be accepted, but for editing, the document will be converted to MS Word.

Bronzewood Books will be in touch with those selected for the Anthology by May 15, 2021.

Editing of all stories will align with the Chicago Manual of Style and to American English standards.

Your email address will be added to the Bronzewood Books communication list for this and future anthology opportunities only. Bronzewood Books does not share or sell email addresses.

You can unsubscribe at any time from the distribution list. Bronzewood Books will need to contact you still in regards to the anthology. Submitting to this anthology will not sign you up for a regular newsletter. If you wish to be notified of other offers from Bronzewood Books, make sure you check the box above.


web site

Deadline: June 30, 2021

Submitting your novel-length work to Gravelight Press is easy. We are always interested in well-written, character-driven works. Send us the following:
  • One-page synopsis (up to 500 words) of the work being submitted.
  • First 10-15 pages of the work being submitted; 12 pt New Times Roman, double-spaced.
  • Copy of photo ID that confirms age requirement.

Submit your manuscript through Duosoma.

Please allow up to eight weeks for a response. We try our best to respond in a timely fashion, but response time can vary depending on the number of active submissions we are reviewing at any given time. You are also welcome to submit your work elsewhere when submitting to DPP, but kindly let us know if it finds a home.

Note that we are not interested in stories that feature torture of people or animals, stories that condone hatred and violence, racist works, spiritual tales, or erotica, nor are we seeking memoir, poetry, romance, children, YA. We are also very careful not to accept works that may be considered to be co-opting another’s experience. Please include diverse characters, but write from your background.

Please do not send books in a series if part of the series was published elsewhere. Please do not send us previously published submissions unless your submission is a collection of short stories and some of those have been published before.

There is never a fee for a full-length submission, nor are there any fees for publication. Light editing, careful, precise, editing, is provided to chosen works free of any charge as well, as is copyright, registration with the Library of Commerce, and submission to selected awards.

All authors who submit manuscripts to Gravelight Press must also subscribe to the newsletter of our parent company, Devil’s Party Press, LLC, by clicking here. Thank you for supporting indie publishers as we support you!

Write for Alien Dimensions

Deadline: May 31, 2021

Send to

Submissions are now open for the July 2021 release of Alien Dimensions – Space Fiction Short Stories #20. Submissions Deadline is 31st May 2021. Submissions will be read in June 2021.

Read further for what stories I’m now looking for. Lots of detail below so that it saves us both time, and there’s less chance of a rejection!

In summary: 

3,500-4,500 words only. “Set it in space, in the far future, and include some friendly non-humanoid aliens helping to solve a pseudo-scientific problem. More cerebral than stomach! Space Fiction! Written in the restrictive third person.” US$10 flat rate.

Rights retained for 2 years. First year – exclusive. Second year – non-exclusive. After 2 years, full-rights return to the author, and the Alien Dimensions issue it is in is removed from sale.

Detailed Submission Guidelines

Things to include:
  • 3,500 to 4,500 words – okay to go over but it’s still US$10 so…
  • Fast-paced
  • At least one great idea
  • Preferably written in the third person (or if you prefer first person writing, do a lot of head jumping, and include lots of dialogue)
  • Set in the future, at least 100 years hence. Happier with 1000 years hence. Let’s avoid 20th/21st century baggage and just tell an original story
  • Some kind of non-humanoid aliens present, usually friendly
  • More alien worlds, more non-humanoid characters. E.G.: intellectual bacteria, plants with tentacles, a conscious galaxy, or some other not even vaguely humanoid creature / energy being. Do your best to create something non-anthropomorphic
  • End on a positive note (aim for it, but if it is impossible, I’ll still consider it, if the story is good)
  • PG 13. No sex, swearing, obvious LGBTQI+ themes, unless the entire story will fall apart without it. It’s a short story so please don’t bother with a romance or endless character development, or detailed descriptions of what the characters look like.
  • Must be original. No using copyright characters or established series. 
  • Must never have been published before by another publisher. As Alien Dimensions will be submitted to Amazon Kindle for approval, if Amazon’s A.I. detects something that’s already been published in a different way, Alien Dimensions might get blocked from publication
  • A lot of dialogue between characters that move the story forward. Set in the now. (A short story doesn’t have time for prologues or too much backstory. Save those for your novels!)
  • Short scenes. Change the location or the situation as quickly as possible. Don’t get stuck in one place for more than a few sentences
  • Docx preferred.

And I’m also looking for a high level of grammar, vocabulary, intelligent dialogue and general creative writing ability.

Things to avoid:
  • Derivative works referring to religious texts. Let’s not be too serious
  • Works that pretend to be set in an alien world but feature obviously contemporary human situations with just the names, descriptions and years changed to sound more alien and futuristic.
  • Narration stories where there is no dialogue, and one character just tells a story from beginning to end
  • ‘Journey’ stories. If characters need to get from A to B, please invent some sort of science to get them there in seconds. Save journeys for long novels. Short stories should be about focusing on the complicated situations characters find themselves in, and how they are (if they can be) resolved, rather than describing each step they take between A and B. If your characters must change location a lot, invent some device to get them there in seconds, and to skip five paragraphs of descriptive journey text! 
  • Court room scenes or boxing scenes! Courts have only existed for 800 years in western culture. Don’t expect them to be around in a 1000.
  • Terms like ‘stargate’ (Stargate) or ‘warp drive’ (Star Trek), or ‘time vortex’ (Doctor Who), or ‘the force’ (Star Wars). ‘A.I.’ and ‘hyperspace’ are okay as they’re common terms throughout all SF.
  • Dystopias. Alien Dimensions is a predominantly positive series about the future.
  • Pop culture references. It is unlikely characters years in the future would know anything about the present. Readers love to become immersed in a story and feel like they are there, watching things unfold. Pop culture references that wouldn’t fit the reality throw them out of their immersion. They also age the story. Best avoided unless a section of the story is somehow set in 2021, or one of your characters is an immortal human.
  • Fantasy. Alien Dimensions is no longer looking for any fantasy-style stories. 

Please read some of the more science and dialogue-driven stories from Alien Dimensions to get a feel for what I’m looking for before submitting, and to support the ebook series so that I can buy more stories!

Additional Notes

Hi. I’m Neil A. Hogan and I’m the editor of Alien Dimensions. There is just me behind the scenes, so apologies if there is a delay in replying somewhere down the track. I’ve recently changed the release period for Alien Dimensions, which means I’ll just reply to your emails after each reading day. This will allow me time to focus on my own novel writing.

I’ve read online that some decades-old publications get between 700 and 1000 submissions a month. These publications tend to ask for more contemporary stories, or contemporary style human drama set in a slightly SF environment. While writing something is always hard, encouraging writers to tap into their experience and focus on the beauty of the word, rather than asking them to come up with a completely alien world that blows your mind, really doesn’t appeal to me that much. Sorry about that. Think pulp fiction and space opera, not literary fiction. That’s why I created Alien Dimensions. The goal is to release stories with mind-numbing ideas, brain expanding concepts, or just to get a reader to say WTF? There isn’t enough SF out there that really makes you think about the universe, so, that’s what I’m looking for – something that at least includes SOME hard science or high-tech science, and preferably some hard-to-comprehend aliens.

(If you’re not sure what hard science fiction is, check out Timelike Infinity by Stephen Baxter or Eon, Eternity, and Legacy by Greg Bear.)

Even so, if you can write a decent story, at least touching on some real science, you’ll get my attention. (I’d rather learn it through reading SF than try to get my head around it in a course!) If you write something that is non-anthropomorphic, or xenofictional, I’ll be shouting for joy!

If you’re stuck for a science idea to get you started, I recommend installing the app Science News from AppsForNexus. Google Play link here: Science News Daily It aggregates science news from a variety of sources.

About Alien Dimensions

Alien Dimensions is a not-for-profit science fiction publication with a focus on independent authors from around the world, open to submissions from anyone, anywhere from any walk of life. So, you may find a mix of English grammar and spelling from the UK, Australia and the USA, as well as region specific mother tongue influences on sentence construction and punctuation usage. I don’t/wouldn’t want to destroy some of the subtle flavours / flavors / tastes that someone has/had added to their work so I’ll only change/be changing major/noticeable grammar problems where/if possible. English teachers beware!

I’m always on the lookout for new hard space fiction stories. I also feel that we’ll be in contact with intelligent aliens within the next 10 years, and this will reshape the future of humanity. As soon as the human race makes contact with aliens, every story ever written that doesn’t contain aliens would seem a bit outdated. It would be like watching old episodes of Alien Nation or Buffy without seeing a mobile phone.

So, please make sure there are some aliens in your story. Even better if your story is written from the aliens’ perspective.

If you’ve written a space fiction story that you’ve had rejected, worked on to improve, sent it to someone else, but then been rejected again and given up on, perhaps you could submit that to me? I might reject it too, but I’m looking for great ideas. If the ideas are great and teaches readers something, but the story just needs a little tweaking, I might be able to help you rewrite it to make it work. (You’ll get the credit, of course!)

If you write in the style of Robert A. Heinlein, Greg Bear, Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, Clifford D Simak, Arthur C. Clarke, Larry Niven, Stephen Baxter, Piers Anthony, Cixin Liu or Paul Cornell, and like to research your subject matter before writing, you might have what I’m looking for.

I’ll consider your story and, if it is suitable, offer you a flat rate of US$10.00 (ten dollars) for it, paid by Paypal. Contract example here. (Previous writers, please note new terms) Minimum 3500 words, maximum 4,500 words. If I suddenly get over 400 sales a month for several months, the rate will be reviewed, so please tell your friends about Alien Dimensions!

There are hundreds of publications you can submit to out there. But, if you’re not accepted, most just have time for a short message like ‘I’m sorry but we are unable to accept your story for publication at this time.’ There isn’t much detail about what they want, and they don’t have time to give you much detail why they didn’t accept your story. So, to make up for that, please closely follow the list of things I’m looking for, and the list of things I’m not (above). That way, you can save yourself some time! Even so, as mentioned previously, if your story has some great ideas, I might ignore one or two of the ‘nots’ to let it through.

If you have a story that you think fits the above, and you’re happy for me to use it for US$10, send it to as a Word .doc or .docx

If possible, please reformat your story to make it easier for me to read by following William Shunn’s Guide to Proper Manuscript Format (Mainly because I don’t have a submission tracking system. And also, well, it means you’re serious. You’ve probably already got that template set up on your computer and use it all the time.)

Of course, I know US$10 isn’t much in some countries, but it is a way to get something back from a story that you might have given up on, and it gets your name out there. If I ever sell more than 400 copies per issue a month, I’ll be able to cover costs and consider increasing that rate.(Publishing Alien Dimensions is a labor of love, and supported out of my own pocket and any money that comes back from sales, less costs and advertising. Completely non-profit.)

Happy to read your story if you’re a new writer and you think your writing is as good as, if not better than, the writers that have already written for Alien Dimensions. So, if you’ve never submitted before, give it a go!

Looking forward to reading your writing

Neil A. Hogan

Friday, April 23, 2021

Open Call: Food Poetry Submissions

web site

Deadline: September 30, 2021

Friendly City Books is now accepting submissions for inclusion in a forthcoming anthology of food poetry entitled Savor: Poems for the Tongue.

Send submissions to

Frequently asked questions:

Who may submit? Anyone and everyone.

What are you looking for? Poetry in any style centered on food or using food as a metaphor as part of its central theme.

Does it pay? A small honorarium will be provided to poets whose work is selected for inclusion.

How do I submit? Send your poems to the email address provided (, one poem per attachment (please use the .doc format), with a short bio in the email body and "Submission" in the subject line. Your name should not appear in the attachment containing the poem.

When do you expect to publish? Spring 2022.

Outlook Springs

web site

Deadline: May 15, 2021


Hello from Outlook Springs!

*Reading Period Next Open March 15 - May 15. Our apologies, but we need to catch up on all the great woodwork that was transmitted last period!"

Send us your weird, wobbly wordwork: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. See genres for specific submission guidelines, but here's a quick rundown:

- Please only one submission at a time.

- Please submit only once per Reading Period.

- Of course simultaneous submissions are OK. They should always be OK.

- Payment is $10 per poem, $10 per flash piece (under 1,000 words), $25 for short fiction and essays (over 1,000 words). Payment via PayPal or Venmo.

- Double-spaced, Times New Roman is good, but hey, you do you!

- Please don't hide any curses or hexes in your semi-colons (ahem, Dave)

- See our site for some examples of what we publish (

- No counterfeit exclamation points or hyphens

Questions? Email

Thanks for submitting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for everything!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Submissions are currently OPEN for the Prismatic Dreams anthology

web site


We love stories that take us on tours through the fantastic—whether in other dimensions or in the hidden spaces of our own world. We're looking to highlight an often unseen side of speculative fiction: we want to encounter characters so vivid that our souls slip into their bodies, themes that challenge and move us, and language that makes us swoon. Immersive world-building and twisting plots are awesome aspects of our genres, but we're looking for stories where these factors are shaped around the characters and themes, instead of the other way around. So often speculative stories are seen as escapist romps or slow, encyclopedic affairs—while there’s nothing wrong with these styles, we know the possibilities are infinite!

Rekindle the wonder and horror we all experienced as children. Make our eyes stretch wide as we read. Make our pulses pound faster. Raise our spirits. Break our hearts. Haunt us. Make us look at our own world just a little differently after we reach "the end."

Help our readers escape reality and experience it more deeply all at once in the way that only stories—especially speculative stories—can.

The Prismatic Dreams Anthology

Stories take us beyond the bounds of our own lives—into new worlds and new situations. Perhaps most importantly, they invite us into new identities. Through the characters we temporarily become, we open ourselves to a rainbow of experiences. Speculative fiction gives us new lenses through which to explore our world and ourselves, and a deeper understanding of what makes love and connection so amazingly diverse.

In the second All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, immerse yourself in 30 unique stories featuring queer and LGBTQIA+ protagonists in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Open yourself to Prismatic Dreams.
What We're Seeking

For the Prismatic Dreams anthology, we are looking specifically for works featuring LGBTQIA+ characters.

Show us your best work in any of the speculative genres or their sub-genres:
Science Fiction
Magical Realism
Paranormal, Surrealism, Weird Fiction, or any other style with speculative elements.

As long as your story emphasizes characters, themes, or craft, it may be a fit for us.

We're especially fond of: High fantasy without traditional genre races or creatures; fantasy or science fiction that crosses over with horror; unusual takes on common sub-genres (such as post-apocalyptic); rare sub-genres (such as biopunk, solarpunk, cosmic horror, or Gothic fantasy); themes exploring identity, purpose, or existence; stories centering platonic relationships; diverse and LGBTQIA+ characters; #OwnVoices; genre-blending stories. What we crave most, however, is sincerity, meaning, and intensity.

Hard sells: Stories heavily reliant on genre tropes; stories with traditional fantasy races and creatures (elves, dragons, etc); paranormal romance; horror without supernatural and psychological elements. While we love stories that subvert or twist tropes and archetypes, we are likely not a fit for satire, parody, or straightforward deconstructions.

We publish in the adult, new adult, and young adult age ranges.

We don't publish poetry, non-fiction, or excerpts from longer works at this time.
Submission Rules

To ensure that your story is considered, please adhere to our guidelines.
Word Count

For the anthology (unlike the magazine), we will only select stories in one word count category:
Short Fiction: 1,500 to 5,000 words

Content Rules

Please provide any content warnings that readers may wish to be aware of before reading (if your story is accepted for publication, we reserve the right to add or remove content warnings as we feel appropriate).
No sex scenes. Suggestive themes, sexual references, and black screens are fine; explicit sexual content and erotica aren’t the right fit for All World’s Wayfarer.
Violence is fine so long as it serves the story and isn't gratuitous.
Coarse language is fine so long as it serves the story and isn't gratuitous.
Alcohol and drug references are fine so long as they serve the story and aren't gratuitous.
No hate speech or messaging against any real-world demographic based on race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sex, sexuality, age, neurodivergence, physical or mental illness or disability, size, religion, or belief system. (Characters may be prejudiced, but your story's themes should not be prejudiced.)
No fan fiction. (We can't publish it for legal reasons.)
No first drafts. (While an occasional typo is expected, please only submit polished work that has gone through at least a round or two of self-editing.)
Stories dealing with challenging themes can be powerful, but if you do address any such topics (prejudice, abuse, mental illness, etc) please do so with sensitivity and empathy.
You must own all the rights to your submitted work.
Manuscript Formatting

We prefer stories in standard manuscript format (essentially 12-point Courier New or Times New Roman font with double spacing and 1" margins). We also prefer scene breaks marked with asterisk or pound symbols rather than blank lines. However, we don’t require submissions to meet any particular formatting rules. So long as your content is presented in a professional fashion, we’ll read it.
Translated Submissions

Translators are welcome to submit translated stories, but please include proof that you have permission to publish the story (e.g. a contract with the author) in the submissions email.
Simultaneous, Previously Published, and Multiple Submissions

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your story is accepted for publication elsewhere. For the anthology (unlike the magazine), we will not accept previously published stories. Please submit only one story at a time to All Worlds Wayfarer and wait for a response before submitting another story. We aim to respond to all submissions within two months.
Publishing with Us

Selection goes both ways: Please make sure we're right for your goals before you submit.

If your story is published in an All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, we retain exclusive digital and physical publishing rights for one year. Afterward, the ebook edition will remain available and the physical editions will remain in print, but all rights revert to you. Note that your story will then be considered previously published, which may affect future submission opportunities with other markets, as not all markets accept previously published work.

We proofread accepted stories prior to their publication. We may also perform light copyediting, in which case you will have the right to approve or decline the changes. We will not perform any developmental edits.

The anthology will be published in ebook, paperback, and hardcover versions. It will be available at most major online book retailers. We will also aim to make the physical editions available to libraries.

Writing is challenging work—mentally and emotionally—and we passionately believe in paying writers for their labor. At this time, we can offer token payments of $20 to published submissions. In the future, we would love to be able to provide our authors with the larger payments they deserve.
Publication Date

Prismatic Dreams' target release date is Q4 2021.
Publication Schedule

We publish quarterly on every equinox and solstice. In 2021, our publication dates will be:
Vernal Equinox: March 20th (Issue 8)
Summer Solstice: June 20th (Issue 9)
Autumnal Equinox: September 22nd (Issue 10)
The Prismatic Dreams Anthology: Q4 2021
Winter Solstice: December 21st (Issue 11)

Please register for our newsletter if you would like notifications when new submission calls and new issues launch.
How to Submit

Submissions are currently OPEN for the Prismatic Dreams anthology.

Please email
Include SUBMISSION in your subject line, along with your story's title.
Include your story's word count and any relevant content warnings in your email.
Include a short third-person bio (200-word maximum) that you would like posted with your story in the event that it is published. Your bio may include links to your website, blog, newsletter, or social media accounts.
Attach your story file to the email (as a .docx, .doc, or .rtf) or include a link to a Google Docs file.
Send it our way!

We’ll do our best to get back to you within two months. If you have not heard from us by then, or if you have other questions related to the submissions process, feel free to contact us at

We welcome submissions from experienced and emerging writers in every demographic. Reading stories written by so many unique voices makes this journey worth taking. Don't self reject! Whether or not we select your submission as a fit for All World’s Wayfarer, we respect every author who shares their hard work with us.

We look forward to reading your tales!

Mamas, Martyrs, and Jezebels

web site

Deadline: June 30, 2021 


Mamas, Martyrs, and Jezebels: Myths, Legends, and Other Lies You've Been Told about Black Women revisits notions of Black womanhood to include the ways in which Black women's perceived strength can function as a dangerous denial of Black women's humanity. This collection addresses the stigma of this extraordinary endurance in professional and personal spaces, the Black church, in interpersonal partnerships, and within the justice arena, while also giving voice and value to Black women's experiences as the backbone of the Black family and community.

Call for Submissions:

Black Lawrence Press is now accepting submissions for a new anthology of essays.

Writers and scholars living in the United States and abroad are invited to submit essays of between 700-5000 words for the anthology on any of the following broad themes. (Other themes will be considered.)

1. Black Women and Justice

2. Black Women and Self-Care

3. Black Women and Spirituality

4. Black Women at Work and at Home

5. Black Women and Sex (and Sexuality)

Essays can be creative or academic. However, essays have to be accessible since the anthology is for a general audience.

Drs. Jan Boulware, Rondrea Mathis, Clarissa West-White, and Kideste Yusef of Bethune-Cookman University will serve as editors.

Submissions will be accepted between through June 30, 2021. Contributors will receive a copy of the anthology as payment.

Previously published essays are welcome. Please contact Dr. Clarissa West-White at with questions.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dose of Dread Horror Flash Fiction

web site

Submissions OPEN (Monthly, 1st – 15th). Un-themed, general horror flash fiction. Preference to dread-inducing stories.

Length: 500 – 1,000 words. Firm.

Author Compensation: $10, paid via PayPal.

Publication: Dread Stone Press website (Dose of Dread).

Reading Periods: Monthly, 1st to 15th. Any stories submitted outside of each reading period will not be read. Two (2) stories will be selected out of each reading period for publication the following month.

Rights: First World Electronic Rights. Non-exclusive rights thereafter. No reprint restrictions after publication.

Original stories ONLY. No reprints. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but NO multiple submissions. You may submit again the next month if rejected. If your story is accepted, please sit out one reading period before submitting again.

Please, for everyone’s sake, no rough drafts. Successful pieces will require little to no proofreading edits.

Email your submission as a Word document attachment to with “DOSE – [Story Title] – [Author Name]” in the subject line.

Please see the General Submission Guidelines below for additional formatting information.

Pixie Forest Publishing is seeking horror stories for our upcoming anthology

web site

Deadline: May 15th, 2021, 11:59 EST

Give us twists, terror, and excitement. Chill us to the bone. Give us nightmares. Don’t just scare us, create a plot and let us see your characters.

We are not looking for stories with graphic rape or paedophilia scenes. Violence and gore just for the sake of being violent and gory is not what we are wanting. If it is essential to the plot, include it. If not, leave it for a longer story.

Submissions are open until 11:59 EST on May 15th, 2021.

Stories should be between 1500 and 3000 words.

All submissions must be written in Shunn Format. Please remember to include the title, author’s name, word count, and contact information at the top of the first page. This is so the publisher can easily find you to contact you. Not including your email will guarantee no response.

You may submit up to two stories, but we will only accept one per-author. We are currently offering $10 for each accepted story.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know right away if your story is accepted elsewhere.

We are accepting reprints, as long as the story hasn’t been published within the past two years. This is to prevent our readers from seeing the same story they may have just read in a different anthology. Please tell us when and where your story was previously published.

The author must hold all rights to their stories before publishing with Pixie Forest. If your story is available online, we ask that you take it down before submitting.

We are going to read each submission as quickly as possible and make a judgement in one of the following ways:
The story isn’t suitable for whatever reason and is rejected.
The story is engaging but we feel it needs more work and will be returned with suggestions so the author has time to edit the story and resubmit, if they so wish.

If you don’t receive one of these responses within two weeks, you can assume your story has been put into our ‘maybe’ file and will be finally assessed after the submission window closes, after which it will either be accepted for publication or unfortunately turned down.

Questions? Email us at

Ready to submit your story?


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Brink seeks work on the theme of TROUBLE

web site

Deadline: April 30, 2021

Brink is to submissions engaging the theme TROUBLE. 

What does it mean to be on the brink of trouble? Can you sense when you are there? What lets you know you are safe and out of reach? What kept you from falling in that one time you were sure you would? What changes once you pass through it? When did you watch someone else teeter on its edge? 
We are interested in work that focuses on the edge, the brink, of trouble. What surrounds trouble? What are the images, sounds, ideas, people, movements, and opportunities? Those are the stories we want to hear. 

Brink is an in-print literary journal dedicated to publishing hybrid, cross-genre work of both emerging and established creatives who often reside outside traditional artistic disciplines. By providing space primed to instigate new ideas, Brink fosters dialogue and collaborative community across disciplines and cultural divides.

At Brink, we actively work to engage, promote, and expand the reach of voices from diverse groups and communities. We seek out work from creatives of all races and ethnicities; genders and gender identifications, especially trans writers; and those in various stages of their career, from emerging to established and a wide range of ages.

We read every submission and respectfully request you wait one full submission period to resubmit if your work has been declined.

long con magazine seeks art about art

web site

Deadline: April 30, 2021

Submission form online

long con magazine is a digital arts & literature quarterly that publishes art about art. While based in K’jipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki (known by settlers as Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), we welcome submissions from established & emerging artists across the world. Submissions are accepted year-round on a rolling basis, and we regularly publish issues in February, May, August, & November.

Submit by April 30 to be considered for ISSUE 7

In one sense, long con is a niche magazine, publishing only art about art — by which we mean artworks created in response to other artworks.

In another sense, the long con mandate is very broad: it was founded on the recognition that all artworks exist in conversation with all other artworks, and its purpose is to publish works that bring this long conversation to the surface. For this reason, each work you submit to long con must by accompanied by an artist statement that identifies the work(s) of art that your submission responds to. See our latest issues for examples.

Contributor payment: We offer $50 for all contributions with the exception of short literary contributions (poetry under 50 lines total or prose under 1000 words total), for which we offer $25. Please note that this compensation is delayed: we are in the process of paying all of our past contributors but will reach out as soon as our payments catch up to the issue in which your work appears.

Collaborative submissions: We encourage collaborative submissions. Be sure to include the bios of all collaborators, as well as their social media handles and websites, if applicable. In the context of long con, ‘collaboration’ means two or more artists creating a shared response to existing artwork. If you’re looking to submit a more traditional, synchronous collaboration (e.g., you’re two artists creating a new series of responses to one another’s work), consider submitting to Collusion Books instead.

Simultaneous submissions: The con is long, but life is short, so submit wherever you want! If you place a submitted piece elsewhere, we likely won’t be able to publish it, so please let us know as soon as possible. Except in the case of an extended submission period, our response time is always under four months.

Past contributors: Please wait one year before submitting again. If we’ve published you as a solo artist but you wish to submit a collaborative piece (or vice versa), you may disregard this waiting period.

our commitment to publishing artists of different backgrounds & experiences
While assembling each issue, we strive to balance selection of different artistic forms & aesthetics with selection of works by artists with a range of backgrounds & experiences. This range includes First Nation, Inuit, Métis, and other Indigenous artists; Black artists, artists of colour, and other racialized artists; Two-Spirit, LGBTQIA+, and other rainbow artists; artists with disabilities or illnesses; artists with experiences of trauma, incarceration, poverty, or displacement; and artists who face other barriers to artistic creation or recognition.

If you’d like to help us make more informed decisions when assembling an issue, we invite you to identify your backgrounds or experiences. Your backgrounds and experiences don’t need to be addressed in your submitted artworks, your artist bio, or your artist statement. If you include them in the “Additional notes for the editors” section of the submission form, we’ll ensure they remain confidential.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Memoryhouse: Linger

web site

Deadline: April 23, 2021

Submissions are OPEN for our SPRING 2021 ISSUE: “LINGER” until 23 APRIL, 2021.

What is left when all on the surface burns away? What gnaws at you, even now? What remains in the air, on your skin, the tip of your tongue? What are the stains that never came out? For our next issue, we are looking for creative nonfiction prose, poetry, photos, and art that interpret the theme LINGER, across any and all of its definitions. Send us true stories and vivid depictions about what holds, calcifies, lingers.

Submission Guidelines:

We accept all forms and genres of creative non-fiction and visual media so long as it presents a personal narrative. We ask that contributors do not submit more than 5 pieces per issue.

Please email all submissions to with your name included in the subject line.

If submitting writing, we ask that you include them as .doc or .pdf attachments rather than pasting them into the body of the email.

If submitting photos or artwork, please send the files as .jpg or .png email attachments (high-resolution files preferred). If the pieces have titles, include them in the body of your email.

File naming convention:
Please name your files as ‘<NAME OF WORK>_<NAME OF AUTHOR>’
Please attach a separate file for each piece of work (e.g. if you are sending in multiple poems, each poem should be its own file)
We reserve the right to reject work that does not conform to these conventions.

If your work is accepted, we mail two copies of the magazine to each contributor upon publication.
What we look for in written work:
  • Unique personal narratives: as a creative nonfiction publication, we want to represent a wide variety of voices and experiences.
  • Writing that captivates us: we love pieces that surprise us with innovative forms and techniques.
  • Clarity and brevity: we think a succinct story is often more impactful than a long-winded one.
  • Stories worth telling: we welcome writing that uncovers hidden meanings and teaches us something new.

For creative nonfiction inspiration, check out these links:

Harbor Review seeks poetry

web site

Deadline: April 30, 2021

Harbor Review publishes two issues a year. We accept original, previously unpublished submissions of poetry and visual art. We place poems in conversation with visual art. This process can take some time. We try to respond to every submission in six months. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere so we can remove it from consideration.
We also run two micro chapbook competitions each year.

For more information about what we are looking for, read this interview by Jim Harrington.


We will accept submissions for our summer issue “#7” from February 1st to April 30, 2021. The theme for this issue is “Other.” You may interpret this theme however you like!

We will accept submissions for our winter issue “#8” from August 1st to October 31, 2021.

Send 1-3 poems attached to an email as a pdf or word document to Include a short bio in your cover letter. Write "Poetry Submission" in the subject line. Submissions are free.

Harbor Review is a paying market. We pay poets $10 per published poem upon release of the issue in which the poem appears. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Reedsy prompt: Down to Earth

web site

Deadline: April 23, 2021 11:59 EST

On April 22nd 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated in the US. More than 50 years later, this annual event unites millions across the globe, as we turn our attention towards climate action and building a safer home for ourselves and all life on Earth.

Earth Day provides an opportunity for each of us to reflect on our relationship with the planet — and what better way to do that than by writing about it? Whether you follow in the footsteps of the Romantics, who believed in the rehabilitating powers of nature, or the SFF giants whose dystopian novels have long forewarned the demise of Earth Prime, let’s join in the spirit of Earth Day and get closer to nature with this week’s prompts!

Short Story Contest — $50 Reward

Reedsy challenges you to create a short story based on these prompts. Winners will be featured on Reedsy Prompts and receive $50 via PayPal! In order to have your story considered, it is important you follow the submission guidelines below.
Submission Guidelines:
Choose a prompt from this week's contest page.
Write an original story of 1,000-3,000 words.
Tag your submission with up to 3 categories.
Submit the story from your Reedsy Prompts profile before 11:59pm EST on April 23rd.

Crunchy with Ketchup seeks dragon stories

web site

Deadline: May 31, 2021

Everyone loves Dragon Stories – especially the ones where the heroic knight rescues the damsel in distress from the evil dragon and they go off to live happily ever after.

Yeah right!

Have you seen a dragon – they are truly badass m*****f*****s. Armor plated, huge, breathe fire, huge teeth and claws. Yeah, right, a single knight with a sword is going to defeat that.

What we are looking for are stories that feature really badass dragons – they can be evil or good – or somewhere in between. The point is they need to live up to the power and strength we picture when we imagine a dragon.

If your dragon is able to be defeated by a human knight – it should be because…well, I’m not sure what it should be because of – but it needs to be believable to someone who knows beyond all doubt dragons are the biggest, baddest predators out there.

Show us why you should never meddle in the affairs of dragons as they may consider you crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

Break the story-writing rules if you want. If you use a tried and true plotline, twist it in an original and interesting way. Original stories are preferred.
Query for reprints.

ALL writers are encouraged to submit. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro with years of credits, a beginner just starting out, or a teenager - please feel free to send the editor a story. In your cover email, please tell the editor a bit about yourself and a quick one-line synopsis of the story. Include genre. If experimental, please explain the type or how so the editor doesn’t edit out the form or reject it out of hand. Thank you.

In the Subject line please put Submission: Ketchup: Title of your story: Your name. Attach as a .rft file, please send to:

Submissions Open: Jan 15th (DO NOT SUBMIT PRIOR TO THIS DATE)
Submissions Close: May 31st

Release Date: Oct 2021
Payment: $15.00 flat rate plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties.

Will accept all speculative fiction genres (note humor is a plus)
No fan fiction, shared universes, or continuing serials.

PG-13 rating, please. No erotica.
No simultaneous submissions.

Length 2500-7500 words. Will consider flash fiction if it’s well-written.

Times Roman 12.
Standard manuscript submission formatting must be used.

Any manuscripts submitted incorrectly will be rejected.

Bios will be required if your story is accepted. Please write them in third person. Approximate length under 250 words.

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