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Paid Ads

You can pay for your ad(s) either by PayPal or snail mail.

$15 blog post

BYLINES will run literary-related ads. for a fee of $15.

There is a limit of 500 words for this blog post. There is a charge of .25 per word for additional words.

One image can be included in the blog post at no extra charge.

$25 weekly email ad blast

You can run a text-only ad in the weekly BYLINES email blast sent to the BYLINES mailing list.

The email is sent every Saturday at around 6PM.

The charge is $25 per week. There is a maximum of 100 words for this ad. Additional words will result in a charge of .35 per extra word.

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Banner ads may be purchased on a daily or monthly basis. Ad art services are also available. Banner ads run on the left-hand and right-hand sides of the BYLINES web site.


  • 250 px wide x 125 px high
  • $75 for 30 days
  • $3.50 per day
  • 250 px wide x 250 px high
  • $125 for 30 days
  • $5.00/day