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Monday, April 19, 2021

Memoryhouse: Linger

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Deadline: April 23, 2021

Submissions are OPEN for our SPRING 2021 ISSUE: “LINGER” until 23 APRIL, 2021.

What is left when all on the surface burns away? What gnaws at you, even now? What remains in the air, on your skin, the tip of your tongue? What are the stains that never came out? For our next issue, we are looking for creative nonfiction prose, poetry, photos, and art that interpret the theme LINGER, across any and all of its definitions. Send us true stories and vivid depictions about what holds, calcifies, lingers.

Submission Guidelines:

We accept all forms and genres of creative non-fiction and visual media so long as it presents a personal narrative. We ask that contributors do not submit more than 5 pieces per issue.

Please email all submissions to with your name included in the subject line.

If submitting writing, we ask that you include them as .doc or .pdf attachments rather than pasting them into the body of the email.

If submitting photos or artwork, please send the files as .jpg or .png email attachments (high-resolution files preferred). If the pieces have titles, include them in the body of your email.

File naming convention:
Please name your files as ‘<NAME OF WORK>_<NAME OF AUTHOR>’
Please attach a separate file for each piece of work (e.g. if you are sending in multiple poems, each poem should be its own file)
We reserve the right to reject work that does not conform to these conventions.

If your work is accepted, we mail two copies of the magazine to each contributor upon publication.
What we look for in written work:
  • Unique personal narratives: as a creative nonfiction publication, we want to represent a wide variety of voices and experiences.
  • Writing that captivates us: we love pieces that surprise us with innovative forms and techniques.
  • Clarity and brevity: we think a succinct story is often more impactful than a long-winded one.
  • Stories worth telling: we welcome writing that uncovers hidden meanings and teaches us something new.

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