BYLINES does not post opportunities that require a submission fee. Learn more.

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    BYLINES will post a call for submissions for free as long as it meets one criterion: No submission fees are required. 
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We will not post a call for submissions that charges a fee for any reason EXCEPT if there is at least one no-fee option - for instance if the fee is waived for membership in a writers organization.

If you send us a call for submissions it should include:
  • Your organization's name 
  • The organization's web site, Facebook page or other social media presence
  • The deadline date if any (if no deadline please explain why)
  • How to submit and the mailing address (email and/or standard mail) If by email, format of the script (e. g. MS Word, PDF etc.)
  • The type(s) of literary item wanted (poems, essays, short stories, etc.)
  • Any restrictions on eligibility (e.g. for women only, for US citizens only, under 30 only etc.)
We also recommend you include the following:
  • If the writer may submit more than one item
  • If there is a restriction on items that have previously been published
  • How and when submitters will be notified about their submission

How it works when we post your information

When we post your call for submissions it will stay on the home page of the BYLINES web site for about 10 days, depending on the number of opportunities that week.

Each time we post something new on the BYLINES blog, it pushes all the other existing items down the home page. Once it reaches the bottom it can "fall off" the home page.

But even if the listing has "fallen off" the home page, you can still usually find it by these three search methods:
  1. Click the Older Posts link at the bottom of the listings.
  2. Click an archive month/year (e.g., "July 2019") although you might have to click the Older Posts link to see all of the month's listings if it was a busy month.
  3. Use keywords (e.g. "poetry", "short story") that appear on the right-hand side of every page of the site. This will filter out many of the listings so you can see more of that particular listing going farther back in time.
Every Saturday we review the items that have fallen off the home page, and if their deadline date is that day or in the future we will repost the call for submissions so that it appears at the top of the blog again. We try to be fair about giving each listing as much time near the top of the home page as possible.

This will be repeated until the deadline for your call for submissions has passed. After that your call for submissions can still be found using the three search methods above.

The only exception to the system is that is we sometimes reset the date of a still-viable submission opportunity to schedule it to appear automatically at the top of the home page on a selected date within the next seven days. That makes the listing disappear temporarily from the site - it can't be found on the home page, in the archives, or by subject tags - but for no more than seven days. We only do this with listings that have deadlines which are still fairly far into the future.

If you want your call for submissions to stay in the same spot on the BYLINES home page/blog for a set period of time, you might consider buying an ad.

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